100+ Names That Mean EARTH With Nature Inspired Meanings

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Whatever your reason for considering names that mean Earth for your little one, you’re bound to find some inspiration here. When you think of nature and the earth, a sense of peace and calm comes about.

At the same time, names meaning earth can signify great strength and resilience. So, if you’re a nature lover or are looking to raise one, then hopefully your baby will grow to live up to their name. Below are some of our favorite names that mean earth for you to browse through.

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Girl names that mean earth

  1. Abelia. This Hebrew name is the perfect way to describe what the earth is to us, which is “a breath of fresh air.”
  2. Abeline. Of English origin, this name means “grass” or “meadow.”
  3. Adamina. One of the rarest names meaning earth, this Hebrew name is the feminine form of Adam and means “of the red earth.”
  4. Afra. One of the common names that mean earth in India, this cute name means “earthy” or “the good earth.”
  5. Ainsley. Initially popularized as a Scottish surname, this has gained traction as an earth name for girls.
  6. Alyvia. Meaning “olive tree,” this is the modern variation of Olivia. 
  7. Aspen. This English name inspired by the tree means “like mother earth.”
  8. Aurora. This beautiful name means “dawn.”
  9. Avani. Meaning “color of the earth,” this Arabic/Hebrew name is sweet and perfect for your precious baby girl.
  10. Ceres. This is a name inspired by the Roman goddess of farming, fertility and growth, which are elements widely associated with the earth.
  11. Danu. This Celtic name means “earth mother goddess.”
  12. Demeter. One of the lesser-known names that mean earth, this Greek name means “earth mother.”
  13. Dunia. This charming and rare Arabic name means “world” or “earth.”
  14. Eartha. Possibly one of the most self-explanatory names that means earth, this English name is a sure winner for your little one.
  15. Eden. Widely known as the garden from the Bible, this doubles as one of the girl names meaning earth.
  16. Ela. If you’re looking for a short and sweet name for your baby girl, this is a great choice. It simply means “earth.”
  17. Folda. An Old Norse name simply meaning “earth.”
  18. Gaia. Inspired by the Greek goddess who presided over the earth, this is a short and cute name to consider.
  19. Ila. A short and sweet earth name for a baby girl, this has both French and Hindi origins. It means “the earth” and “from the island.”
  20. Ilana. This beautiful Hebrew name simply means “tree.”
  21. Keithia. This Old English name means “forest.”
  22. Lana. Meaning “little rock,” this is a sweet name inspired by the earth.
  23. Luna. If you’re looking for one of the shorter names that mean earth, this might be it. It’s derived from the Latin word meaning “moon.”
  24. Lur. Short and sweet, this is reference to the Basque goddess of the earth.
  25. Montana. Of Spanish origin, this name means “mountain.”
  26. Petra. This popular Greek name simply means “rock.”
  27. Rochelle. Of French origin, this is another common name inspired by the earth which means “rock.”
  28. Savannah. A popular name across the globe, this girl name means “tropical grassland” and is perfect for an earth lover.
  29. Sienna. Simply means “red earth.”
  30. Sierra. Meaning “mountain,” this Spanish name is a well-loved choice inspired by the earth.
  31. Terra. This short and sweet Latin name simply means “earth.”
  32. Willow. An earth name made popular by Willow Smith in modern times, this is reference to the tree and has featured in several pieces of literature.

Boy names that mean earth

  1. Aaron. Among the popular earth names for boys, this Hebrew name means “high mountain.”
  2. Adam. One of the most well-known names that mean earth, this name from the Bible means “son of the red earth.”
  3. Ajax. Simply means “of the earth.”
  4. Akamu. A rather unconventional name of Hawaiian origin, this means “of the earth.”
  5. Ardi. Meaning “mountain,” “soil” or “earth.”
  6. Atlas. This Greek name is reference to a titan who held up the earth on his shoulders.
  7. Bardo. This Danish name simply means “son of the earth.”
  8. Bartlett. Of Hebrew origin, this precious name means “son of the red earth.”
  9. Bryn. This short and memorable earth boy name is of Welsh origin.
  10. Clay. One of the more literal names that mean earth, this beautiful English name is a memorable pick for your little boy.
  11. Damek. This Slavic name means “son of the red earth.”
  12. Dimitry. Of Greek origin, this name means “earth lover.”
  13. Dionne. Possibly one of the less common names that mean earth, this one means “child of heaven and earth.”
  14. Dustin. An earth-themed name which gave rise to the nickname Dusty, which is associated with the earth.
  15. Enki. Among the most unconventional names that mean earth, this reference from Sumerian mythology is inspired by the lord of the earth.
  16. Erdmann. Meaning “earth man.”
  17. Genesis. Associated with the beginning of time, this Hebrew name is reference to the start of the earth.
  18. Geo. This short and sweet name of Greek origin simply means “earth.”
  19. George. Popular across the globe, this name means “earth worker.”
  20. Heath. Reference to a piece of open land, this is one of the charming earth names for boys. 
  21. Heled. Popularized by a warrior from the Bible, this name means “being of the earth.”
  22. Jory. One of the most unique earth names for boys, this means “earth worker.”
  23. Kaj. If you’re looking for one-syllable earth names for boys, this Danish name is worth considering. This unique name means “earth.”
  24. Leif. The Scandanavian version of the name Leaf, this name inspired by the earth can also mean “heir.”
  25. Oceanus. This unconventional name is reference to a Greek god who personified the endless river that surrounded the earth. 
  26. Seb. Inspired by the Egyptian god of the earth, this is a short and memorable name for your baby boy.
  27. Sol. French name meaning “soil,” which is associated with the earth.
  28. Tellus. This is a Latin name meaning “earth.”
  29. Terran. Of Latin origin, this popular name simply means “earth.”

Other nature-inspired names

  1. Acker. This Old German name simply means “field.”
  2. Alder. Among the unique earth names for boys, this Celtic option is reference to a tree and signifies rebirth and growth.
  3. Amethyst. A cute choice for a baby girl, this earthy name is inspired by the gemstone.
  4. Arlo. This short and sweet boy name means “hill.”
  5. Ashley. A popular choice for both boys and girls, this Old English name means “ash forest.”
  6. Autumn. A season-inspired name, this is a beautiful choice for your baby girl.
  7. Bloom. Alternatively spelled Blume, this German girl name that doubles as a surname means “flower.”
  8. Bradley. This popular name means “clearing in the woods.”
  9. Brent. Simply means “hill.”
  10. Brook. If you’re looking for an earth name for a water lover, this is a great pick. It simply means “small stream.”
  11. Canyon. A Spanish boy name meaning “footpath.”
  12. Cliff. A memorable English name referencing a slope.
  13. Dale. This gender-neutral earth name is memorable and simply means “valley.”
  14. Dove. Ideal for a peaceful little one, this name is inspired by the bird.
  15. Ersa. A name inspired by the goddess of plant-nourishing dew, who is the daughter of the Greek god, Zeus and Selene. Alternatively spelled Herse.
  16. Fern. This short and sweet name was made popular by a character from Charlotte’s Web. It’s also reference to a plant, making it ideal for an earth lover. 
  17. Flora. This beautifully feminine name simply means “flower.”
  18. Florus. Initially an Ancient Roman surname, this name means “flower.”
  19. Forrest. Meaning “dweller in the woods,” this outdoorsy name inspired by the earth is a popular choice for your little boy.
  20. Gardenia. A rather unconventional name, this name relates to flowers and plants. Suitable for a baby girl.
  21. Gemma. Simply means “precious stone.”
  22. Glen. This Scottish boy name means “a deep valley in the Highlands.”
  23. Goran. One of the lesser-known earth names for boys, this Slavic name means “mountain man.”
  24. Grover. Derived from the Old English word for “grove of trees,” this is a great choice for your little nature-loving boy.
  25. Hazel. Reference to a hazelnut tree, this sweet name represents protection and authority.
  26. Iris. Ideal for an earth lover, this Greek girl name means “rainbow.”
  27. Isla. A short and memorable name meaning “island.”
  28. Leigh. This is a name with many spelling variations, and is one of the most popular earth names for boys and girls. Meaning “meadow” or “pasture.”
  29. Maxwell. This very popular name of Scottish origin means “great stream.”
  30. Robin. One of the more popular unisex names meaning earth, this is reference to a bird and can mean “bright fame.”
  31. Skye. One of the more charming names meaning earth, this charming name is ideal for a free-spirited little one. 
  32. Skyline. A modern and trendy name associated with the earth, this means “beautiful sky.”
  33. Slate. Suitable for either a boy or girl, this name is inspired by slate rocks.
  34. Summer. Ideal for a baby girl that’s born during the summer season, this is a classic earth name that’s been popular for generations.
  35. Oliver. One of the most loved boy names that mean earth, this Latin name means “nature lover.”
  36. Opal. A gemstone-inspired name, this classic name is perfect for a baby girl.
  37. Pierce. Derived from the popular boy name, Peter, this simply means “rock.”
  38. Rocky. One of the more modern and trendy boy names, this comes from the Italian name, Rocco. Widely associated with rocks and earthy elements. 
  39. Vale. A unisex name meaning “wide river valley.”

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Final Word – Names That Mean Earth

Whether you’ve always been obsessed with Earth Day, love Nature, Geography, or the ethereal Mother Earth in general, we hope that this list of names that mean Earth gave you something to sink into.

Names that mean Earth
Names that mean Earth

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