111 Names That Mean Spirit Or Ghost – From Sacred to Soulful

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If, for whatever reason, you’re considering names that mean spirit or names that mean ghost, then you’ve come to the right place. Contrary to popular belief, these names don’t necessarily have dark associations, nor are they bad omens.

Names that mean spirit and names that mean ghost can be considered sacred, deep and spiritual. One thing’s for sure, no matter where you are in the world, these names are sure to make your little one stand out from the crowd.

Naming your baby girl or boy isn’t something that you do on a whim. In fact, it’s something that requires quite a bit of thought, especially if you’re leaning towards a name that’s unconventional and unique.

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Boy names that mean spirit

Able. Religious name meaning “breathing spirit.”

Aksa. Simply means “soul” or “spirit.”

Alastor. One of the more known names that mean spirit, this Greek name is fitting for a baby with a fighting spirit. 

Amzi. Of Hebrew origin, this is one of the names that mean spirit that’s referenced in the Bible.

Arnold. “God’s spirit.”

Arwah. Of Sudanese origin, this charming name quite simply means “spirit.”

Asa. Another religious name that means spirit, this is referenced in the Old Testament.

Atman. This Hindu name is quite spiritual in its meaning, “the self, soul or spirit.”

Avira. Short and sweet, this name simply means “air,” “spirit” or “atmosphere.”

Barrett. Of German origin, the meaning of this name is “god strength.” This is considered an alternative way of saying “spirit” or “soul.”

Brady. Quite possibly one of the more common names that mean spirit, this name is popular in the US; meaning “free spirit.”

Brennevin. If you’re considering a more modern name, this Icelandic name may just be it. It means “spirit.”

Chuchip. Of Native American origin, this cute name is ideal for a timid and charming baby boy; meaning “deer spirit.”

Dusan. Czech name that simply means “soul” or “spirit.”

Elrid. A relatively easy and memorable name that means “fiery spirit,” this is of Norse origin.

Epidridion. This unique name of Spanish origin simply means “little spirit.”

Eutimio. Simply means “one who has a good spirit.”

Gaylord. “Having a high spirit.”

Haldis. Of Greek origin, this name means “stone spirit.”

Hania. This Native American name means “spirit warrior.”

Hansroop. Of Sikh origin and well-loved in Indian culture, this is a beautiful name that means “pure soul” or “spirit.” 

Harvey. Of French origin, this name also doubles as a surname made popular by media personality, Steve Harvey. It simply means “strong spirit” or “battleworthy.” 

Hewie. Of Scottish origin, this name simply means “heart,” “mind” or “spirit.”

Hototo. This is a rather fun and unique name meaning “warrior spirit who sings.”

Hugh. A name made popular by renowned actor, Hugh Grant, this Old French name means “heart,” “mind” or “spirit.”

Huib. A fitting choice for a cheerful and bubbly baby boy, this cute name of Dutch origin means “bright spirit.”

Mahatma. A name made popular by social activist, Mahatma Gandhi, it means “great soul.”

Mentor. This Greek name simply means “spirit.”

Moyo. A cute, two-syllable name meaning “spirit” or “soul.”

Roho. Easy to remember, this cute East African name simply means “soul,” signifying a close tie to one’s spirit.

Spirio. Popularised by a video game character, some might regard this Greek name as self-explanatory. 

Spyros. Greek name meaning “spirit.”

Tinh. Derived from the Vietnamese word for “spirit,” this is a good pick if you’re looking for a cute and charming name that means spirit.

Tormey. Simply means “thunder spirit.”

Uberto. Of Italian origin, this name means “bright spirit.”

Ugo. A short and sweet Italian name meaning “heart,” “mind” or “spirit.”

Valdis. A fitting name for your little fighter; meaning “spirit of war.”

Girl names that mean spirit

Almae. Of mixed origin, this beautiful name signifies a sweet spirit; meaning “kind and nourishing soul.”

Alsie. A name often given to strong leaders; meaning “strong spirit.”

Amina. Suitable for your baby girl who’s small in stature, this cute name means “tiny spirit.”

Angela. A much-loved Scottish name for girls, it simply means “guiding spirit.”

Ariel. A Hebrew name meaning “the strongest spirit of God.”

Banafrit. A perfect and unconventional name for your baby girl with a gentle spirit; meaning “a beautiful soul.”

Bia. “Spirit of force or power”

Dusanka. A variation of Duska, this sweet name simply means “soul” or “spirit.”

Edna. A classic and elegant name meaning “renewed spirit.”

Enid. A Welsh name made popular by children’s author, Enid Blyton, it means “purity of spirit.” Alternatively spelled Enyde.

Hannah. “Spirit warrior.”

Imamu. Suitable for either a girl or boy, this Swahili name means “spirit guide.”

Lavelle. This precious and sweet name is as lovely as your baby girl; meaning “one with a pure and cleansed spirit.”

Linh. Simply means “soul” or “spirit.”

Merry. A name derived from the actual meaning of the word, it means “a joyous spirit.”

Nirvana. A beautiful name for your baby girl that means “salvation of the soul.’

Rei. A short and sweet Japanese name referencing “God’s spirit.”

Shekinah. A beautiful Hebrew name meaning “God’s holy spirit.”

Spirit. This cute girl name requires very little explanation, it’s ideal for your spiritual bundle of joy.

Valda. The female form of Valdis, this is a suitable name for a little fighter. It means “war spirit.”

Valerie. This popular name has French origins; meaning “strong spirit.”

Wren. “Free spirit.”

Boy names that mean ghost

Abir. Suitable for either a boy or girl, this Hebrew name means “ghost” or “spirit.”

Amon. Relating to a ghost, this name means “hidden one.”

Angus. Gaelic name meaning “ghost.”

Axar. This is one of the shorter and cute names that mean ghost.

Brian. Irish ghost name meaning “spirit.”

Cade. A unisex Welsh name meaning “ghost.”

Drogo. A rare and unique name simply meaning “phantom” or ‘ghost.”

Egon. A German-inspired ghost name, this is an alternate version of the popular name, Eugene.

Gizem. A Turkish name with a ghost theme, this means “mystery” or “secret.”

Hantu. An Indonesian word and name meaning “ghost.”

Mamua. Basque word for “ghost.”

Multo. Short and memorable, this Filipino name quite simply means “ghost.”

Spiridon. Greek name meaning “ghost spirit” or “little spirit.”

Tien. Of Vietnamese origin, this cute name simply means “ghost.”

Girl names that mean ghost

Alma. Alternatively spelled Almah, this popular Spanish ghost name means “soul.”

Dutch. A Czech girl name that simply means “ghost.”

Genevieve. This rather popular French name relating to a ghost means “white phantom”

Lillith. Arabic name meaning “ghost” or “of the night.”

Masina. An exotic-sounding name meaning “ghost.”

Morrigan. Of Irish origin, this name references a ghost in its meaning, “phantom queen.”

Phi. One of the shortest and cutest names that mean ghost.

Yennifer. Of Welsh origin, this ghost name means “white phantom.”

Final Word – Names That Mean Spirit

Names that mean spirit can bring a sacred and soulful presence to your family. (And names that mean ghost can also bring about a sense of wonder and awe.) We hope that this list of baby names gave you some inspiration.

Did you like this list of names that mean spirit? We know that name trends will always change, but our growing list of baby names will always have you covered!

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