New year resolutions of an over-busy mom

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As much as I loved Christmas this year, I ADORE the New Year. I don’t know what it is. Maybe I fall for that “new year new me” stuff, but it’s the perfect reason to have a deep look and evaluate what’s important.

This year things are different than before. I have a baby. I have a business. I live a totally different life.

So here are my 2019 New Year’s resolutions for this new me.

I will reduce my screen time

This is a tough one. To me screen time is an indulgence, but it’s also my job. A little Instagram while the baby is busy, check my emails during nap time, oh and maybe a little distraction with a video (for both mama and baby.)

But this leads to two things. First, I never feel rejuvenated. Sure, I welcome, nay, crave those little distractions when I can afford them, but once the time’s up I feel cheated out of my me-time.

Second, it’s the wrong message for my little one. She sees the screen as a natural part of the environment and that mommy’s attention is captivated by it. It’s time to make a change.

I will I will be totally present with my family

There are always about a dozen things going on, aren’t there? Well when I’m with my family, those things can wait. They’re not as important. After all, when my little one’s older, I’ll want the same kind of attention from her

I will ask for help once a day

Okay – I have nothing against asking for help, but I never know what to actually ask! Ever have that problem? I’m realizing that asking for help is a muscle that has to be flexed. You have to build it up, and start by asking for little things before knowing how to ask for the big things. How about “Can you bring me a coffee? in bed?”

I will work on connecting with hubby

Priorities have a way of asserting themselves. When you’re a new mom, everything’s about the baby – it’s the most natural thing in the world. Then, the rest of my time goes to my business. Oh, and of course I have to fit in a workout and a meal, and maybe have time to shower and relax.

But wait! Someone’s missing. Yep, this year I will work double duty to stay connected to my partner.

I will make fitness a priority

Okay. I’m sneaking this one in. But come on, you know how important exercise is. It doesn’t even have to be extreme – although that’s the way I like it – you can just go for a walk while babywearing and call it a day.

Exercise may seem like something you can put off for another day, but all those days add up. It’s incredible what a difference a fitness regimen can make in you mood, your confidence, and of course, your health.

I will spend time by myself once a day

Technically I’m by myself when I’m working, but that’s not what I’m talking about. You need time to be alone, and no, cleaning the kitchen while by yourself doesn’t count.

I will take time to be grateful

I have so much to be grateful for. I have an amazing family. I have a beautiful home. I have an awesome business. I’m happy, I’m healthy, I’m fulfilled. And it’s time to start expressing it.

I’d love to hear your new year’s resolutions! Leave me a comment on Instagram @marsandstarsbaby.

Happy New Year!


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