25 Baby Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Get Right Now For Your Newborn

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If this is your first fall with your newborn, don’t skip all the festivities! Get a baby Halloween costume and let your little one join the fun!

We searched for the most adorable baby Halloween costume ideas, and of the costumes on this list are still available in newborn sizes online.

Be sure to click on the link to check out other variations like different animals, characters, colors, and sizes. And enjoy your Halloween!

Baby Hallowen costume ideas
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Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Burrito Costume

In the world of baby Halloween costume ideas, it doesn’t get funnier (or cuter) than a baby burrito costume.

Best part, the costume is only around $10, it comes with a newborn hat, and it’s a real swaddle. (Not just for Halloween!)

Baby Tentacle Costume

You have to admit. The tentacle baby costume is HILARIOUS! Truth be told, it doesn’t run cheap (around $55) but your baby will certainly be the life of the party in this getup!

Baby Ghostbuster Costume

This classic Ghostbusters “Stay Puft” costume (around $40) is irresistibly cute and will send everyone down the road of nostalgia.

Baby Sushi Costume

Oh my. Look at how cute this little sushi baby Halloween costume is! (For around $18.)

Pair it with an adult soy sauce costume, and you got a great theme!

Ironic Baby Halloween Onesie

You could also extend your love for Halloween with this adorable newborn onesie that says on Wednesdays we wear pink.


Classic Baby Halloween Costumes

When it comes to Halloween, you can’t go wrong with something classic, like a vampire (from $14), a bat (from $23), a prisoner (from $15), a ghost, or a mummy. So here are a few adorably-classic baby Halloween costume ideas available in newborn to toddler sizes.

Your baby will be not only adorable, but super cozy and comfy in these simple costumes.

Cute Animal Halloween Costumes for Newborns

These newborn costumes are so sweet and simple, you’ll want your baby wearing them well past Halloween.

Your baby will love this little Dino Halloween costume (around $16) because it is so cozy and warm. Now that’s a Dinosaur we wouldn’t mind snuggling up against!

And this unicorn baby Halloween costume (around $23) is just so sweet! She’ll definitely be one of a kind!

And, of course, you could go with a classic animal onesie, like a cow or a pig (around $23).

Favorite Character Baby Halloween Costumes

The Incredibles: Baby Jack Jack And The Whole Family

While the Jack Jack costume (around $30) is Incredible on its own, it would really shine if the whole family dressed up as the Incredibles!

Mandalorian and The Child (aka Grogul, aka Baby Yoda)

I don’t know if anyone else just sees their own baby while watching the Mandalorian, but I certainly do. That’s why I couldn’t resist this adorable Baby Yoda Halloween costume (around $25) which would look awesome if you you dress up as the Mandalorian.

There’s also an adorable knit version of the Grogul newborn costume (around $33.)

Monsters Inc Baby Halloween Costumes

You can’t go wrong with these adorable Monsters Inc baby Halloween costumes.

the cute Mike bodysuit and hat (around $20 for the newborn size) and cozy Sully onesie (around $23)you can wear outside.

More Cute Character Newborn Halloween Costumes

Princess Baby Halloween Costumes

Even if you’re not into the whole princess thing, you can’t deny how stinkin-cute these little baby Halloween costumes are. You can get a romper for each classic Disney princess in any size from 0-3 months to 12-18 months for around $23.

But you better hurry, these adorable princess dresses are bound to sell out!

Baby Girl Superhero Costumes

If you really don’t want to go the princess route, but you’re still looking for a super-cute costume for your newborn baby girl, you won’t be able to resist the Wonder Woman and the Super Girl costumes. (Each at around $25-$50)

More Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Lastly, when it comes to your baby this Halloween, you can’t go wrong with a tried and true costume idea like an astronaut (around $16), pilot (around $16), or firefighter (around $28).

Newborn Halloween Costume – Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy your Halloween with your adorable little baby. Let us know which newborn Halloween costume idea you decide on (Please make it the baby burrito costume!)

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The Halloween baby burrito costume idea (get it here!)


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