Newborn Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Get Right Now.

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If this is your first fall with your new baby, don’t skip all the festivities! Get a newborn Halloween costume and let your baby join the fun!

We searched for the most adorable baby Halloween costume ideas, and of the costumes on this list are still available in newborn sizes online.

Be sure to click on the link to check out other variations like different animals, characters, colors, and sizes. And enjoy your Halloween!

Funny Baby Halloween Costumes

Baby Burrito Newborn Halloween Costume ($15 here)

This little Subway sandwich is such a clever Halloween costume idea for a newborn! The wrap is actually a blanket and it comes with a little hat, so you know your baby will be cozy and warm. Your little newborn will be the life of the party in this Halloween costume!

Mummy Newborn Halloween Costume ($17 here)

There’s something so classic about dressing up like a mummy for Halloween! Your baby will be not only adorable, but super comfy in this simple costume.

Cute Animal Halloween Costumes for Newborns

Sweet Little Bunny Newborn Halloween Costume ($19 here)

This newborn bunny costume is so sweet and simple, you’ll want your baby wearing it well past Halloween.

Cute Dino Onesie – Newborn Halloween Costume ($19 here)

Your newborn will love this little Dino Halloween costume because it is so cozy and warm. Now that’s a Dinosaur we wouldn’t mind snuggling up against!

Unicorn Newborn Halloween Costume ($23 here)

This unicorn newborn Halloween costume is just so sweet! She’ll definitely be one of a kind!

Favorite Character Newborn Halloween Costumes

Baby Yoda from the Mandalorian Newborn Halloween Costume ($25 here)

Did you watch the Mandalorian and think of your baby every time you saw baby Yoda’s little antics? Then you’ll love this Halloween costume!

Baby Yoda Newborn Halloween Costume ($40 here)

This is another variation of baby Yoda. But it has feet! It’s so cute, we couldn’t resist listing them both.

Stitch – Newborn Halloween Costume ($24 here)

This Stitch hooded onesie is the perfect Halloween costume idea for a kid of any age!

Buzz Lightyear Newborn Halloween Costume ($24 here)

Are you a Toy Story fan? Then this Buzz Lightyear Halloween costume is a must for your newborn!

Superhero Newborn Halloween Costume

Supergirl Newborn Halloween Costume ($39 here)

Okay, so how adorable are these two costumes? The Supergirl and the Wonder Woman? We just can’t get enough, and we had to list them both!

Wonder Woman – Newborn Halloween Costume ($39 here)

Newborn Halloween Costume – Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy your Halloween with your adorable little baby. Let us know which newborn Halloween costume idea you decide on!


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