37 One Syllable Girl Names Full of Sass and Class

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A girl with class, sass, strength and style doesn’t always need lots of syllables to get her point across. The same goes when making a first impression with her name. That’s why one syllable girl names work so well.

Are you thinking of keeping things short and sweet with your baby girl’s name? There’s power in a brief, sharp name that lands like magic after rolling off the tongue.

Luckily, there are plenty of one syllable girl names that are easy to spell, fun to say and impossible to forget. These are statement-making names that stand out precisely because they say so much with so little. Take a look at the best one syllable girl names that will ensure that your daughter’s confidence is never in short supply when she’s introducing herself to people!

1. Anne.

Iconic stars and characters like Anne Shirley, Anne Hathaway and Queen Anne have pretty much guaranteed that this name will stay in vogue forever! It means “God has favored me.”

2. Ash.

Earthy and spiritual, Ash is a beautiful alternative to a longer name like Ashley if you’re searching for one syllable girl names. It translates to mean “happy” in Hebrew.

3. Belle.

While Bella had its time in the spotlight in recent years thanks to the popularity of the Twilight franchise, Belle remains under the radar enough to still be surprising and unique. Belle means “beautiful.”

4. Bess.

This wildly underused gem has an old-world feel. It translates to “consecrated to God” in Hebrew.

5. Blair.

Blair is a Scottish name that means “field.” However, the character of Blair Waldorf in “Gossip Girl” ensures that it’s one of the one syllable girl names that will always be associated with the rich and privileged of Manhattan’s Upper East Side. It can also be spelled as Blaire.

6. Bliss.

Don’t you just love it? Bliss is a name that carries a beautiful message. Bliss simply means “joy” or “cheerfulness.”

7. Bree.

It’s easy for the name Bree to breeze right over your ears like silk! This beautiful Irish name means “noble.”

8. Brynn.

A Welsh name, Brynn translates to “hill.” It is sometimes spelled as Bryn.

9. Cher.

Lots of parents might consider this French-inspired name that just happens to be associated with one of the biggest stars on the planet if they could turn back time! An adorable name, Cher means “beloved.”

10. Claire.

Knowing that this beautiful French name means “bright” might give you some clarity about choosing Claire as the perfect name for your little girl.

11. Dove.

Doves are symbols of love and peace! This is a name that inspires thoughts of spirituality and nature.

12. Eve.

The mother of all names, Eve means “life.”

13. Fern.

This is an old English name given to someone who “lives among the ferns.” It calls to mind the lushness and liveliness of a garden.

14. Frost.

Looking for a great name for a winter jewel born in December, January or February? This strong name really heats up your naming game if you’re looking for a name for a baby born during a time of frost!

15. Gray.

This moody, textured name will simply make your girl destined to become an artist!

16. Greer.

Greer is a Scottish name that means “guardian.”

17. Hope.

The world can always use a little more Hope! This is an evergreen name that never goes out of style.

18. Jane.

You really can’t go wrong with picking Jane as the quintessential choice among one syllable girl names! It means “God is gracious.” Spelling it Jayne is also an option if you fear that this name is just a little too plain!

19. Joss.

This playful name with a youthful tilt means “the merry one.”

20. Lane.

A unisex name, Lane means “from the narrow road.”

21. Lis.

It’s easy to feel like you’ve heard names like Lisa, Elizabeth and Melissa too many times to get excited about them. Lis is a name that takes what’s so appealing about those popular names to a cuter, more modern place!

22. Lux.

Light on letters, Lux is an illuminating name derived from the Latin word for “light.”

23. Mae.

Consider Mae if you’re expecting a baby girl during the month of May! In addition to being a shorter, cuter option than popular names like Mary or Marie, Mae is derived from May.

24. Neve.

Perfect for a baby girl born in winter, Neve can mean snow. It’s also an Irish name meaning “bright” or “radiant.” Tuck this one in your back pocket just in case your daughter is born on a day with snow because this makes for a beautiful story!

25. Paige.

This hip name means “helper.”

26. Pip.

How do you name your daughter after Pippa Middleton without actually naming your daughter after Pippa Middleton? Pip is a cute spin on the classic name of Phillipa that’s an even shorter nickname than Pippa!

27. Poe.

This unique name that obviously elicits literary allusions to Edgar Allen Poe actually means “peacock.”

28. Shay.

Shay is a Hebrew word for “gift.”

29. Sloane.

This unisex name means “raider.”

30. Spring.

Spring means “to burst forward” or “leap.” While it doesn’t get used for naming as much as the other seasons, Spring rightfully takes its place alongside Winter, Summer and Autumn as an amazing name for a girl!

31. Tess.

Timeless Tess is a name that means “harvester.” It’s a cute option if you’re trying to loosely name a child after a relative named Teresa or Esther.

32. Rae.

First, this is a very cute option if the father’s name is Raymond or Ray! It’s also beautiful even if you aren’t trying to be cute with daddy-daughter names! Rae means “well-advised protector.”

33. Rue.

You might not love that Rue means “regret.” However, this is a very strong name that will simply make everyone that your daughter meets regret not knowing her sooner!

34. Rose.

A perennial favorite among one syllable girl names that’s literally a perennial, Rose is timelessly feminine.

35. Snow.

The freshness and wholesomeness of snow can really make a compelling case for this name for your lovely baby girl!

36. Vale.

This beautiful name that means “valley” is a clever pick for parents who love to ski!

37. Wren.

Wren is a delicate name meaning “small bird.”

One Syllable Girl Names – Final Word

Are you giving your girl a short and peppy name? We’d love to know why!


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