3 Best Plastic Baby Gates for Your Curious Toddler

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“No, not that way!” If you find yourself crying out that sentence to your little one at home, you’re probably in need of good plastic baby gates. While discovery and adventure are great, they’re best when they’re on your terms, not your toddler’s. 

In this guide we’ll cover why plastic baby gates may be the right choice for you, how to choose one the best one, and top 3 reviews based on our selection criteria. 

Plastic Baby Gates – Quick Summary

Width (in)Height (in)Typical PriceWinner in
Safety First Auto Close Baby Gates28-4228$60Most Stylish
Summer Plastic Baby Gates28-4228$32-$40Most Affordable
Safety First Lift, Lock, and Swing Gate28-4226$36-$45Most Easy-to-Use

Why Buy Plastic Baby Gates

When it comes to baby gates, you have plenty of material options, with the most common being steel or aluminum. What’s nice about plastic baby gates though, aside from the lower price point, is that they can be portable, meaning you can bring your gates when staying with friends or even use them outside

There are different mounting options:

Pressure mounted baby gates.

You don’t need to screw the gates into the wall, but rather wedge them into place using rubberized edges. 

Pros: That makes these gates more portable and avoids screw holes in your walls. 

Cons: Most pressure-mounted baby gates don’t allow for a swing option, meaning you have to take the whole gate down to walk through. Pressure-mounted gates are not suitable for stairs. Also, some only allow you to adjust the width in one-inch increments making the gates less versatile. (Those options were not included on this list.) 

Hardware mounted baby gates.

You have to screw the baby gates into the wall. 

Pros: This allows for the gates to swing open, and makes it safer to use them on stairs. 

Cons: Hardware-mounted baby gates are less portable, and they’ll leave marks on your walls. 

Plastic Baby Gate Reviews – What Made the Cut

While there are certainly lots of options, most didn’t all make the cut. Here’s our selection criteria: 

  • Must have a pressure-mount option. After all, the major pro to plastic baby gates is that they’re portable!
  • Must be sturdy. If the gates are flimsy or the latch is easy to open, they’re no good for your adventurous toddler
  • Must not be climbable. Some baby gates have large holes that are super-tempting to climb. Although, never underestimate the challenge your toddler’s willing to accept. 
  • Must be fully adjustable. Many pressure-mounted plastic baby gates adjust in one-inch increments. We wouldn’t want you to buy them only to find out they can’t fit inside your doorway! 

Here are the full reviews of our favorite plastic baby gates. 

Safety First Auto-Close Baby Gate

These gates by Safety First are definitely our top pick when it comes to plastic baby gates. 

We love that you can swing the gate open without having to use the hardware mount (a rare feature in plastic baby gates) and that it offers a magnetic auto-close (also rare.) These baby gates also give you a visual cue to show if the latch is opened (red) or closed (green.) 

Even though there is no hardware installation, the plastic baby gates feel sturdy and secure. They’re also the most stylish option with narrow vertical poles rather than an intrusive plastic look. 

Plastic Baby Gates Winner in: Most Stylish

Typical Price$60
Baby Gate Width (in)29-38
Baby Gate Height (in)28
Pressure MountYes
Hardware MountNo
Swing OpenYes with auto-close
Good For StairsNot ideal

Summer Latching Plastic Baby Gates

These plastic baby gates by Summer Infant are an affordable, easy-to-use option. 

These are the only gates that offer an adhesive mount along with pressure mount and hardware mount options. 

The gate door can swing both ways, but it can also be restricted with an included door stopper. It’s also a suspended design that doesn’t have a threshold to step over (like the Safety First baby gates above.) Plus, the rugged plastic makes these baby gates great for indoor and outdoor use! 

Plastic Baby Gates Winner in: Most Affordable

Typical Price$32-$40
Baby Gate Width (in)28-42
Baby Gate Height (in)28
Pressure MountYes
Hardware MountYes
Swing OpenYes (with hardware or adhesive  mount) baby gate swings both ways unless a stopper is used
Good For StairsYes, with walls or banisters on both sides, and with hardware mount

Safety First Lift, Lock, and Swing Baby Gates

These plastic baby gates by Safety First are great for parents of curious toddlers. It can be used as a permanent gate that swings by using the hardware mounts, or as portable gates by relying on pressure mounts. 

We love that you can swing the gates open using the one-hand release on top. This means that you don’t have to bend all the way down to walk through like with the Summer baby gate option above – great if you’re carrying your toddler! 

The gates swing open one-way only, making it safer if you mount these on top of the stairs

Plastic Baby Gates Winner in: Most Easy-to-Use

Typical Price$36-$45
Baby Gate Width (in)28-42
Baby Gate Height (in)26
Pressure MountYes
Hardware MountYes
Swing OpenYes (with hardware mount) baby gate swings one way only
Good For StairsYes, with walls or banisters on both sides, and only with hardware mount

Honorable Mention: Regalo Easy Fit Plastic Baby Gate

These plastic baby gates by Regalo get an honorable mention from us. Why? While certain features are a pain for some parents, they can be ideal for others. 

These baby gates are the ultimate in simplicity. They offer an adjustable pressure mount and nothing else, which makes them perfect for portability

The twisting locking mechanism is easy for parents and impossible for toddlers – although you might find it annoying compared to the options above. 

We’re not crazy about the height (at 23 inches, it’s shorter than the rest) but it can come in handy if you prefer to just step over the gate rather than open it. The gate’s large honeycomb pattern may also tempt your toddlers to climb it. So be wary if you have adventurous kids! 

Typical Price$30
Baby Gate Width (in)28-42
Baby Gate Height (in)23
Pressure MountYes
Hardware MountNo
Swing OpenNo
Good For StairsNo

Plastic Baby Gates – Final Word

If you have a curious little baby or toddler, getting baby gates will leave you some peace of mind. And if you’re an on-the-go adventure family, portable plastic baby gates are the most versatile way to keep your little one safe no matter where you rest your head. 

We hope this list helps. Let us know what you think!


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