12 Portable Bassinet Reviews. Best Foldable And Collapsible Travel Bassinets. 

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One thing I wish I bought right away with my first baby: a portable bassinet. My love for adventure didn’t die down when they came into this world. It only got stronger. And I always wished that I didn’t need yet another baby thing for when I was away from home. 

These days, a portable or a travel bassinet is just as sturdy and comfy as anything else you would buy for your baby. And getting a collapsible or a folding bassinet can make life with baby just that much easier – and certainly more fun! 

Why You’ll Need a Portable Bassinet

Travel and overnight visits

If you’re big on travel, you probably need something that’s lightweight, compact, and is easy to set up. (Nothing worse than struggling with your baby gear when you’re in a different country!) 

Of course, if you’re doing car travel, and have plenty of trunk space, you’ll have way more options available to you. 

To move from room to room

You may just prefer to have one bassinet that you bring out into the living room during the day and back into your bedroom in the evening. In this case, you probably want a folding bassinet that you can quickly collapse and then reassemble. Weight and size may not be an issue for you. 

To make space

If you live in a smaller space, and want to hide your baby things, the collapsible bassinets on this list will pack away easily and conveniently. 

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Sleep and Travel Tips From a Wanderlust Mama

From their early weeks, my babies and I have been abroad, camping, and at loud overnight parties, and everything in between. Here are some lessons for the best sleep on the go: 

  • Let your baby get used to their travel bassinet at home. If they’re using it for the very first time while in a new place, they may just refuse to go in. Make their little bassinet feel like their little piece of home. 
  • A canopy will block out distractions. It’s actually quite amazing how well babies ignore the world around them with just a thin little piece of fabric blocking it out. I’ve had babies in the same room at a rowdy party (okay, it was board game night but whatever) just sleeping away. 
  • Bring familiar sounds and feels. I quite like using a sound machine and find that it helps my littles fall asleep while away from home. (Except when I forget to bring it… then everything falls apart.) 

Best Portable Travel Bassinets

1. Munchkin Brica Baby Travel Pod

Best travel bassinet

What can we say? This travel bassinet is ultra-lightweight, and packs up super tiny. It’s great for long-haul trips where you won’t want to lug too much stuff around.

The mosquito net is also a nice touch if you’ll be going camping or want to let your little one snooze outside. 

For its size and weight, this folding bassinet is still very sturdy and comfortable. If you’re always taking your little along for a new adventure, you’ll love the Munchkin Brica travel bassinet. 

Typical Price$48 
Folded dimensions22”x4”x20”
Portable bassinet weight2.45 lbs
Canopy includedNo, but has a mosquito net
Travel bag includedYes 
Baby weight limit15 lbs

2. Fisher-Price Portable Baby Dome

Most versatile travel bassinet

You’ll be seeing this “baby dome” everywhere because it’s a fan-favorite among parents and babies. 

This little travel bassinet is nice, comfy, and roomy. We found that the canopy helped the baby fall asleep by blocking things out even in the most stimulating environments. What’s nice about it is that you can use it as a little “playpen” as well. 

It’s lightweight, small, and loved by babies. You really can’t go wrong. 

Typical Price$60 – $85
Folded dimensions7”x31”x21”
Portable bassinet weight5.35 lbs
Canopy includedYes
Travel bag includedno
Baby weight limitUnder 5 months

3. Chicco LullaGo Anywhere Portable Bassinet

Best non-folding collapsible bassinet for travel. 

Some parents don’t want a folding bassinet, but still want it collapsible so that they can use it both at home and on the go. The Chicco portable bassinet brings you the best of both worlds. You can easily assemble and disassemble it by taking off the legs and collapsing the bassinet. 

It’s sturdy, comfy, and still lightweight, and comes with a convenient carry bag. 

There are two versions – one with a canopy and one without to suit your preference. 

Typical Price$80 – $130
Folded dimensions18”x28”x4”
Portable bassinet weight12 lbs
Canopy includedThere is a model that does and a model that does not
Travel bag includedYes
Baby weight limit20 lbs

Folding Bassinet That Rocks

4. Safety 1st Rocking Bassinet Star Gazer

Best bassinet for travel

This portable rocking bassinet is sooo easy to set up and take down. You’ll love that you have the option to rock your little one while you’re out and about, since a lot of babies settle best when in motion. 

This folding bassinet is also fairly light, making it ideal for travel. Although, to be honest, given how affordable and versatile it is, it may make sense to have an extra one of these bassinets on hand at all the places you might visit (like the grandparents’) and just store it there.

Typical Price$70-$85
Folded dimensions25”x17”x8″
Portable bassinet weight14.5 lbs
Canopy includedYes, along with a bug net
Travel bag includedYes
Baby weight limit20 lbs

5. Dream On Me Insta Fold Bassinet and Cradle

Best collapsible bassinet for easy storage

You can’t beat a one-handed fold when it comes to portable bassinets. While it’s one the heavier side (so, not ideal for travel) this folding bassinet is awesome to move from one room to another, or to just pack away to make some space. Oh, and the little storage space at the bottom is a super-nice touch!

Typical Price$110 – $150
Portable bassinet weight19 lbs
Canopy includedYes
Baby weight limit25 lbs

Portable Collapsible Bassinets

6. Fisher-Price Soothing View Portable Bassinet and Cradle

Best portable bassinet that rocks!

When it comes to portable bassinets, Fisher-Price really delivers!  They’re safe and sturdy, but are really convenient to carry around or pack away (this bassinet folds down to 6 inches!) 

We also like that it comes with linkable toys that might become your baby’s little buddies for bedtime. 

Moms really appreciate being able to rock their little one to soothe and calm them, and this portable bassinet can lock into a non-rocking position as well. 

There are three portable bassinets in this line, and the Soothing View comes with the most features.  It comes with a canopy, and little star projections that may amuse your baby as they drift off to sleep or after they wake up. 

It also comes with vibrations, calming music, and sounds that moms swear by to help their little one get settled.

Typical Price$150 – 170
Portable bassinet weight17 lbs
Canopy includedYes
Baby weight limit20 lbs

7. Fisher Price Soothing View Vibe Portable Bassinet

If you don’t need a canopy and the cute projections in your portable bassinet, The Vibe may be the perfect option for you. This is still a folding bassinet that offers soothing vibrations as well as music and gentle sounds, and it will be the perfect companion for your little one’s bedtime. 

Typical Price$110
Portable bassinet weight13 lbs
Canopy includedNo
Baby weight limit20 lbs

8. Fisher Price Rock With Me Portable Bassinet

The Rock With Me Portable bassinet is the most minimal option, that still does the job perfectly. It’s a super-lightweight folding bassinet that will rock your little one to sleep. What more do you need? 

Typical Price$80 – $110
Portable bassinet weight4.4 lbs
Canopy includedNo
Baby weight limit20 lbs

9. Dream On Me Poppy Traveler Portable Bassinet

Most budget-friendly foldable and portable bassinet

Available in 4 color options.

It’s nice to know that should you need an extra bassinet, you can get one for under a hundred dollars. In fact, you could just grab one or two to keep at your families’ places and just hide in the closet for when you come over. That’s definitely more convenient than having to lug a whole travel bassinet over (even though it’s only 13 pounds!)

Typical Price$65 – $97
Portable bassinet weight13 lbs
Canopy includedNo
Baby weight limit25 lbs

10. Delta Children Deluxe Folding Bassinet

Best-valued portable bassinet

This folding bassinet also falls in the category of ultra-affordable and convenient, and as a bonus, it has a mobile with music, soothing sounds, and vibrations. It may even make sense to keep a spare one of these at any houses you visit frequently. It’s lightweight, folds up nicely, and totally inexpensive.

Typical Price$77 – $105
Portable bassinet weight5 lbs
Canopy includedNo
Baby weight limit15 lbs

11. Dream On Me Karley Bassinet

Available in 12 color options.

Your baby might really like the cocoon feeling of a double canopy. This folding bassinet packs away really nicely, and is extremely affordable, while still being sturdy and secure.

Typical Price$46 – $110
Portable bassinet weight12 lbs
Canopy includedYes – double
Baby weight limit25 lbs

12. MiClassic One-Second-Fold Portable Bassinet

Typical Price$120
Portable bassinet weight19 lbs
Canopy includedNo
Baby weight limit30 lbs

Final Word On Finding The Best Portable Bassinet

Whether you’re heading to Paris, to your mom’s house, or just over to the next room – you need safe and comfy spot for your little one. This means: a travel bassinet, a foldable bassinet, or a collapsible bassinet, so be sure to find a safe and sturdy option that’s easy to set up and take down.

Also, if you’ll be sleeping in a new place, don’t forget to let your baby get used to his or her new bassinet. You’ll save yourself a major headache (not to mention, get a few extra precious hours of sleep) by not having to plead with your little one to please please please go to sleep in this strange new spot.

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