76 Russian Names For Girls and Boys – Cool-Sounding and Unique

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Russian names have always carried a certain charm. Girls’ names are ultra-pretty and feminine, while boys’ names are unexpected and cool-sounding.

Whether you have a keen interest in Russian culture or are looking for a Russian name for your little one, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for in this list of Russian names that effortlessly blends and reflects Russian tradition and culture while also carrying the unique phonetic structure that sets these names apart from other naming conventions. 

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Russian names for girls

Anastasia: One of the more popular Russian names for girls, this name means “resurrection” or “rebirth.” Just like your little one, it signifies a fresh start.

Anika: Short and sweet, this name is used outside of Russian regions as well. Simply means “grace.”

Anushka: There are several spelling variations of this charming name that means “favor” or “grace.”

Alina: Simply means “bright” and “beautiful.”

Alisa: Meaning “great happiness.” Outside of Russian regions, you may come across several spelling variations of this sweet girl name.

Anya: A beautiful name for your beautiful little one, meaning “grace.”

Calina: Simply means “moon.”

Ekaterina: This unconventional Russian name is closely linked to the Greek name, Katherine, which means “pure.” The Russian variation means “perfect.”

Eva: This cute Russian girl name can also be spelled Ava. Simply means “life.”

Inna: A suitable choice for a nature lover, this name means “from strong waters.”

Ivanka: Meaning “God is gracious.”

Kira: Outside of Russian regions, this authoritative name can be alternatively spelled Kiera. Meaning “leader of the people.”

Lada: A Russian girl name inspired by the goddess of spring and love.

Lizabeta: The Russian variation of the name Elizabeth, this classic name means “God is my oath.”

Mila: A name that has even gained popularity in Hollywood, meaning “loved by the people.”

Mina: A fitting name for your little bundle of joy. This one simply means “girl.”

Miroslava: Distinctly Russian, this girl name means “peaceful glory.”

Mischa: Simply means “like God.”

Nadina: Meaning “shower of blessings.”

Nadya: The Russian variation of the name Nadia, this beautiful name means “hope.”

Natalya: The Russian variation of the name Natalia, the meaning remains the same across the globe – “born on Christmas” or “birthday of Christ.” Ideal for a girl born during the festive season.

Nikita: Simply means “winner.”

Oksana: This name is uniquely Russian and has yet to gain popularity in other parts of the globe; meaning “praise to God.”

Olga: Short and sweet, this charming name is derived from the Old Norse name Helga, which means “holy,” “blessed,” or “sacred.”

Polina: Well-loved in Russia, this charming name means “humble” or “small.” Suitable for a baby girl that’s relatively petite or short.

Renata: Simply means “born again.”

Rozaliya: This Russian girl name is inspired by nature; simply means “rose.”

Sanya: This charming Russian girl name means “dream.”

Sofia: This Russian name means “wisdom” and has several spelling variations across the globe.

Svetlana: Simply means “light.”

Tiana: Never has there been a more fitting name for your precious baby girl. This one means “princess.”

Ulyana: Distinctly Russian, this name simply means “youthful.”

Viktoria: Outside of Russian regions, this name can be alternatively spelled Victory. Quite simply means “victory.”

Yana: Short and sweet, this name simply means “gift from God.” 

Yulia: The Russian variation of Julia, this name means “youthful.”

Zoya: Simply means “life.”

Russian names for boys

Aleksandr: A name that is popular across the world, this is the Russian variation of Alexander which means “defender of men.”

Alexei: A name closely linked to the one above, meaning “defender.”

Anatoly: A rather unconventional Russian boy name, this simply means “sunrise.”

Andrei: Outside of Russian regions, this name is typically spelled André. This popular name means “brave.”

Artem: Meaning “unharmed” or “perfect health,” which is what any parent desires for their little one.

Artur: “Like a bear.”

Boris: Simply means “fighter.”

Daniil: This is the Russian variation of the name Daniel, meaning “God is my judge.”

Dominik: Meaning “he who belongs to God.”

Dmitri: Known to have both Greek and Russian origins, this name means “earth lover.” A fitting choice for a nature lover.

Igor: A short yet powerful Russian boy name, this simply means “warrior.”

Ivan: Meaning “God has been gracious.”

Leonid: Meaning “like a lion.”

Lev: Another short yet powerful Russian boy name on this list, meaning “like a lion.” This name signifies authority and strength.

Luka: One of the shortest Russian boy names on this list, this charming name means “he who brings light.” The perfect name for your little ray of sunshine. 

Matvey: The Russian variation of Matthew, this name simply means “gift from God.”

Maxim: Simply means “the greatest” or “the most excellent.”

Mikhail: Distinctly Russian, this name means “he who is like God.”

Nikolai: This charming Russian name has Russian and Greek origins. Suitable for a little one who is a people’s person. Simply means “victory of the people.” 

Oleg: Meaning “sacred.”

Olezka: Simply means “holy.”

Rodion: This unconventional name is sure to make your little boy memorable. Meaning “song of the hero,” it suggests victory.

Timofey: The Russian variation of the name Timothy, this name means “to honor God.”

Valentin: Simply means “healthy and strong.”

Viktor: A traditional and timeless Russian boy name that means “victory.” 

Yuri: This short and sweet industrious Russian name means “earthworker” or “farmer.” A fitting choice for a little one who enjoys the outdoors.

Unisex Russian names

Dima: One of the more unconventional and rare Russian unisex names, this one simply means “fighter.”

Luda: Meaning “love of the people.”

Pasha: This cute Russian unisex name means “small” and is ideal if your little boy or girl is petite or short.

Sasha: Although Russian, this name is a popular choice for both boys and girls around the world. Meaning “defender of mankind,” which suggests authority.

Shura: Meaning “defender of mankind,” this Russian unisex name is perfect for a little fighter and braveheart.

Vanka: Simply means “grace.”

Vanya: Meaning “God is gracious.”

Zasha: A more modern and quirky variation of the Russian unisex name Sasha, also meaning “defender of mankind.”

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