Scandinavian Boy Names for Your Unstoppable Viking From 5 Nordic Countries

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A name isn’t just a name in Viking tradition. You can think of Scandinavian boy names as a verbal coat of arms. Is this where your map has led you when naming your baby boy? You should know some things.

Historically, patronymic naming was used all throughout Scandinavia. This means that each family’s last name was created by adding a suffix to a father’s name. You can imagine how important pairing the right first name with such a tradition-laden last name can be!

Rest assured that popular Scandinavian boy names that are now used all over the world today definitely stand up to the challenge. Whether you’re looking for Viking boy names, Finnish boy names, Swedish boy names, Danish boy names, or Norwegian boy names, this is the right region to look at if you want a name that embodies a warrior who happens to be a lover of nature.

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Many Scandinavian parents look to the Vikings for naming guidance. Vikings had a tradition of naming children after relatives that had passed on. While this often meant a grandparent, uncle or local leader, it could also mean a respected ancestor. The end result is that there isn’t actually a huge variety of different first names in Scandinavian culture because the same names are used over and over again.

However, the names that are used are mightily beautiful and strong. It should come as no surprise that many Scandinavian boys names are symbols of strength and power when you consider the ruggedness needed to survive in the unforgiving, nearly mystical climate of Scandinavia. Yes, everything from roaring thunder to waving bays are represented among the popular names for little boys throughout Scandinavian countries.

Of course, there are plenty of names that overlap with the classic Christian names of Europe. These Scandinavian versions are not to be overlooked because they bring crisper pronunciation and added sophistication to names we already know. Don’t be surprised if you fall in love with a name you’ve heard a million times for the fist time once you see how those closer to the Arctic Circle put their cool spin on it!

Are you looking to the wilds of Northern Europe for a strong name for a boy? Take a look at different Scandinavian names for boys from throughout the region! Start by looking at popular Finnish boy names, Swedish boy names, Norwegian boy names and Danish boy names to see what’s hot by country before taking a look at the names that are taking all of Scandinavia by storm!

While this is a list of our favorite Scandinavian boy names in each category, we have more extensive lists:
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Finnish Boy Names


Erno means “serious” or “resolute.” A true battle name, Erno also happens to be easy to spell and pronounce for such a rare moniker.


If you’re looking for a Finnish name with good vibes, Onni is the one! This name means “happiness” and “luck.” It’s no wonder why it continuously ranks high on the list of baby names for boys in Finland.


It’s no surprise that Vaino is a name that simply flows from the tongue. This name quite literally means “wide river.” This name also has connections with both music and folklore in Finnish culture. Vaino is derived from a folklore hero with a magical singing voice named Väinämöinen.

Swedish Boy Names


Anders is a very popular name that means “strong and manly.” In some translations, it means “lion man.” Many parents around the world love this name because it is so crisp. It rolls off the tongue beautifully even if you don’t have a Swedish accent.


Lucas is a name that’s associated with being a “bringer of light.” This name is important in Sweden because the country is known for its long, cold and dim winters. It’s easy to see why Swedish parents are eager to give their sons a “bright” name when some parts of the country closer to the Arctic Circle may only get three hours of daylight in the deepest part of winter.


The Swedish version of the Hebrew Isaac, Isak means “he laughs.” Using the Swedish version is a great way to add a crisp twist to a very old and honored name. Of course, Swedish soccer fans more closely associate the name with cheers because of the country’s popular soccer player named Alexander Isak.


Nils translates to “victory of the people.” In Sweden, it is considered to be a variant of Nicolas.


Originally a German surname, Otto is a popular name in Sweden today. It is linked with notions of wealth, prosperity and stature. The neatest part about picking this name for your baby boy is that it happens to be one of the rare first names that is actually a palindrome.

Norwegian Boy Names


Emil translated to “lively.” While this name is short and sweet, it has a long history. It’s actually derived from the influential Aemilius family name from the days of the Roman Empire. The name is getting a little more popular in America these days due to a popular young actor named Emile Hirsch.


Yes, Filip is basically just the Norwegian way to say Philip. However, it also means “friend of the horses” in Norwegian culture. This is a great way to put a worldly spin on a name we all already know.

Danish Boy Names


While brainstorming for Danish boy names, why not focus on one that literally means “mind?” That name would be Hugo. The Danish version of Hugh, this name is both brief and powerful.


There’s magic in the air when you name your child after the “Lord of Lightning.” Yes, Lars is a name that pays tribute to the god of lightning. It is a powerful, sharp name that manages to be rare while also being very easy to spell and pronounce. Born in Denmark, Metallica’s Lars Ulrich is the Lars that most Americans know!


Dating back to Viking days, Viggo is a name that translates to “inlet” or “bay.” Many people are familiar with the actor named Viggo Mortenson who starred in “Lord of the Rings.” While that Viggo happens to be American, he has a Danish father. Viggo is sometimes spelled as Wiggo instead.

More Scandinavian Boy Names


Used all throughout Scandinavian, Aksel means “father of peace.” However, it’s also a name that kind of makes you want to rock out! Aksel happens to be a cool alternative spelling to Axel.


This name is literally priceless. Yes, Anton translates to “priceless.” While it’s popular in Scandinavia, many American parents love borrowing this name as a more romantic, whimsical version of Anthony.


You definitely won’t be winging it when you choose this bold name that means “strong as an eagle” for your little bird! While Norse origins give this name its strength, it can also be used as nickname for the more common name of Arnold.


Johan translates to “God is gracious.” It is an elegant upgrade if you couldn’t quite settle on just naming your kid john.


The Scandinavian version of Joseph, Josef means “God will increase.” In addition to looking more sophisticated on paper, this name is pronounced with a crisper, harder landing than the “ph” version.


While nobody can argue against the fact that Michael is a classic and timeless name, some parents want more. That’s why Mikael is such a great pick. The Scandinavian version of Michael, Mikael still means “Who is like God?” However, it has an even more ethereal and angelic ring to it!


While Scandinavian culture isn’t quite as peppered with references to saints as the rest of Europe, the popular Scandinavian name of Rasmus pays homage to Saint Erasmus of Formia. A shortened version of Erasmus, Rasmus means “beloved.”


While nobody really wants to name their child Thor after this formerly obscure name went mainstream with the Marvel resurgence, there is a way to capture the thunderous spirit of this name without actually using it. The answer is Ture. This very old Norse name actually means “Thor’s warrior.”


A beautiful name with a meaning steeped in duality, Wilmer is actually the combination of “will” and “desire.” The cool thing about this name is that it has the built-in nickname of Will!

While this is a list of our favorite Scandinavian boy names in each category, we have more extensive lists:
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Viking and Scandinavian Boy Names – FAQ

What is a good name for a Viking boy?

We love the Scandinavian names Viggo (meaning bay) and Aksel (meaning father of peace) for a Viking boy, although there are many historic names like Erik and Leif.

What is a Norwegian boy name?

There are many strong Norwegian boy names, we like Emil, Filip, and Erik as top Scandinavian names.

What is a strong male name?

When it comes to finding a strong male name, Scandinavian and Viking boy names certainly top the list. We love Aksel, Viggo and Rasmus. Although you could go full Viking or Norse mythology and go with Thor or Odin.

What is the most rare name for a boy name?

While finding a great rare name for a boy shouldn’t be hard, we love Scandinavian names for their strength, meaning, and Viking history. A name like Ture (meaning Thor’s warrior) or Emil (meaning lively) will certainly stand out.

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