Scandinavian Girl Names for Your Nordic Beauty

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A Scandinavian name is the perfect option for a girl with beauty and brawn! If you’re looking for a great name for a warrior with grace, there are many powerful names to choose from in this land of icy isles.

One doesn’t have to have even a drop of Viking blood to tap into the allure and power of Scandinavian girl names! You just have to be enamored with the raw, ethereal energy that this region of the world evokes! This desire for a name that’s packed with imagery of painted skies over rough isles is what draws so many people to Finnish girl names, Norwegian girl names, Swedish girl names and Danish girl names.

The naming process among Scandinavian cultures is all about connecting to the roots of the fierce seafaring people who once roamed the unforgiving peninsulas and islands of Scandinavia. Many little girls in Scandinavia are named after family members and relatives. It’s also common for parents to name their little girls after gods of thunder and ice from the days of old. In addition, Christian names are commonly used in Scandinavian culture.

Finnish Girl Names


Calling to mind imagery of the dancing rays of light of aurora borealis, Aurélia means “golden.” It is feminine, strong and tied to nature in a way that perfectly encapsulates the spirit of Scandinavia!


A name of light and glory, Eléa is actually one of the Finnish girl names that holds several meanings. The most common meaning associated with Eléa is “merciful.” However, it is also associated with “light” and “torches.” The underlying theme of Eléa is “God’s light.” This is a short, spirited variation of the name Eleanor. It is sometimes spelled as EleahElléa or Elëa.


A vivacious and lively name, Livia means “fish, olive tree, life.” The name’s connection to the olive tree makes it a symbol of the “peace” that is represented by the olive tree in the bible.

Swedish Girl Names


The female version of Eberhard, Ebba means “strength.” It is sometimes literally translated to mean “brave boar.” The short, sweet flow of this name offers a great option for a moniker that is unique and memorable without being difficult to spell or pronounce.


This feminine, jewel-sounding name means “violet flower.” It is the Swedish version of Yolanda.


Kerstin is the Swedish version of Christian. It offers a unique twist on common names like Kristen and Kirsten. It also offers the potential for a cute nickname like Krissy.


Actress Malin Akerman brought the name Malin to the mainstream in Hollywood. However, this beautiful moniker has been a favorite of Swedes for decades! This lofty name means “high tower.”


Tindra is the perfect choice for naming the baby girl who is the light of your life! Tindra means “tinkle” or “sparkle like the stars.”

Norwegian Girl Names


The name of all names if you want a title that’s short and powerful, Aud means “wealthy.” It calls to mind old-world glamour!


Associated with light and beauty, Elin means “torch.” Perfect for a baby girl who was born to be your sunshine, Elin is specifically associated with sun rays.


A variant of Helga, Hege can mean “prosperous” or “holy.” It is sometimes used to describe a “divine woman.”


This is a perfect choice if you’re looking for Swedish girl names that don’t remind you of a plain Jane. Janne translates to “God is gracious.” The fun part about this name is that it is considered a unisex name that is often given to boys in other parts of Scandinavia.

Danish Girl Names


A variant of Agnes, Agneta means “chaste.” A great name for baby girls born in January, Agenta is commonly used to honor a saint and martyr named Saint Agnes whose feast day is on Jan. 21.


Asta means “divine strength.” It is associated with imagery of arrows, light and love.


While Lene is mostly associated with imagery of light and brightness, it can also mean “wished for child.” While it is sometimes used as a nickname for longer Swedish girl names like Helene and Magdalene, Lene is commonly used as a standalone name by parents looking for shorter Danish girl names.


Bringing the power, Thyra is a female name that means “follower of Thor.” This thunderclap of a name offers a very feminine, hip way to bring a little Norse mythology into your naming strategy.

Scandinavian Girl Names


Beautifully powerful, Anneli means “grace.” An alternative spelling is Annelie.


The ultimate strong and feminine name, Annika means “grace.” This is a great way to ramp up a simple name like Anne.


This endearing name means “dear heart.” You will sometimes see it spelled as Dýri.


A name of Norse origin, Eir means “peacefulness.” It is inspired by a Norse god named Eir who was known for using a white flower known as the Eirflower in healing rituals.


Perfect if you’re looking for a classy name that nobody else in the schoolyard will have, Freya simply means “lady.”


Refreshing and sweet, the name Linnea means “lime tree.”


Maja means “splendid.” While it more than holds its own as a name, Maja is often used as a nickname for Marija.


Derived from the male name of Rune that means “secret lore” in Scandinavian culture, Runa is associated with the secret traditions of Old Norse mythology.


The Scandinavian variation of Susanna, Sanna is a strong, peppy name. Consider it if you can’t quite commit to names like Anne or Hannah because they don’t spark enough. The spelling of Sanne is sometimes used.


Sherica is sheer power! Yes, this name translates to “complete ruler.” It’s actually the Old Norse version of Erica.


Ulla truly sounds like music coming off your tongue! It signifies “will” or “determination”. It is sometimes spelled as Ula.

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