Similac Advance Vs Pro Advance – Baby Formula Breakdown

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If you’ve ever strolled through the formula aisle of the grocery store, you’ve probably suffered from analysis paralysis. I mean, what do all these words even mean, and do they actually matter

We can’t promise you’ll never suffer from analysis paralysis as a new parent, but we can give you help with at least one tiny decision – which Similac formula? Let’s break it all down. 

The Lowdown

If you want our final verdict on the Similac Advance vs Pro Advance battle, scroll to the bottom. Otherwise, here’s our full review. 

Similac Advance vs Pro Advance

Similac Advance and Pro Advance have very similar nutritional breakdowns, with two small differences. Similac Pro Advance is non-GMO, and it offers an immune-boosting prebiotic which makes it their closest formula to actual breastmilk. 

What’s the same

  • Both Similac Advance and Pro Advance have the same iron, calcium, and vitamin D content. 
  • Both Similac formulas have the same protein, carb, and fat content – as well as the same amount of calories if prepared correctly. 
  • Both are a source of DHA Omega-3s
  • Both Similac Advance and Pro Advance have milk and soy ingredients. 
  • Both formulas avoid Palm Oils in their ingredients. 

What’s different

  • Similac Pro Advance is non-GMO
  • Similac Pro Advance offers an immune-boosting prebiotic called human milk oligosaccharide (not from human milk) 
  • Similac Pro Advance can be bought in both powder or liquid form, Similac Advance rarely offers a liquid formula, but does come in powder form. 
Complete NutritionSame
Omega-3 DHAsSame
Non-GMO formulaSimilac Pro Advance
Immune-boosting prebioticSimilac Pro Advance 
Closest to breastmilk Similac Pro Advance
Liquid formulaSimilac Pro Advance 
Powder formula Both 
similac advance vs pro advance (2) (1)
Similac Advance vs Pro Advance

Price Differences.

Similac AdvanceSimilac Pro Advance
Tub (20.6oz)$26.99$28.99
3-Can Pack (36oz x3)$115.99$129.99
3-Can Pack for subscribers$104.39$116.99
Similac Advance vs Pro Advance Price Differences

Get Simiac Advance Pro formula here.

Get Similac Advance formula here.

Non-GMO Formula vs Regular Formula?

GMO (or genetically modified organism) means that some ingredients in the baby formula underwent genetic modification. (For example, soy plants may have been genetically modified to grow in certain climates or to repel pests.) 

In terms of health, GMO foods are not considered hazardous to our health or genes, although some consumers have raised concerns. Some people also question the ethics about genetically modifying our food, and prefer to be aware if it is GMO or not. 

For example, the European Union requires special labels for GMO foods and formula to help consumers make a choice. 

In terms of Similac formulas, Similac Pro Advance is classified as non-GMO. (As well as Similac Pro-Sensitive, and Similac Pro-Total Comfort formulas) Similac Advance formula is not. 

Liquid vs. Powder Infant Formula

Similac Pro Advance can be bought either as liquid or powder. 

(Similac Advance occasionally has a liquid option, but it is hard to find in stock.) 

Why choose liquid formulaWhy choose powder formula
You avoid introducing contaminants
You don’t need to shake as much, which means less bubbles and no clumps and less fussiness. 
It offers the same nutritional value as liquid formula
It is MUCH cheaper than liquid formula. 

For moms who can’t breastfeed, nurses will often recommend liquid formula like the Similac Pro Advance for babies. This is mostly for your convenience and because you can’t “mess up.” 

In our home, we switched to powder as soon as we felt confident that we could. The cost of liquid vs powder was a pretty big deal breaker for us. 

Newborn Formula-Feeding Tips

  • Use feeding time as a chance to bond, rest, and cuddle. Let the baby lie comfortably against you. 
  • Burp your baby after every 2oz of formula or as needed to reduce spit-up. 
  • Choose a slow-flow nipple so that your newborn isn’t swallowing air. 

How to Prepare Newborn Formula (Similac)

If you’re buying the liquid Similac Pro Advance formula, your job is pretty easy. 

Just pour the formula into a sterilized bottle, or buy the ready-to-feed bottles with nipples. Keep in mind that the bottle has to be consumed within an hour of opening, or you have to discard it. 

Mixing the Similac powder formula is simple too. 

  1. Wash your hands and sterilize the bottle. 
  2. Add room-temperature water to bottle
  3. Then comes the powder. Add 1 scoop for every 2oz of water (or every 60ml.) 
  4. Shake the formula and ensure there are no clumps. 

Mom Tips:

  • Squeeze the top of the nipple while shaking the bottle so that the powder doesn’t get caught in there. 
  • If there are lots of bubbles, let the formula settle before feeding. 

Where Should I Buy Similac Baby Formula?

(As a personal preference, we don’t buy infant formula online unless it’s directly from the manufacturer or a grocer. There are no specific red flags, but we don’t want to risk contaminated or counterfeit products.) 

We recommend buying your baby formula from a store or from Similac’s website directly. The Similac website helps you make sure: 

  • You’re buying your Similac formula directly from the manufacturer
  • You can get a “subscription discount” if you sign up to get your formula delivered at a set frequency. 
  • They’ll send you samples and coupons. 

Similac Coupons and Samples

The best way to get Similac coupons and samples is to sign up for their Strong Mom Rewards before your due date. 

Similac Advance vs Pro Advance FAQ

What’s the difference between Similac Advance and Pro Advance?

Both Similac Advance and Pro Advance have the same nutritional value, with two exceptions. Similac Pro Advance is non-GMO and it offers human milk oligosaccharides (not made from human milk) – a prebiotic meant to support the baby’s immune system. 

Can you mix Similac Advance and Pro Advance?

Yes, you can mix Similac Advance and Pro Advance. They have the same nutritional content, same consistency, and the same scoop size. 

What is Similac Pro-Advance good for?

Similac Pro-Advance is considered “the closest formula to breastmilk” due to the human milk oligosaccharides – a prebiotic to support the immune system (not made from human milk.) It’s also good for parents who prefer a non-GMO formula. 

Final Verdict – Similac Advance vs Pro Advance

In the battle of the two Similac formulas, we choose the Similac Advance because it’s slightly cheaper while offering the same great nutrition. In our family, every dollar counts. Especially, considering you’ll be buying this formula for months-on-end. 

However, if you think you’d prefer to have a non-GMO formula for any reason, we think that the Similac Pro Advance formula is totally worth it.

Get Simiac Advance Pro formula here.

Get Similac Advance formula here.

Similac Advance vs Pro Advance

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