Slavic Names (Both Boys and Girls) Beaming in Strength and Beauty

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While each Slavic culture puts its own spin on naming traditions, the general rule is that Slavic girl names and Slavic boy names are rich and meaningful. It’s very common to name children after family members, biblical figures and saints from both Eastern Orthodoxy and Roman Catholicism when choosing Slavic names.

It can be hard to generalize Slavic naming traditions across the board because there are technically 13 separate Slavic nations to pull your inspiration from when choosing Slavic baby names for boys and girls. Doing your research means doing cultural deep dives into Belarus, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia and Ukraine!

There is one very fun fact to know about choosing Slavic names for little boys and girls. Most names from this part of the world have adorable nicknames! Due to the “formalness” of first names in Slavic cultures, it’s nearly universal for little kids to have nicknames that are derived from their first names.

If you’ll settle for nothing less than powerful Slavic names that also come across as endearing, it’s time to get to know the best Slavic names for babies. Take a look at top Slavic names for precious ones that translate just beautifully to every culture.

The Best Slavic Girl Names


Popular among European Christians, Anastasia means “resurrection.” The nicknames of Stasia, Ana, Nastya and Tasia are all used with this name! Think of it as the Slavic “Stacey.”


Popular among Polish girl names, Ania means “gracious” and “merciful.” It can also mean “God has favored me.” Ania is a fun way to put a European spin on Anne.


A popular name for little girls in Poland, Beata means “blessed.”


It’s fitting that stars like Danica Patrick and Danica McKellar made this name famous because Danica means “morning star.”


While Daria has Greek origins, it’s become one of the most popular Russian girl names. A fun way to put your own spin on a “princess” name, Daria means “kingly.”


Evelina means “life” when used as a girl’s name in Russia. It’s a great way to put a Slavic spin on a classic name like Evelyn.


One of the Polish girl names on the rise for popularity, Gizela means “pledge” or “promise.” It’s a variant of Giselle.


Halina is an angelic-sounding name that means “bright, shining or calm.”


Stepped in old mythology, Inga means “protected by Ing.” History buffs will know that Ing is a Norse deity!


As a variant of Ivy, Iva calls to mind images of nature. It translates to “God is gracious”. It’s common in Czechoslovakian families to use Iva as a nickname for Ivana. However, the name is commonly given as a standalone name throughout Europe.


Izabela means “my God is an oath.” It’s one of the most popular Polish girl names of today because of its delicate, feminine vibe. Girls with this name are often called Iza for short!


Kalena is a Slavic name that means “flower.”


Kasia is actually intended to be a nickname for names like Catherine and Katarzyna. However, it is increasingly being used as a full name because of how beautiful it sounds when standing alone.


A wholesome, feminine name that rolls off the tongue beautifully, Karina means “pure” or “beloved.”


Karoline is a classic name that means “free woman.” This is a great way to put a Slavic spin on Caroline!


For girls who rule, a name like Kira is a top pick! This name literally means “ruler.”


This strong and unforgettable name is the female version of Clement. It means “merciful.”


Krystyna is a Slavic version of Christina.


A luminous name, Lucija is the Croatian and Slovenian form of Lucy. It means “light.”


While this name literally translates to “of Magdala” in reference to Mary of Magdala, it also means “tower.” Little girls named Magdala in Slavic countries are given the nickname “Magda.”


Popular in Serbian and Bulgarian families, Milena means “gracious.” It is the feminine form of Milan. In addition to being a popular Slavic name, Milena is a common girl’s name in Italy.


This classically European name that keeps things short while making a big impression means “hope.”


One of the most common Russian girl names, Natasha means “birthday of the Lord.” The fun part of going with this name is that you can use the adorable nickname of Tosha.


Fun and feminine, Nikita is a name that everyone will remember. While it sounds like a hip name, Nikita is actually a time-honored moniker that means “victor.”


A very popular Bulgarian name, Oleksandra is a Slavic version of Alexandra. It means “protector.”


Petra is the feminine form of Peter. It means “rock.” A popular name in Croatia, Petra is often used in honor of Saint Peter.


Polina is the Russian version of Pauline. Many parents use it in honor of Saint Paul.


Sasha is a sassy name that means “defender.” It’s actually derived from the name Alexandra. While it has nickname potential if you decide to go with the longer name of Alexandra, Sasha definitely stands tall on its own.


Strong and sweet, Svetlana means “light.” While it’s one of the most popular Slavic names in general, it is especially popular as a Russian baby name.


Ready to get completely whimsical when naming your baby girl? Tatiana translates to “fairy queen.”


Varvara is the Russian form of Barbara. It means “stranger.” Varvara comes with the cute nickname of Wava.


A beautiful name that is bursting with virtue, Verdie means “truth.” It is the Slavic version of Vera.


Put this Slavic girl name on your list if you love flower names! Borrowed from Persian culture, Yasemin is a popular Slavic name that means “jasmine flower.”


A Polish/Slavic version of Janet, Zaneta is a name that’s full of zest!


Zoya means “life” in Russian. While it’s one of the most popular Slavic girl names, it’s actually derived from the Greek word for life that’s pronounced zōē.

Slavic Boy Names


A Slavic variant of Andrew, Andrik means “warrior.”


Popular in Serbia and Macedonia, Bojan is derived from the word “battle.”


Offering a Slavic spin on the name Boris, Borys means “battle glory.”


You can practically hear the strength and power oozing off the name Branko as you say it. This Serbio-Croatian name means “glorious defender.”


A popular Polish name of Slavic origin, Bronisław means “to defend.”


One of the Slavic names showing off exactly how you feel about your little bundle, Donat means “gift” in Polish.


Dusan is a soulful name that means “divine spirit.” It’s actually derived from the Slavic word dusha that means “soul.”


One of the best Polish boy names for setting high expectations, Emeryk means “industrious leader”.


Iwan means “God is gracious.” One of the most common Polish boy names, it is actually the Polish version of John. It is considered a variation of the name Ivan.


One of the simplest Polish boy names, Jarek means “spring.” It is sometimes used as a nickname for the polish mane of Jaroslav that means “powerful.”


Jaris is one of those Slavic names that will never go out of fashion. It’s actually a version of George that means “farmer.”


Jasha is the Slavic version of Jacob. It means “may God protect.”


Derived from Karl, Karol means “free man.” It stands as one of the most popular Polish boy names of this generation in honor of Karol Józef Wojtyła who went on to become Pope John Paul II.


Here’s another one that’s oozing with power. The strong, rough name of Kasmir actually means “destroyer of peace.” It is sometimes spelled as Kasmer.


The Polish version of Christopher, Krzys means “Christ-bearer.”


For the boy who is about to put a lasso around your heart, Laslo is an adorable Slavic name that means “glorious rule.” It is sometimes spelled as László.


Luka is a popular name for little boys in Croatia. It means “bringer of light.”


A lofty moniker with big appeal, Maksim is a popular name given to boys in Belarus, Bulgaria, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine. It means “the greatest.”


This gorgeous name for a little boy is the Serbian form of Matthias. It means “gift from God.”


While Mirek offers the simplicity of a name like Mike, it’s actually a popular Slavic name that means “peaceful glory.”


This lovely name of Slavic origin means “the peaceful one.”


Oleg is a name that means “holy light.” It is closely tied with Slavic, Russian and Ukrainian naming traditions.


This Slavic name that rolls powerfully off the tongue means “rejoice.”


One of the most treasured Polish boy names, Stanislaus means “someone who achieves glory or fame.” This name’s popularity has a lot to do with the fact that Saint Stanislaus is the patron saint of Poland!


A name that is oozing with machismo, Stasio means “stand of glory.” It is derived from Ostasio.


A name of Czechoslovakian and Slavic origin, Svatoslav translates to “one who worships the light.”


Yakov means “supplanter.” It is a variant of the names James and Jacob. Boys named Yakov are often called Jake or Yaki as nicknames.


This ultra-traditional Slavic name with Russian roots means “of great power.” Boys given this name often go by the nickname of Vlad. It’s sometimes spelled as Wladimir.


A variant of Alexander, Zandro means “man’s defender.” It’s a bit like the Slavic version of Xander.


What about giving your baby boy a warrior-sounding name that’s all about peace? Zeljko means “desire for peace.”

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