6 Small Nursery Glider And Rocker Reviews (Currently in-Stock!)

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Crib, check. Bassinet, check. Glider? If your baby’s room is more of a baby nook, you may be wondering if a rocker may be too much. But there are actually plenty of small nursery glider options that will fit right in. You won’t regret this nursery addition as you’re comforting your little one… in comfort. 

So let’s dive in on the best small nursery gliders and rockers that are NOT on backorder. 

Do I even need a glider in my small nursery?

Whether you have a small nursery or a vast expanse for your baby, it’s not a bad idea to question what you do and don’t need. But a glider will not be one of those purchases that makes you go “why did I even buy this?” 

Here’s why: 

Babies absolutely love being rocked. Many moms will tell you that their little one won’t nap unless they’re in motion. In fact, for some babies, it’s the only thing that puts them to sleep. So which one would you rather? Carrying your little one around to help them sleep or putting your feet up on a glider? 

You’ll probably keep your glider past the baby years. A rocker or glider can be a statement piece beyond the nursery. In fact, your kids will probably love playing and rocking themselves on a small glider once they can climb up on it by themselves. 

You need your own spot in the nursery. You walk into the nursery and want to linger for a minute or two. Where do you go? Crawl into the crib? Sit on the floor? Why not have your own designated mama chair instead? 

Speaking of pieces you won’t regret, we also appreciate having a gliding ottoman which will let you put your feet up and keep gliding. 

Rocker vs. Glider For The Nursery

While we may use the words rocker and glider almost interchangeably, there is a difference. Rockers have a curved base (think of those old-school rocking chairs) and gliders move back and forth on rails. 

Whichever you choose to go with, there are plenty of striking options for a nursery big or small that are ultra-comfy for both you and your little one. 

Small Rocker Reviews

Sybilla Rocker by Incy Interiors

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to sit on a throne – this rocker is probably better. From the plush velvet, to the rose-gold legs, there’s nothing not to love. All I can say is that you’ll never want to leave your nursery.

Typical price: from $1449

Color Options: Blush Pink

Raven Upholstered Rocker by Little Seeds

This velvet rocker is a gorgeous alternative to the Sybilla above and will make for a delicate yet luxurious addition to your small nursery. It’s lightweight, sturdy, and easy to put together. But most importantly – this compact rocking chair is super comfy and cute! 

Typical price: from $170

Color Options: Pale Pink and Light Gray. 

Jayce Mid-Century Modern Rocking Chair by Ashcroft

This sleek rocker looks like it belongs in Architectural Digest, but is surprisingly budget-friendly. If you’re looking for a small nursery rocker that you can repurpose past the baby years, this one will be a showstopper in any room. 

Typical price: from $357

Color Options: Light and Dark Gray And if you want the more vivid color options like blue, green, and orange, they’re found here:

Robbie Rocker Accent Chair by Baby Relax

First of all… this chair has pockets! But we love it for more than just the extra storage. The silhouette design is sleek but still has a little flair. It’s made of cozy chenille fabric that’s easy to clean, and comes in both neutral and jewel-tone colors. And more than anything, you’ll love this high contoured back and pillow for when you want to lean back and relax. 

Typical price: from $240 – $300

Color Options: White, Beige, Gray, Blue, and Green

Accent Nursery Rocker by FurnitureR

This slim rocker is simple and modern and we love that it comes in accent colors like yellow and blush, as well as classic neutrals like beige and gray. You can make it either an accent chair in a colorful nursery, or let it harmonize with the rest of your décor. 

Typical Price: from $250

Color Options: Beige, Gray, Blush, and Yellow. 

Small Nursery Glider Reviews

Blair Slim Nursery Glider by Delta Children

We love the simplicity of this narrow glider. Its unassuming silhouette in 4 neutral colors won’t overshadow your small nursery decor. Its durable mechanism won’t creak (and wake your little one up) and the material is removable and easy to clean – which you’ll appreciate in the toddler years for sure! 

Typical price: from $260

Color Options: 4 neutral color options, perfect for any nursery. 

Actually, the entire glider lineup by Delta Children which features both simple and classic options.

Ishtar Nursery Glider and Recliner by Christopher Knight

This may sound like a simple pleasure, but you’ll really love that you can rock, swivel, AND recline all at the same time in this small reclining glider. It may be a lifesaver for when you just need some rest while rocking your little one. This gorgeous glider is narrow and modest, but still very contemporary. And the color options are bold but still understated. 

Typical price: from $380

Color Options:  Blush, light gray, and teal.


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