217 Southern Belle Names And Double Names Full Of Southern Charm

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Southern Belle names are more than just about raising “well-behaved” little girls. They’re for galloping cowgirls, adventurous explorers, and fearless entertainers. All baked in with tradition, good manners, and a little southern charm. So here’s a list of classic Southern Belle names (as well as traditional and unique southern double names, below) for your princess-in-the-making.

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Belle Names: Names With Belle, Bel, and Bella In Them

If you want your little southern lady to never forget how beautiful she is to you, a name ending with “belle” should be the perfect reminder. Here are a few examples! 

  • Annabelle 
  • Arabella
  • Belle
  • Isabelle
  • Mabel
  • Maribelle
  • Mirabel

A – Southern Belle Names

Abigail.  When we think of a southern girl who’s as likely to gallop away on her Appaloosa as she is to host a high tea – we think of an Abigail. This name means “joy of the Father” through Hebrew origins, and she can go with Abby or Gail as she makes her own way. 

Adeline.  Your little Adeline will be sure to make a majestic impression, as her name means “noble” through French origins.

Addison.  A gorgeous Old English name meaning “son of Adam.”

Alanna.  This simple and classic name means “beauty and serenity” and is perfect for a Southern Belle. 

Amelia.  A beautiful and classic Old English and German name, meaning “Industrious and striving.”

Annabelle.  A perfect combination of two classic names – Anna and Belle – for a lovely Southern charmer. 

Anne, Ann. A classic name meaning “grace and gracious.” 

Annette.  This French version of Anne is a perfect twist for a Southern Belle.  

Arabella.  This name, which means “yielding to prayer” through Latin roots, is perfect for an elegant lady of any age. 

B – Southern Belle Names

Barbara.  The name Barbara sounds so familiar, you’d think that each Southern family has at least one Barb or Barbie, but it actually means “foreign” through Greek origins. 

Bea, Beatrice.   These classic vintage names mean “bringer of joy.” 

Belle.  Is there anything more elegant than Belle – which means “beautiful” in French. While Belle can be found as an ending to many names on this list, it also makes for a lovely double name like Harper Belle or Cora Belle

Bessie.  This name – which means “house” through Old English and German origins – may be uncommon in today’s era, but it brings a certain old-world warmth.

Betty, Betsy, and Beth. lovely nicknames for Elizabeth, a classic name which means “God is my Oath.” They also make for cute Southern double names like Mary Beth or Betty June

Birdie.  This cute name meaning “little bird” used to be quite common. 

Blanche.  Blanche – which means “white” in French – was made popular by the Golden Girls, which makes it an instant classic. 

Blossom.  While the meaning of this Old English name is self-explanatory, it still exudes a Southern Belle charm and simplicity. 

Bonnie.  This Scottish name meaning “pretty” is already making a comeback. 

C – Southern Belle Names

Caroline, Carolina.  These beautifully classic Southern names mean “free man” through French origins. 

Catherine.  While this name has many versions, it means “pure” through Greek origins, and sounds at-home anywhere on the planet. 

Charity.  This English name referencing kindness is a perfect name for a sweet little girl. 

Charlene.  This French name means “free woman” and is just oh-so Southern Belle. 

Charlotte.  Another French name meaning “free,” Charlotte sounds both classy and grandiose no matter where she goes. Lottie is also a cute version that was popular in the South. 

Claire, Clara.   An old French name meaning “bright and clear” is also perfect for Southern double names. (Ever heard of Marie Claire, after all?) 

Cheyenne.  This lovely name can have many spellings, and it means “Gift of God” through Hebrew origins. 

Colleen.  A sweet and simple Scottish name meaning girl. 

Connie. Constance.   This English name means “constant and steadfast” through Latin origins. 

Cora.  It means “maiden or daughter” through Greek origins, makes for a perfect Southern Belle name as well as a Southern double name. (Cora Marie, Cora Anne, Cora Grace.

D – Southern Belle Names

Daisy.  While this British name certainly refers to the flower, it also means “day’s eye” and refers to purity and innocence. It can also make for lovely double name combinations (like Daisy Belle, Daisy Louise.) 

Dakota.  This is a Native American name meaning “friendly one.” It has rolls off the tongue in an invigorating way, and also reminds us of southern geography. 

Daphne.  This name means “laurel” through Greek origins and carries a certain cool. 

Darlene.  An Old English name meaning “darling” is both sweet and southern. 

Delilah.  This is a Hebrew name meaning “Delicate.” It’s one of those lovely Southern Belle names that will certainly turn up the charm. 

Diana.  A name that means “divine” through Greek and Latin origins is perfect for each and every gift of a girl. 

Dixie.  This French name simply means “ten.” Whatever reason you want to assign to this meaning, you can’t deny that this name is adorable, sassy, and oh-so-southern. 

Dolly.  What a sweet name that reminds us of a Southern Belle allstar. It’s actually an Old English name meaning “gift of God.”

Dorothy.  Can you think of a more southern name than Dorothy? It means “gift of God” through Greek origins. 

G – Southern Belle Names

Georgia, Georgina, Georgette.  There’s something simple and wholesome about this southern name which means “farmer” through Greek and Latin roots. 

Gladys. This vintage southern name means “royalty” through Welsh origins. 

Grace.  This lovely English name is perfect for a Southern Belle. It means “virtue from God” and “elegance” and also makes for beautiful double names (Clara Grace, Grace Anne) 

H and I – Southern Belle Names

Harper.  A lovely English name meaning “harp player.” 

Harriette.  An Old German name that means “home ruler” and has powerful associations to the South’s strength and conviction. 

Helen.  A simple and lovely name of Greek origin, meaning “ray of light.” 

Hope.  This lovely name was quite common in the South and was sure to put a smile on people’s faces. 

Isabelle.  A name that means “God’s promise” through Hebrew origin, and is perfect for a charming Southern Belle. 

J and K – Southern Belle Names

Jean.  This lovely name, which means “God is gracious” through Hebrew origin, makes for lovely southern double names (like Harper Jean or the very famous Norma Jean which went on to become Marilyn Monroe.) 

Jolene.  While this name was made popular by Dolly Parton for all the wrong reasons, it can still hold its own. It’s actually a French name that means “pretty.”   

Josephine Josette, Josie.   Each of these feminine Joseph variations is a perfectly classy Southern Belle name. They mean “God will increase” through Hebrew origins. 

Julia.  There’s something striking about a Julia, which means “Youthful” through Latin origins, and can be varied to Julie, Juliette, and Julianna

Juniper.  This Southern name sounds both uncommon and classic. It means “evergreen” through Latin origins. 

Kay.  There’s something simple and pure about this name which, unsurprisingly means “pure” through Greek origins. It also makes for a great southern double name (like Millie Kay, Dixie Kay, and of course, Mary Kay)

Kitty.  This adorable name also means “pure” through Greek origins. It’s both sweet and sharp. 

L – Southern Belle Names

Lacey.   The name Lacey reminds us of romantic patterns, but actually means “Lassie or girl” through English origins. 

Laverne.  Can you think of a more southern-sounding name than Laverne, which means “spring-like.”

Leanne.  This version of Anne has a little flair to it. It’s an English name meaning “Gracious.” 

Lillian.   Lillian means lily – that lovely flower – but has a bit of a southern twist. 

Loretta.  This name is both serious and lively, and means “laurel” through Italian roots. 

Lorraine.  This is a French name associated with the Lorraine province in France. 

Louisa, Louise.  Louisa is a German name, meaning “warrior” that sounds at home in any part of the world.  Louise also makes for cute double names (like Mary Louise, and Jean Louise) 

Lucille, Lucy.  A lovely French name meaning “light” is perfect for a Southern Belle. 

M – Southern Belle Names

Mabel.  This lovely English name means “darling.” It sounds classic, yet uncommon, which makes it one of our favorite Southern Belle names.  

Madison.  Everyone knows that a Madison is a strong, smart, and spunky little lady. It’s an English name meaning “son of Matthew.”

Mae.  Mae is actually a version of Margaret, which means “pearl.” This name is strong on its own, and sounds lovely as a southern double name, (such as Louisa Mae, Clara Mae, etc.) 

Maisie.  Another cute name meaning “pearl,” this time through Scottish origins. This version is sweet and adorable, but also comes with a little bit of sass. 

Margaret.  An ultra-classic name, meaning “pearl” through Greek origin, is at home in any language. Other variations include Margret, Margarita, and this name can be shortened to Gretta, Rita,  Maggie, Marge, Margo, Margot, Mae, and so much more. 

Maria, Marie, Mary.   With obvious associations to the Christian faith, these names also mean “star of the sea” and are welcomed all over the world as much as in the South.  It also makes for beautiful double names both in the beginning and at the end (such as Mary Louise, Nora Marie, Stella Marie,  need we go on?) 

Maribelle.  A lovely French name literally meaning “beautiful sea.”

Maude.  This Old German name means “Warrior” and is perfect for a strong Southern Belle. 

Millie.  A cute Old German name with a not-so-cute meaning. It means “industrious.” 

Myrtle.  Myrtle means “evergreen shrub” through Greek origins. It’s a name that just exudes southern charm. 

N and O – Southern Belle Names

Nellie.  This sweet name means “sunray” through Greek and Latin roots, and would sound cute as a double name (like Nellie Rae.)  

Nora.  This name means “honor” and “shining light.” It’s a version of the Latin Honora, which is a perfect meaning for a southern girl. It would also sound strong as a double name (like Nora Mae, or Nora Belle.) 

Norma.  This name actually means “from the North” through Latin origins, which may make for a cute nod of irony as a southern name. The famous Marily Monroe was once a Norma Jean which lends Norma to lovely double names as well. 

Olivia.  Olivia is a classic name that stands the test of time or geography. It means “from the olive tree.” 

P – Southern Belle Names

Paisley.  This name brings about an inherent merriness, and it means “church” through Scottish roots. 

Patrice.  This strong name, the feminine of Patrick, means “noble” through Latin origins.  

Pearl.  A name like “Pearl” needs no translation. It’s strong, classic, and opulent. 

Penelope.   While this name’s meaning is simple – “weaver” through German origins, it rolls off the tongue in an intricate way. Perfect for a proper southern lady (with a bit of a wild side!) 

Petunia.  This is certainly a Southern Belle name, with French roots, which is also a lovely flower with pink or white blossoms. 

Piper.  This is a cute English name that means “flute player.” 

Priscilla.  This classic name sounds like it’s made for Southern Belle royalty. It means “ancient” through Latin roots. 

Prudence.  Another perfect Southern Belle name, which means “discretion.” 

R – Southern Belle Names

Rae.  This lovely name, which means “ewe” through Hebrew origins makes for perfect southern double names (such as Harper Rae, or Thelma Rae, etc.) 

Regina.  This regal name means “Queen” through Latin origins and would be perfect for your little southern princess in the making. 

Rose, Roseanne, Roseanna. Old English names referring to the flower “rose.” Rose also makes for a classic double name (Rose Marie, Piper Rose, and Selma Rose.)

Ruby.  Ruby, the red gem, is a perfect way to show your little one how precious she is. It’s also a great name for a July girl, as ruby is the July birthstone. 

Ruth, Ruthie.  A cute name that means “friend” through Hebrew origins. 

S – Southern Belle Names

Sadie.   This name is both cute and strong, and actually means “princess” through Hebrew origin, which would be a perfect way to honor your royal little Southern Belle. 

Sandy.  A cute and southern version of Alexandra, this name means “to defend and protect.” Sandra is another pretty version that’s classic, strong, and pretty. 

Savannah.  While this name means “dessert or plain,” it’s one of those Southern Belle names that will certainly turn heads. 

Scarlett.  Another oh-so-southern name that’s full of spunk, which means “deep red” 

Shirley.  This classic name means “bright meadow.”

Selma.  An Old German, meaning “safe” is strong and lovely, and sounds great as a southern double name (like Selma Louise, or  Selma Rae.)

Stella.  A strong name for a strong girl who’ll look towards the heavenly bodies. It means “star” through Latin origins. 

Sienna.  While this name means “reddish brown” through Latin origins, it also evokes senses of the southern heat. 

Susannah.  This lovely name actually means “lily” through Hebrew origins, and can be shortened to Susan, Suzy, and Sue. Although Susannah certainly takes the cake as the most southern version. 

Sylvie, Sylvia.  A sweet and lovely name meaning “From the Forest” through French origins. 

T, V, and W – Southern Belle Names

Tabitha.  This name, which means “gazelle,” is classic and oh-so-southern. 

Thelma.  Another very southern name that comes from Greece and means “will.” 

Victoria.  There’s nothing stronger than a Victoria, Vicky, or Tori, which means “victory to the people” through Latin origins. 

Violet, Viola.  Lovely Southern Belle Names meaning “violet or purple through Latin origins.

Vivian.  Vivian means lively. This girl will certainly invoke a spark! 

Virginia.   A name that means “pure” but also invokes dreams of a southern lifestyle. 

Whitney.  This is an Old English name meaning “white island” and is very popular among Southern Belles.  

Wilma.  An Old German name meaning “protection.”

Wynona. The First-born daughter through Native American – a fun and strong name, perfect for a southern girl.

Southern Belle Double Names

If you want to honor southern tradition, giving your little one a double name may be the perfect way to go. Giving your daughter a double name could be the perfect way to grace her with a family tradition while, and also choosing a name that means something to you. 

What Are Southern Double Names?

Here’s a list of southern double name examples to get you started. You’ll notice that in general, there are three or four syllables in total. So don’t combine two long names! 

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Classic and Unique Southern Double Names

  • Addison Rae
  • Anna Grace
  • Anne Louise
  • Anne Marie
  • Betsy Jean
  • Betty June
  • Birdie Mae
  • Blanche Marie
  • Clara Grace
  • Clara Jean
  • Clara Marie
  • Clara May
  • Cora Anne
  • Cora Belle
  • Cora Grace
  • Cora Jean
  • Cora Marie
  • Daisy Belle
  • Daisy Mae
  • Daisy Louise
  • Dixie Anne
  • Dixie Kay
  • Dolly Anne
  • Georgia Anne
  • Georgia Belle
  • Georgia Jean
  • Georgia Mae
  • Grace Anne
  • Grace Louise
  • Grace Marie
  • Harper Belle
  • Harper Jean
  • Harper Rae
  • Jean Louise
  • Juniper Rae
  • Lacey Jean
  • Louisa Belle
  • Louisa May
  • Marie Claire
  • Mary Beth
  • Mary Louise
  • Mary Kay
  • Millie Kay
  • Nellie Rae
  • Nora Belle
  • Nora Mae
  • Norma Jean
  • Norma Marie
  • Piper Rose
  • Rosa Belle
  • Rose Marie
  • Selma Louise
  • Selma Rae
  • Selma Rose
  • Shirley Jean
  • Shirley Rae
  • Shirley Rose
  • Stella Grace
  • Stella Marie
  • Thelma Rae
  • Violet Mae
  • Whitney Grace
  • Whitney Rose

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