Spectra S1 vs S2 Breast Pump – Breaking Down The Difference

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If you’re in the market for a new breast pump, you’ve probably come across the Spectra, and wondering what the heck is the difference between Spectra S1 vs S2. Dubbed the “Cadillac” of breast pumps, that alone speaks volumes about the quality and performance you should expect. 

Spectra’s most popular pumps are the S1 and S2. With the S1 having a higher price tag than the S2, you may be wondering why. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place to get the answers you need. 

Let’s unpack!

Spectra S1 vs S2
Spectra S1 vs S2

Spectra S1 vs S2 – How do they differ?

The Spectra S1 and S2 are both hospital-grade breast pumps, meaning that they are of a relatively superior quality and efficiency. However, hospital-grade pumps do come with one downside – they may be heavier, which is something to consider for on-the-go moms.

When it comes to differences, there are two key differences between the S1 and S2 pumps.

Firstly, the S1 is baby blue and the S2 is pink. Given the gender associations of each color, this has sparked much conversation and debate on whether the S1 was designed for boys and the S2 for girls. However, that’s not to say that you can’t purchase the S1 for a girl or the S2 for a boy, the choice is entirely yours.

Secondly, the S1 allows for pumping on-the-go while the S2 doesn’t. This is because the S1 has a built-in, rechargeable battery but the S2 doesn’t. Instead, it requires an electrical outlet when in use. 

Deciding between the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2

Your lifestyle and personal preferences should guide you when deciding between the two. If you travel a lot or frequently pump on the go/away from home, then the S1 may be your best bet because it’s portable. 

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a hospital-grade pump that’s a bit cheaper, then the S2 is for you. If you go for the S2, you should also be fine with pumping while attached to a power source. 

Both the S1 and S2 are closed system pumps that can be used as a single or a double pump. They are also super light, quiet, and have digital controls so you can settle on the most suitable speed and rhythm for you.

Although the Spectra pumps have only been on the US market for less than a decade (since 2013), they’re giving some of the other legacy brands a run for their money. They’re proving to be a popular choice for mommies for various reasons, in addition to the price and reliability.


With the Spectra pumps, you have the option to keep switching between the two modes throughout your pumping session. Once you’ve found just the right settings for you, you can save them for future use. This makes it easier and more convenient for you in the future.

  • Massage mode. The Spectra pumps start off in this mode, which is similar to how a baby sucks at the breast when it starts nursing.
  • Express mode. This is the mode that follows thereafter, which allows for a deeper and slower pattern of suction.

Parts and accessories

Spectra breast pump parts and accessories are generally interchangeable. This means that even if you had initially decided on one of the pumps but want to make the switch to another, you could still use the same parts and accessories with your new pump, which is great!

Which is better between the two?

The answer to which is better depends entirely on your needs and preferences. Both the Spectra S1 and S2 pumps are of superior quality and championed by many moms. Have a look at the table below which provides a comparison of the two pumps, so you can decide on the best one for you.

Spectra S1Spectra S2
Closed system pumpxx
Can be used as a single pumpxx
Can be used as a double pumpxx
Built-in, rechargeable batteryx
Only usable with electrical outputx
Available in bluex
Available in pinkx
2-level built-in lightxx
Adjustable suctionxx
Digital controlsxx
Timer to automatically turn off after certain period of timexx
Silicone inserts for added comfortxx
Spectra S1 vs S2 Comparison

Spectra breast pump feedback from satisfied moms

The feedback and reviews of both pumps have been largely complimentary. In addition to the quality and price, one of the praiseworthy aspects has been how quiet it is. Compared to some of the other breast pumps on the market, it is said to be more comfortable and quieter than expected. 

Most mommies also appreciate the 2-level built-in light of the breast pumps, as the lowlight makes it possible to pump at night without turning the lights on and waking your baby or partner up.

spectra S1 vs S2
Spectra S1 vs S2

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FAQ – Spectra S1 vs S2

Is Spectra 1 or 2 better?

Both Spectra S1 and S2 are reliable hospital-grade breast pumps. The main difference between the two is that Spectra S1 is portable with a built-in rechargeable battery making it more convenient to use throughout the house (and possibly at work.)

Why is the Spectra pump so good?

Spectra breast pumps are considered to be top of the line because they are hospital grade pumps at an accessible price point. They’re quiet and reliable making them among the most popular breast pumps.


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