82 Strong Boy Names Meaning Power and Strength

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Looking for an extensive list of strong boy names, in the hopes that your baby boy will live up to it? No pressure, of course. Strength, authority and bravery are common traits that are associated with boys, and so are the names that we’ve listed below.

Coming up with the perfect name for your baby boy can prove to be quite the challenge. This is especially true when you think of the fact that just about every other boy mom or dad wants their bundle of joy to have a name as unique as they are that will guide their path. 

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Most Common Strong Boy Names

1. Alexander.

You’ve probably heard of Alexander the Great, right? One of the most powerful men in history. It only makes sense that this name, which is of Greek origin, relates to authority and power. It means “defender of the people” and has several variations, such as Alekzander, Alejandro and Alessandro, just to name a few.

2. Andrew.

There’s a reason why this particular name is quite popular, it’s easy on the tongue and it’s easy to remember. Think about it, we all know an Andrew, don’t we? Of Greek origin, this name means “strong” and “manly.”

3. Bernard.

When you think of strong and powerful animals, a bear has to be one of them. The name Bernard is derived from the word “bear,” and it’s understood to mean “strong,” “brave” and “hardy”. Bernard is of Old French and Old German origin. There are several variations of the name Bernard across different languages, such as Barnard, Bearnárd, Bernhard and Bernhardt. 

4. Brian.

In the 1970s, Brian was amongst top 10 most popular boy names in the US! To this day, it remains a go-to name for those looking for strong boy names. It is of Irish origin and is associated with words such as “virtuous” and “strong.” Sometimes spelled Briant, Brien, Brion, Bryan or Bryon.

5. Conrad.

When it comes to strong boy names, this one is right up there amongst some of the most popular. Conrad is of German origin and means “a brave, bold ruler,” which speaks volumes about the path your little one will take if you decide to name him Conrad.

6. Ethan.

Think of Ethan from the Mission Impossible movie franchise (a character played by Tom Cruise) – there’s a reason why he was given that name when you consider his role and personality. The name is widely associated with strength and bravery, and is of Hebrew origin – as referenced in the Bible as well. Other variations of the spelling include Ethen, Ethyn and Eytan.

7. Gabriel.

If you’re spiritual, then this name should immediately ignite a sense of positivity and prosperity within you – something you most probably want to pass on to your baby boy. In a biblical sense, this name is associated with the Angel Gabriel, the bearer of good news. 

Its Hebrew origins have a lot to do with its meaning, which is “God is my strength” or “hero of God.” It is also associated with conviction and strength.

8. Hunter.

Let’s be honest, this name is pretty self-explanatory. It just screams courage and strength. Think about it, have you ever seen or heard of a cowardly hunter? Neither have I. It quite literally means “one who hunts.”

9. Kendrick.

Yes, I know, this doubles up as a last name as well – but that’s probably because of how empowering and oh-so-cool it is! One of the few names on this list with English origins, Kendrick means “bold power.”

10. Leonard.

The first few letters of this name should already give you a hint regarding its origins. It means “lion’s strength,” and if you’re searching for strong boy names, then what could signify strength better than a lion?

11. Mark.

This particular name has many different roots and can mean several different things. In a biblical sense, it is associated with politeness and kindness. However, it also has Latin and Swedish roots. In Latin, it is associated with the Roman god of war, Mars, signifying strength. A popular variation of Mark is Marcus.

12. Martin.

One of the first people that come to mind when you hear this name has to be Martin Luther King Jr. An unrelenting leader in his own right, it makes sense for this name to be amongst some of the most popular strong boy names. It means “warrior.”

13. Raymond.

If you’re thinking of the namesake of Everybody Loves Raymond, then it probably doesn’t build much confidence in you about this name, but hear me out. In actual fact, this name is of German origin and means “wise protector.” 

Therefore, it is safe to assume that anyone who is tasked with being a protector is strong-willed and courageous – traits you most definitely want to instil in your baby boy.

14. Richard.

Perhaps one of the most popular strong boy names, Richard is sometimes shortened to Rick or Rich. It’s of Old German origin and means “brave ruler,” a phrase which speaks to leadership and power.

15. William.

I could name so many Williams that have gained popularity across the world, which may be because of how authoritative the name is. It means “protector who is willing,” so it is no surprise that any parent would prophesy this over their baby boy’s life.

16. Xander.

Widely used as a unique name in its own right, it is actually a shortened version of the name Alexander. Similarly, it is also of Greek origin. Both names are derived from Alexandros, which aptly means “warrior,” “a protector of men” or “defender of mankind.” Another variation of Xander is Zander

Mythical Strong Boy Names

17. Odin.

Odin, was Thor’s father in Norse mythology which gives him a permanent place on the Strong Boy Names list.

18. Thor.

In Scandinavian mythology, Thor is the god of thunder. So, if you’re looking to raise a powerful and mighty little soldier, this may be just the name for you. In some cases, Thor is the shortened version of the name, Hawthorne

19. Titus.

The avenger in Greek.

20. Zeus.

Much like Thor, this is a name that is also rooted in mythology; this time, however, in Greek mythology. Visuals that come to mind when you hear this name are often a lightning bolt and eagle, that alone speaks volumes about the might and power carried by this name.

Zeus is the god of thunder or god of the sky in Greek mythology, which extends to being the ruler and protector of all beings as well.

A – More Strong Boy Names That Start With A

21. Ajax.

This strong Greek name means eagle.

22. Ajay.

A cool, strong boy’s name meaning conqueror through Indian origins.

23. Anders.

A Scandinavian name meaning Strong and Manly.

24. Andreas.

An Ancient Greek name meaning Strong and Manly.

25. Angus.

Gaelic name meaning Force, Strength, and Energy.

26. Armstrong.

How’s this for a strong boy name? An English name meaning, unsurprisingly, strong arms.

27. Aziel.

An old Hebrew name meaning God is my strength.

28. Aziz.

An Arabic name meaning powerful.

B – Strong Boy Names That Start With B

29. Baron.

Means young warrior in Hebrew.

30. Blaze.

This cool and strong name means Fire.

C – Strong Boy Names That Start With C

31. Chase.

An English name meaning fearless hunter.

D – Strong Boy Names That Start With D

32. Denzill.

Sometimes spelled Denzel, this is an old Cornish name meaning stronghold.

33. Dominic.

This modern strong boys’ name means of the Lord in Latin.

34. Drew.

This modern version of Andrew means manly and strong.

35. Dustin.

An old English name that means figher.

E – Strong Boy Names That Start With E

36. Egon.

An old German name meaning Good with a sword.

37. Eric.

A version of the old Norse name – Erik, as in Erik the Great – meaning King as well as strong and mighty.

38. Etan.

A Hebrew name meaning everlasting and strong. With a strong variation – Ethan.

39. Evan.

Means warrior.

40. Everest.

Everyone knows Everest – the tallest mountain.

G – Strong Boy Names That Start With G

41. Garrett.

An English version of the German Gerard, this strong boy name means Sword.

42. Godric.

An old English name meaning the power of God.

43. Griffin.

A gorgeous Welsh name meaning Prince or Lord.

H – Strong Boy Names That Start With H

44. Hunter.

An English name meaning… wait for it… Hunter.

I – Strong Boy Names That Start With I

45. Idris.

A classic and strong Welsh name meaning leader or prophet.

46. Ivan.

A Slavic variation of John, this strong name means God is gracious.

J – Strong Boy Names That Start With J

47. Jag.

A cool Sanskrit name meaning the Universe.

48. Jarek.

Also spelled as Yarek, a version of Yaroslav. This Slavic name means fierce and strong.

49. Jayce.

Means healer through Hebrew origins.

50. Julius.

While this Latin name actually means Youthful, there’s no denying it’s a strong boys name due to the history of Julius Caesar.

K – Strong Boy Names That Start With K

51. Kenji.

This cool name means strong and healthy in Japan.

52. Kenzo.

Another strong Japanese name meaning strong and healthy.

53. Kingsley.

An English name meaning King’s meadow.

54. Knight.

An English name meaning Knight.

55. Koa.

A Polynesian name meaning bold and fearless.

L – Strong Boy Names That Start With L

56. Leo.

A latin name meaning Lion.

57. Leon.

A Greek name meaning Lion.

58. Leonard.

Lion’s strength in German.

59. Leonardo.

Lion’s strength in Italian.

60. Leonidas.

Lion’s strength in German.

61. Liam.

A Celtic name meaning protector.

62. Lobo.

Wolf in Spanish.

M – Strong Boy Names That Start With M.

63. Magnus.

A Norwegian name meaning Powerhouse.

64. Mason.

Mason means stoneworker in English.

65. Maverick.

A cool and strong boys name, meaning independent.

66. Max.

A strong yet original name meaning the greatest, with variations like Maxim, Maximillian, Maximiliano, Maximus.

67. Montgomery.

A strong English name meaning mighty man.

N – Strong Boy Names That Start With N

68. Nero.

A Latin name meaning strong, vigorous, and powerful. Be careful though, as Nero was one of the most hater rulers of Rome.

O – Strong Boy Names That Start With O

69. Olis.

Means powerful and strong in German.

70. Orion.

Means boundary in Greek and is a perfect strong boy name.

71. Orson.

Bear in Latin.

72. Oswald.

An English name meaning Divine power.

73. Oz.

A Hebrew name meaning strength.

P – Strong Boy Names That Start With P

74. Phoenix.

Phoenix actually means dark red in Greek, but we associate it with the mythical golden bird that signifies rebirth.

75. Rex.

A short and punchy name meaning King in Latin.

R – Strong Boy Names That Start With R

76. Rodrick.

An English name meaning strong ruler.

77. Roman.

This strong name is at home in any country, though it means one from Rome.

S – Strong Boy Names That Start With S.

78. Sisu.

A Finnish name meaning strength and tenacity.

79. Stark.

An awesome strong German name meaning strong.

V, W– Strong Boy Names That Start With V and W

80. Valen.

This name, along with Valentino and Valentine mean strong and healthy in Latin.

81. Warrick.

An old German name meaning strong defender and ruler.

82. Zale.

A cool and strong Greek name meaning sea strength.

Strong Boy Names – Final Thoughts

Your little guy doesn’t need Arnie’s workout routine to show off his strength, a cool name will do. We’d love to know which one of these strong boy names was your favorite!

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