64 Swedish Boy Names Rooted in History And Tradition.

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The name that you pick for your baby boy is what will form his identity. This is possibly why you may decide to take your time with the naming process, as you should. Fortunately, there are many Swedish boy names that you can choose from if that’s what you’re leaning towards.

Swedish boy names have gained notoriety all over the world for various reasons. You may appreciate the rich history and culture that Swedish boy names carry, how sentimental they are, or even just how unique and memorable some of them are.

When you take a look at the meaning of these names, you’ll probably want to keep one for your baby boy. 

Swedish Boy names
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Some names have the ability to spread across various parts of the world and not just remain in their country of origin. If you specifically want a name that won’t be entirely foreign to people or one that won’t be mispronounced, then you should consider some of these popular Swedish boy names. 

Below are just a few that are popular and well-known for you to explore.

Alfred.A name that is widely associated with intelligence; meaning “wise”
Axel.Meaning “a divine source of life”
Basilius.Simply means “king”
Blix.Meaning “joy” and “happiness”
Borris.Ideal for your powerful little boy; meaning “strong”
Edvin.Meaning “a wealthy friend”
Elimar.Ideal if you have a little star in the making; meaning “famous personality”
Eskil.Closely linked to Christianity; meaning “a vessel of God”
Fabian.Used by many Roman emperors, this Swedish name means “bean farmer”; indicative of a hard-working boy
Flor.Swedish name for flower; signifies a new beginning and blooming
Gjord.Meaning “peace of God”
Gottfrid.A name popularized by painter, Gottfrid Kallstenius; meaning “God’s peace”
Gustav.Simply means “guest”; highly popular in the entire Scandinavian region
Hendrik.Popular name in various parts of the world despite its Swedish origins; meaning “one who rules the house”
Ludvig.A name that is as popular today as it was in the 1980s; meaning “famous warrior”; ideal for a strong boya
Reimond.Simply means “ruler” or “good advisor”
Salomon.Not to be mistaken or linked to Solomon from the Bible; simply means “peace”
Stellan. Meaning “peaceful one”
Viktor.Swedish form of Victor; meaning “victorious” or “a conqueror”

Strong Swedish boy names

Strength, bravery and power are just some of the traits you may want your baby boy to possess. If that’s the case, then it’s no surprise that you’re looking for a name that signifies just that. 

Strength is a trait that is often associated with Swedish males, so there is a wide selection of boy names to choose from that signify just that. In fact, this may be one of the main reasons why parents all over the world are embracing Swedish names. 

Take a look at some of the powerful Swedish boy names below. 

Aaron.Made famous by former US Vice President, Aaron Burr; meaning “giant”
Alexius.Meaning “protector of humanity”
Ame.Indicative of a ruler; meaning “the eagle rules”
Bernhard.Meaning “brave as a bear”
Borris.Suitable for a brave baby boy; meaning “warrior”
Denim.A unique name that is quite literal in its meaning, which is “strong cloth”
Einar.Ideal for your strong baby boy; meaning “the only warrior”
Enar.Simply means “a warrior”
Gerhart.Meaning “strong with a spear”
Gunne.Signifies great strength; meaning “army”
Harald.Meaning “powerful warrior”
Klas.Suitable for a leader and one who shows great authority; meaning “victory of the people”
Lennart.References the strength of the king of the jungle; simply means “lion”
Magnar.Meaning “leader of a mighty army”
Ohthere.Unique name inspired by the Viking era; meaning “true champion”
Ragnar.Another popular name from the Viking era; simply means “strong army”
Rainer.Simply means “strong”
Ulrik.A name that is indicative of authority and power; meaning “all ruler”
Viggo.Signifies strength and bravery; meaning “warlike”

Short Swedish boy names

You may be looking for a short boy name to make your little prince charming absolutely unforgettable. The chances of his name being forgotten are slim, as short names are easy to remember and in some cases, are cute and quirky.

Consider some of the short, yet meaningful boy names below.

Acke.Meaning “peace of the father”
Alvar.Simply means “warrior”
Ame.Meaning “an eagle”
Boje.Carries a sense of nobility; meaning “a man from the castle”
Cai.Simply means “a free man”
Egil.Meaning “respected” and “feared”
Elof.Meaning “everlasting”
Felix.Perfect for your radiant baby boy; meaning “happy”
Joh.Meaning “God’s merciful”
Peik.Cute name for your little one; meaning “stone” or “rock”
Olof.Simply means “artefact”
Reno.Reference to a place in Nevada; meaning “reborn”
Sigge.Shortened form of Sigurd and Sigfrid; meaning “victory” or a “victorious bear”
Sten. Adorable name meaning “small rock or stone”; suitable for your little boy upon his arrival
Tore.Derived from the god of thunder in Norse mythology, Thor; signifying great power
Ville.Meaning “strong mind” and “protection”

Unique Swedish boy names

Unique names can be the result of joining two or more popular names, or they can represent something special about your baby boy. Over the years, these names may evolve and ultimately become something completely different. Despite this, the meaning and significance remains. 

If you’re in search of a one-of-a-kind Swedish boy name, then one of the names below may be just what you’re looking for.

Arvid.Combination of Old Norse names for “eagle” and “tree”, ultimately meaning “forest of eagles”
Claes.Unique name meaning “the people’s victory”
Egonia.Meaning “edge of a sword”; signifying great power and strength
Guppa.Short and quirky name; meaning “clever” or “expressive”
Haldo.Signifies triumph; meaning “highest in the race”
Per.Swedish and modern form of Peter; meaning “rock” and reference to Simon Peter from the Bible
Rubert.Relatively modern and Swedish variation of Robert
Torkel.Often given to compassionate people with charming personalities
Vidar.Derived from the mythological son of Odin; meaning “a quiet god”
Yngve.A rare name in this generation; associated with the Norse god of fertility

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