48 Swedish Girl Names That Are Unique And Meaningful

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One thing you can’t deny about Swedish girl names, is that they are quite unique, so much so that non-Swedish people may struggle to pronounce some of them. However, that takes nothing away from the fact that they certainly have beautiful stories and meanings behind them.

Naming your baby girl is one of the most important things you’ll ever do for her. A name creates a sense of identity and indicates some of the characteristics that you wish over her life. So, deciding on the most suitable one can take quite some time.

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Short Swedish girl names

One sure way of making your baby girl unforgettable, is by giving her a short and cute name. Short names are rarely mispronounced, and they are becoming more popular in recent years. No, this isn’t just a phenomenon in Sweden, it’s happening all over the world.

This list is great if you’re looking for a shortened form of a lengthy but popular name. Perhaps you may just be looking for a name that’s adorable and represents your baby girl perfectly. 

Whatever your reason for looking for a short name, there’s bound to be something that sparks some inspiration below. 

Agda.Unique name that means “kind-hearted”
Alma.One of the simplest and memorable Swedish girl names; can mean “loving”, “nurturing soul” or “kind”
Britta.Cute and trendy name that means “exalted one”; unique and rare name in Sweden
Calla.Shortened form of Carolina; meaning “strong” or “song of joy”
Cleo.Ideal if you have a little superstar in the making; meaning “glorious” or “famous”
Effe.Meaning “one who speaks the truth” or is well-spoken
Evy.Cute and sweet name for a lively and radiant baby girl; meaning “living and breathing”
Freja.Inspired by the goddess of beauty; meaning “noblewoman” or “lady”
Kai.Simply means “earth”, but has different meaning across different languages 
Lajla.Perfect if your baby girl is a brunette; meaning “dark-haired beauty”
Liv.Simply means “life”
Maja.One of the most popular Swedish girl names to date; can mean “goddess of spring and warmth”, “splendid” or “of the sea”
Mia.Shortened version of Mariah; inspired by the goddess of the ocean
Saga.Inspired by prophetic goddess of storytelling; meaning 2the all-seeing one”
Svea.A name derived from Vikings; meaning “spear”
Tuva.Simply means “beautiful”
Tyra.Made famous by model and television host, Tyra Banks; inspired by the thunder goddess and simply means “beautiful”

Traditional Swedish girl names

Traditional names are those that have stood the test of time and been around for centuries. Although some of these Swedish girl names have evolved over time, they remain sentimental. In fact, some people cherish keeping certain names in the family.

Of course, naming your bundle of joy can be quite the task, but traditional names are generally perceived as practical and suitable. While you may want to modernize it or make it a bit more unique to suit your baby girl, its origins and roots will always mean something special.

If you’re looking for a name with a rich history and meaning for your baby girl, you’ll probably find one below.

Adahlia.Meaning “a noble person” or “flower”; derived from the name of a Swedish botanist, Anders Dahl
Anneli.A variation of Anna, meaning “favor” or “grace”
Annika.Simply means “grace”
Berget.Swedish version of Bridget; meaning “strength”
Blenda.Inspired by a female leader from an old legend; meaning “dazzling bright” or “heroine”
Ellinor.Swedish form of Eleanor; meaning “sympathy” or “compassion”
Elsa.Made popular by the lead character in Disney’s Frozen; meaning “pledged to God”
Hanna.Alternative spelling of Hannah; simply means “grace of God”
Ingeborg.One of the most unique Swedish girl names; reference to helping the Old Norse goddess of peace and prosperity
Jolande.Swedish version of the popular name, Yolanda; meaning “a violet flower”
Jytte.Derived from the name Judith; simply refers to a “woman from Judea”
Karina.Meaning “beloved” or “pure”
Kerstine.Rooted in religion; meaning “a Christian”
Lovisa.Swedish form of Louise; meaning “battle maid”
Malin.Simply means “high tower”; can be used for an aspirational figure or with leadership traits
Ulla.Meaning “the determined one”; ideal for a relentless and strong-willed baby girl
Vilde.Simply means “elf battle”; often used by families that enjoy unconventional series and movies, such as Lord of the Rings
Vilhelmina.Meaning “determined protector”

What makes some names more popular than others? That’s a pretty good question, especially if you’re looking for the perfect Swedish name for your precious baby girl. I could give you many reasons to help guide your selection, but I’ll stick to just three.

Some names become popular because of how short and memorable they are, and others because of the significance and meaning behind them. In some cases, it can be because they have been passed down from generation to generation. 

Below are just a few Swedish girl names that you can consider, which have gained popularity over the years.

Alva.Popular name in Sweden and Norway; meaning “white”
Ann-Marie.Meaning “beloved” and “of the sea”
Annalisa.Combination of Anna and Lisa; meaning “favor” and “graceful bounty”
Astrid.Inspired by royalty from the 10th century; meaning “god” and “divinely beautiful”
Caren.Simply means “pure woman” or “genuine”; associated with Christian characteristics
Elvira.A name popularized by Olympic runner, Elvira Possekel; meaning “white” or “fair
Kajsa.Symbolizes purity and is the Swedish version of Katherine and Katie
Lena.Shortened form of Helena; meaning “bright” and “beautiful”
Linnea.Simply means “lime tree” or “twinflower”
Rosel.Derived from the flower, rose; indicative of a blooming and bright little girl
Saga.Inspired by the Norse goddess of storytelling and history; often listed among top 30 popular Swedish girl names
Sanna.Meaning “lily” but is also indicative of strength and boldness
Tindra.Simply means “to sparkle”; suitable for a radiant and joyful baby girl
Viveca.Alternative spelling of Vivica; meaning “alive” and ideal for naming an active and happy baby
Wilma.A name popularized by a character from The Flintstones; meaning “resolute protector”

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