7 Best Tall Baby Gates – Perfect for Every Family

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As tall parents of super-curious toddlers and friends of pet-owning visitors, we LOVE having tall baby gates and recommend them to everyone! In this guide we’ll cover why you’ll love them too, our must-haves, and reviews of our favorite tall baby gates. 

Best Tall Baby Gates Quick View

Top 3 Picks

Typical PriceHeight (in)Width (in)Winner In
Safety First Decor$643629-47Best Value
Dream-baby Chelsea $85-$13039.528-53Tallest and Widest with auto-close
Summer Decorative Baby Gate$813628.5-48Most sturdy and has auto-close

Honorable Mentions

Typical PriceHeight (in)Width (in)Winner In
Perma Retractable Gate$5033Up to 71Most Versatile, great for stairs
Munchkin Easy Close$1003629.5-52Great for Wide Doorways
Carlson Pet Gate with pet door$753629-36.5Pet Door Galore
Safety First Easy Install$703629-47Alternative to Safety First “Decor”

Why buy Tall Baby Gates?

While in general standard baby gates will stand up to even the most determined toddler, there are two main reasons why parents may prefer to get something even taller.

  1. Tall baby gates are easier for the parents. That’s right, it can get annoying to reach down to unlatch the baby gate, and having the latch closer to you can be a lifesaver when you’re carrying your kids. 
  2. They stand up to tall pets. If you have a big dog in the house (or another large four-legged friend – we don’t judge) you may need a tall baby gate to keep your pets from wandering around. 

Installing the Baby Gates

Most of the baby gates on this list are “pressure mounted” which means that they won’t need any drilling or tools to install. The manufacturers warn that the baby gates will look cockeyed until they are fully installed. This is due to the spring pressure effect and not a product defect. 

How Tall Are Standard Baby Gates?

In general, baby gates are 28 inches tall. This height is perfectly fine for wandering toddlers, but may not be enough of a barrier for tall pets. 

How Tall Are Tall and Extra Tall Baby Gates?

The baby gates on this list are 36 inches tall, with one (Dream baby Chelsea baby gates) coming in at almost 40 inches tall. 

How to Choose the Right Baby Gates

Even if you’ve already decided you want tall baby gates, there are still a few things to consider. 

Where will you be using your baby gates?

Be sure to measure the width of the doorway. You don’t want to buy your baby gates only to find out they won’t fit. 

You should also consider “the look.” These gates will be in your home for a long time, so don’t settle on something that screams “I’ve given up on living an adult life.” The tall baby gates on this list have a more sophisticated look, and come in various color and design options. 

Will you be using the baby gates on the stairs?

Stairs are not always an option when it comes to baby gates, especially not pressure-mounted ones, so be sure to check. 

When choosing baby gates for stairs, be sure that the door swings one way only, or comes with a stopper to prevent it from swinging out onto the stairs. Some parents “hack” pressure-mounted gates with zip-ties on stairs, but with so many safe hardware-mounted options available, we recommend against it. 

Does it have auto-close and a good lock?

Auto-close is an ingenious feature when it comes to baby gates. You’d be surprised how often you could forget to actually close your baby gate behind you, rendering it practically useless. 

You should also make sure that the latch is easy to use for adults but difficult for toddlers. You don’t want your determined adventurer to unlock the gate without you knowing and you don’t want to be fumbling with a door while holding a fussy toddler in one arm! 

Top 3 Tall Baby Gates: Reviews

1. Safety First Décor Easy Install Tall Baby Gate

This baby gate is affordable, stylish, and is very easy to use! 

We love the gate’s locking mechanism – it uses one hand but needs two fingers making it easy for adults but harder for kids. It also has a visual indicator showing if it’s properly installed with enough pressure. 

The fact that these baby gates fit doorways up to 47 inches make them one of the most versatile options too. 

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Best value for money

Typical Price$64
Height (in)36
Width (in)29-47

If you like the features but aren’t crazy about the “décor” look, you can go for the simpler Safety First Easy-Install baby gates model. 

2. Dream-baby Chelsea Extra-Tall Auto-Close Baby Gate

Whatever your needs may be, the Dreambaby extra-tall baby gates will have you covered. 

These are the tallest baby gates on our list, but that’s not even the best part. 

Our favorite feature is that this baby gate auto-closes, meaning you can let it fall closed behind you as you walk through. 

We also like that it has multiple width options, so you can use it for a narrow doorway or an extra wide room opening. In fact, with additional extensions, these baby gates can be as wide as 88-inches. That’s over 7-feet wide! 

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Tallest and widest

Typical Price$85-$130 depending on the width
Height (in)40
Width (in)28-53 depending on the model, and up to 88 inches with additional extensions

3. Summer Extra Tall Baby Gate

We absolutely love the auto-lock feature on these tall baby gates, but have to admit that the latch may not be enough of a challenge for a determined toddler. These baby gates come in pressure-mounted and hardware-mounted options, and either way they are strong, sturdy, and stylish. 

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Sturdy gate with auto-lock

Typical Price$81
Height (in)36
Width (in)28.5-48

Tall Baby Gates – Honorable Mentions

4, Perma Child Retractable Tall Baby Gate

This is the only retractable gate on this list, and it’s also the most versatile. 

These gates can be used indoors and outdoors, they can be installed on stairs, and can fit doorways as wide as 71 inches! 

We also appreciate that the latch can be operated with one hand while still being secure. 

Retractable gates aren’t for everyone though. Some parents aren’t crazy about the hardware installation. Also, some lofty toddlers maneuver underneath the soft mesh. 

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Most versatile, great for stairs

Typical Price$50
Height (in)33
Width (in)Up to 71 in

5. Carlson Extra-tall Gate With Small Pet Door

So these tall baby gates are super cool if you have a small pet who has pass-through privileges. Your tiny pet will have their own dedicated door! The steel gates are sturdy and durable, and the simple design will suit all your needs. 

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Best for pets – big and small!

Typical Price$75
Height (in)36
Width (in)29-36.5

Munchkin EasyClose XL Baby Gate

These tall baby gates by Munchkin are a great option for wide doorways and it’s also really stylish. We really like how easily the door locks with a light push (although it’s not auto-close.)

Tall Baby Gates Winner in: Great for Wide Doorways

Typical Price$100
Height (in)36
Width (in)29.5-52

Tall Baby Gates FAQ:

What is the tallest baby gate?

The tallest baby gate on our list is the Dream-baby Chelsea, coming in at almost 40-inches tall. In general, baby gates are 28 inches tall, and to be considered “tall,” baby gates come in at 36 inches and above. 

What is the tallest dog gate?

The tallest dog gate with a small pet door is the Carlson pet gate. It is 36-inches tall. The 41-inch tall Dream-baby Chelsea baby gate is also a great option. 

How high do baby gates need to be?

Standard baby gates are 28 inches tall and they are perfectly suited for most families. However, some parents prefer tall baby gates that are 36 inches and above so that they don’t have to bend down to open the latch or to deter tall pets. 

How do you install a baby gate?

Baby gates are very easy to install with many options being “pressure mounted” meaning no tools are needed, and the baby gates can be “wedged” into the doorway. There are also “hardware mounted” baby gates that will require drilling. These are more secure for stairways.


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