One of the Best Thanksgiving Books and Traditions! Interview With Author of Gracious Gobbler.

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If you’re looking for thanksgiving books for babies, thanksgiving books for toddlers, thanksgiving books for preschool, or thanksgiving books for kids and families in general – this book and the new traditions it brings will surely change your life! 

We caught up with children’s author Megan Delgado who began to notice that overwhelm was taking over her family life. So she introduced a new tradition centered around gratitude, appreciation, and kindness. 

In no time this new Thanksgiving tradition brought more joy not only to her family, but to the families of every person this book touches. 

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Here’s what else she has to say: 

Tell us a little bit about your book:

The Gracious Gobbler is an introduction to a Thanksgiving family tradition that encourages a habit of kindness and gratitude through acts of kindness, reflection and notes of appreciation.  The Gracious Gobbler Bundle includes a hardcover book titled “The Gracious Gobbler”, an adorable plush turkey and a stack of 28 Notecards to be used over the month of November. 

Who were you before writing Thanksgiving books?

Before becoming an author, I was (and still am) a stay at home mom to four kids ranging in age from 5-18!

What inspired you to write this book for kids?

As a mother of 4, our days became very chaotic and I noticed we could easily get caught in a cycle of negativity as we were constantly on the go and rushing from one activity to another. It was necessary for us to slow down and focus on and be grateful for the small moments. It was important to recognize not only when we had an opportunity to be kind, but to recognize when others were kind to us, to be grateful for those moments and understand how powerful they are.  As Thanksgiving is a time that we normally focus on what we are grateful for, this was a perfect time to shift that focus from not only the material things in our lives but also the human connections. I saw a change in my children’s behavior (and my own) as we started utilizing notes of appreciation to reinforce positive behavior in addition to focusing on positive behavior throughout the day.

What was your favorite part of writing?

My favorite part of writing is the process of merging the words with the illustrations and trying to convey the emotional message into a story everyone can enjoy. 

What do you think kids and parents will love about this Thanksgiving book?

Parents and Kids will love the opportunity to do something meaningful as a family in a fun and positive way.  The positive impact it has on both parents and kids will create a change in homes allowing parents to focus on the moments that matter most. 

Is there a part in the book that your own kids love?

Our kids love the adorable turkey we refer to as the Gracious Gobbler and they love to see each morning who the Gracious Gobbler has left a note for!

What kind of reactions have you received?

We have received such positive feedback from families and teachers who have used the Gracious Gobbler in their classrooms!  We are beyond grateful for the kind words we have received from everyone that has welcomed this tradition ☺

Is there a message or a movement you want to send out into the world?

There is a powerful connection between kindness and gratitude.  These values start at home, as a family, and each one of us is capable of doing our part to create a world of kindness!

What’s next for you?

I have since launched “A Tree Story” which is a children’s book that was inspired by my daughter’s journey with Dyslexia and encourages perseverance and resilience.  It is currently available at and Amazon and on Amazon Canada!

Thank you, Megan Delgado, for spreading your new tradition through thanksgiving books for kids. Get the Gracious Gobbler here

Also by Megan Delgado – can be bought at and Amazon and on Amazon Canada!

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