10 hilarious memes to cheer you up when your toddler drives you crazy

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Toddler life. Such a magical time. By that I mean your house magically looks like a tornado hit it, and your patience is magically stretched past limits you didn’t know you had. If you have a toddler, here are ten hilarious toddler memes to add just a little more magic to your day.

1 – That’s right. Dance to the beat of your own drum. No drums required

2 – I simply can’t have another bite

3 – Bet you can’t have just one!

4 – I mean… they bite all my apples and refuse to eat bananas!

5 – The four stages of “good grief!”


7 – Step 3: Look so cute no one can stay mad

8 – There just HAS to be a better way to eat applesauce!

9 – #momlife indeed

10 – I’ve never felt more radiant!

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