10 more toddler memes that will make you laugh… or cry

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You saw the first ten toddler memes, and you wanted more. We heard you. Here is a little humor that will bring a smile (and hopefully not a tear) to your face.

B1 - toddler memes

1 – It’s literally a switch… A switch I don’t know how to access 🙁

B2a - toddler memes

2 – That was close. At least he’s not a raccoon. (Although I’m pretty sure I saw some garbage eating last week)

B2b - toddler memes

3 – That or lion tamer

B3a - toddler memes

4 – I’m glad we had this talk

b4 - toddler memes

5 – There’s always that pause. Do I check on them or do I enjoy another two minutes of quiet bliss.

b5 toddler memes

6 – Rocks, dirt, peas, how will I ever learn the difference?

7 – Getting junk out of there is no easy feat. You don’t come out unscathed.

8 – Be very very quiet when unwrapping a little indulgence for yourself

B8 - toddler memes

9 – I’m with you. We’re all in this together.

10 – Good advice all around. You don’t want to be the one to cause a mom’s breakdown in the middle of the cookie aisle.

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