7 Twin Bassinets That Will Make Your Nights Easier

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If you’re having twins, I’m sure you’ve noticed that you have to do DOUBLE the research on all the baby essentials. And I’m sure, you’ve asked yourself, Do I even need a twin bassinet, and what is the best bassinet for twins anyway? 

Well, we have all those questions answered, as well as give you a thorough review for each twin bassinet on the market, what’s worth it, and why it might come in handy.

TL;DR Twin Bassinet Summary.

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Do you really need a bassinet (instead of just a crib?)

The nice thing about bassinets is:

  • You can keep it in your room and tend to your baby sooner
  • The height is ideal for putting your babies down without risking waking them up
  • You can pull the bassinets against the bed and comfort your babies while still lying down

The last point can be critical if you’re woken up at 4AM by a fussy baby and you manage to help them fall back asleep with just a few strokes of your hand without even getting up. 

Is a twin bassinet better than two singles?

It’s really a matter of preference, but there are a few advantages. 

  • A twin bassinet takes up less space in your room than two singles.
  • Twin babies feel more at ease when near one another and can help each other stay asleep. 
  • There’s a separation between them, minimizing any risk of rolling over each other. 

Our selection criteria.

Different moms value different things, but everyone can agree on this question – does it make life easier? 

  • Is it easy to tend babies without getting out of bed? For that, the ideal twin bassinet can pull up right against the bed, and even has a collapsible wall. 
  • Is it easy to move the bassinet around the house? For that, it should be narrow, light, and have wheels, or have removable bassinet inserts. 
  • Does it have extra features? Babies love soothing sounds and vibrations for falling asleep! We also checked if the bassinets have extra storage for diapers and supplies, and if they can later be used as playards. 
  • Will it fit in my room?  This is an important factor before deciding on your bassinet. 
  • Is it safe? All twin bassinets on this list have passed all baby product tests and requirements and offer clear guidance for weight and height ranges. Note: Don’t use these bassinets past these ranges or once your babies start pulling themselves up. 

So without further ado, here are our top twin bassinet picks and why we love them.

HALO Bassinet Twin Sleeper Double Bassinet

This bassinet is our top choice, and despite some drawbacks, we see it as the gold standard in twin bassinets. It’s basically the co-sleeping experience with none of the risks. 

Why we love it:

  • You can pull it to overlap your bed and be right next to you
  • The walls collapse under your arm, meaning you can keep your hand over your babies to soothe them back to sleep while still lying in bed. You can lock them upright too, in case collapsible walls make you a little paranoid. This can be super-helpful to teach your babies to sleep longer. 
  • The bassinet has a 360o swivel so that you can be close to each baby
  • The mesh walls mean your babies can see and feel both you and each other which may soothe them if they wake up. 
  • Helpful features, like vibration, lullabies, and soothing sounds are essential for some babies to fall asleep. The fact that they’re built-in and battery operated means you have fewer chords and gadgets in your room. (But you do have to stock up on batteries.) 

It also comes with two waterproof mattress pads and two fitted sheets, meaning you don’t have to hunt down the tiny bedding. One drawback is that it’s heavy and not on wheels, so it’s not exactly mobile. 

Best twin bassinet for…

The co-sleeping experience.  

Not great for…

Letting babies sleep separately, travel or moving around the house. (And if you hate changing batteries.) 

What else:

  • Typical price: $470
  • Max weight (babies): 20 pounds each! 
  • Footprint: 35in x 35 in (but feet tuck under bed!) 
  • Weight of bassinet: 55lbs
  • Wheels: No. 
  • Height: Adjustable 24-34 in!
  • Can babies see each other: Yes 🙂 
  • Extra features: Nightlight, vibration and soothing sounds. 

Simmons Kids By The Bed City Sleeper Bassinet For Twins

best bassinet for twin Simmons
Simmons Twin Bassinet

This bassinet is a really great alternative if you want the co-sleeping experience. 

  • Its Z-shape and adjustable height mean the feet can slide under the bed with the babies being right against you
  • The wheels mean that you can move the twin bassinet around easily 
  • There’s a mesh separator between the babies, so they can see each other. 

One drawback compared to the Halo is that the walls are not collapsible, meaning you can’t soothe your babies while still lying in bed. Also, while the outside walls are mesh, the windows are not big enough for babies to see you. 

Best twin bassinet for…

Being close to mom in bed, Moving around the house

Not great for…

Letting babies sleep separately

What else:

  • Typical price: $180
  • Max weight (babies): (recommend to stop use before 5 months or when babies can push up on hands and knees.) 
  • Footprint: 33in x 21in
  • Weight of bassinet: 26lbs
  • Wheels: Yes! 
  • Height: Adjustable up to 47in! 
  • Can babies see each other: Yes 🙂  

Little Folks Twin EZ Fold Ultra Compact Double Bassinet by Delta Children

This bassinet is the easiest to fold up and has wheels, which makes it awesome for moving around the house. It has mesh walls like the Halo, but the stand can’t tuck under the bed. 

Best twin bassinet for…

The minimal mom, moving around the house. 

Not great for…

Letting babies sleep separately; pulling up against your bed. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $120
  • Max weight (babies): 30lbs total
  • Footprint: 32.5in x 33.5in
  • Height: 25.75in
  • Weight of bassinet: 17lbs
  • Wheels: Yes! 
  • Can babies see each other: Yes 🙂  
  • Extra features: Extra storage space for diapers and supplies. 

Baby Trend Retreat Twins Nursery Center

twin bassinet review baby-trend-bassinet
Baby Trend Bassinet

This is actually a playard with two removable bassinets, and it’s an awesome option if you discover your twins don’t like to fall asleep together

  • The bassinets are great for travel, or even moving around the house. 
  • The bassinets have mesh walls, so the babies will be able to see each other, but the window is too small to see mom through the outer wall. 
  • The canopies are a nice touch and will help them sleep longer in the mornings, because babies are sensitive to light
  • There’s a change pad attachment, as well as a diaper-changing caddy. But you have to take the bassinets out first. 
  • Vibrating feature with lullabies and soothing melodies really helps babies fall asleep
  • Storage pockets are great for nighttime changes. 

Best twin bassinet for…

Moving throughout the house and travel, reusing after infant stage. 

Not great for…

The co-sleeping experience. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $180 
  • Max weight: 12 pounds each (or 22 inches) 
  • Footprint: 40.75 x 29.25 lbs
  • Height: 28.75 in height
  • Weight of bassinet: 41lbs 
  • Wheels: Yes! 
  • Can babies see each other: Yes 🙂
  • Extra features: Vibration and soothing sounds; change table 

Graco Pack ‘N Play Playard With Bassinet For Twins

best bassinet for twins graco-1
Graco Pack N Play for Twins

This is a cute alternative to the Baby Trend twin bassinet, since it also has removable bassinets with canopies and it provides you with a playard for later on. It doesn’t have any electronic features though, storage, or a change pad – but those are not must-haves when it comes to your bassinet. 

The babies won’t be able to see  you or each other through the walls, but that’s not always a bad thing. 

Best twin bassinet for…

Moving throughout the house and travel, reusing after infant stage. 

Not great for…

The co-sleeping experience. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $190
  • Max weight: 30 pounds total
  • Footprint: 35 x 46 in
  • Height: 34 in. 
  • Weight of bassinet: 30 lbs.
  • Wheels: Yes! 
  • Can babies see each other: No 🙁  

JOOVY Room2 Twin Nursery Center

If you’re striving for simplicity – this twin bassinet by Joovy is perfect. It’s ideal for the minimalist mom, because it’s a simple playard – no bells or whistles – with a bassinet insert and divider. (Don’t be surprised to find out they’re sold separately!) 

  • One cool feature is that there’s a change pad you can attach without removing the bassinet. 
  • It’s wheels also make it easy to move around. 

A major downside is that the babies, while separated, are still sleeping on the same mattress. This means that if one moves around a lot (and babies do tend to move around while sleeping) the other one will feel it. 

Best twin bassinet for…

Minimal mom, travel, reusing after infant stage. 

Not great for…

Babies that wake each other up, the co-sleeping experience, moving throughout the house. 

What else:

  • Typical price: $140 for the playard + $80 for the accessory
  • Max weight: 30 pounds total (change table holds up to 25 pounds.) 
  • Footprint: 40 x 40 in
  • Height: 31in
  • Weight of bassinet: 30lbs (playard) + 11lbs twin accessory
  • Wheels: Yes! 
  • Can babies see each other: Yes! 

DockATot Deluxe+

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a twin bassinet… or a bassinet at all, but having two of these could be an awesome alternative as long as you have a huge bed. 

The DockATot lets your babies sleep in your bed while providing a bumper, preventing them from rolling out, or you from rolling over. 

It makes it super easy to comfort your little ones with a cuddle, while having peace of mind in your own bed. It’s also easy to carry around the house (as well as travel) for snuggly daytime naps, and it won’t take up any extra space in your room. 

Best option for…

The co-sleeping experience, minimalist mom, travel, moving through the house.  

Not great for…

Parents who may want their own space in bed. 

What else:

  • Typical price: from $175 each
  • Size: 29 x 16 x 5 in
  • Weight of bassinet: 5 lbs 
  • Can babies see each other: Yes! 

Bottom Line in Twin Bassinets

When it comes to finding the best bassinet for your twins, you really can’t go wrong with any of the options above. But we’re still totally in love with the Halo twin bassinet because it makes tending to fussy babies at night that much easier.

Just pull the twin bassinet up close and give your babies a little snuggle with the collapsible wall while still lying in bed. (And play soothing sounds and vibrations at the hit of a button!) All we can say is… Sweet dreams.


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