24 Essential Twin Babies’ Products (Trust Us.)

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Welcome to the world of shopping for twins! Twin strollers, twin bassinets, twin babies products galore! Whether you need ideas for your registry or a last-minute checklist, this list of twin baby essentials will have you doubly covered! 

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Twin baby essentials from birth
Essential twin babies’ products 3 months onward

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Twin baby essentials – from birth

1. Lightweight Car Seats.

You know you’ll be lugging those puppies around so might as well give your arms and back a little love by choosing lighter car seats. But before you get carried away picking the most lightweight option, first find out what stroller you want and if it’s double car seat compatible. 

2. Double Stroller for Twins.

When it comes to striding with your twins around, there are tons of double stroller options from tandem to side-by-side. 

We particularly love the Bumbleride Indie Twin Stroller because it’s double car seat compatible and loaded with features like reclining, air-filled wheels, and full suspension. That means you can easily take it jogging or on rough terrains

It’s also an eco-friendly company that has diverted over a million plastic bottles from landfills! 

This stroller is compatible with Clek,  Nuna, Maxi Cosi, Cybex car seats with adapters sold separately. 

There are also lots of other models to suit your needs and we review them all on: 
Best side by side twin stroller – 7 Double stroller reviews and comparisons

3. Twin Bassinet.

While you have lots of options for how your newborns will sleep, there’s something irresistible about having them right next to you in bed in their little bassinet. We love the twin bassinet from HALO because it lets your twins be right next to you in bed, it has collapsible walls making it easier to soothe your babies, and it comes with soothing sounds to help your twins fall asleep. 

  • best bassinet for twin Halo-1
  • best bassinet for twin Simmons
  • twin bassinet review EZ fold
  • twin-bassinet-joovy-accessory (1)

If you want to check out other twin bassinet options, read our reviews on:
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4. Diaper Bag for Two.

You better believe that you’ll need double the diaper bag space when you go out and about with your twin babies! Check out our list 13 Best Diaper Bags for Two Kids. We particularly love the Itzy Ritzy Boss diaper backpack because it’s cute, big, and loaded with 17 pockets, making twin life a little more organized. 

5. Nursing Glider for Twins.

You won’t regret having your own mama chair for snuggling up, nursing, and soothing your twins. Make sure you get a glider that’s a little wider so everyone can fit. We absolutely love this Ami rocker that comes with a little bassinet and later converts to a rocking love chair. How cozy! 

If this extra-large rocker is a little… extra, we’ve carefully reviewed all the top twin rockers on:
Best Glider for Twins: Our Top 6 Picks.

6. Baby monitor with two cameras.

While the list of baby monitor options is certainly endless, we recommend you keep it simple. Buy one monitor with two cameras and get on with your life. We love the VAVA split screen baby monitor because of its must-have features like a split-screen, pan and zoom, and night-vision.

VAVA split screen baby monitor

Read our list on the best baby monitors for twins to see the rest of the options. 

7. Baby swing and bouncer.

Having a spot to set your babies is down is downright essential. Bear in mind that babies love to be cradled, and they love swinging, rocking, and vibrating motions. That means getting a rocker or a swing will make twin parenting a little less hectic. We’d also recommend getting two different types of seats because inevitably your babies won’t want the same thing. 

8. Twin nursing pillow.

A nursing pillow can really help the breastfeeding experience because it brings your baby a little higher up, taking the tension out of your arms. A twin nursing pillow can help twice as much. It brings your little ones closer to you and gives them a cozy place to lie comfortably. 

The My Brest Friend twin nursing pillow is very comfy and supportive for nursing your twins, but is not ideal for plus-sized moms. 

The Twin Z pillow has become a new must-have for moms of twins and for good reason! It’s ultra comfy, supportive, and converts to a lounge pillow for your twin babies! 

Twin baby essentials you won’t need two of

9. Change table.

Life with twins can be hectic. That’s why you’ll appreciate having one “change station” even if you do most of your changing on the kitchen floor. We love this cute change tray atop a baby dresser. It’s simple, understated, and gender-neutral and will look great in any room. 

10. Large diaper pail.

There’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll have double the diapers. So it’s up to you: either you have to take them out twice as often or get a bigger diaper pail. 

We love the Ubbi diaper pail because it doesn’t require special liner bags – a cost that really adds up – and it locks in the stinky diaper. 

11. Noise machine.

A nice, loud “shushing” sound can be like a “be quiet” button for your babies. This “shushing” can sound like ocean waves or thunderstorms which are relaxing for the parents as well. 

If you plan on letting your babies sleep in the same room, a noise-machine is a must. It will help your babies fall asleep and will keep them from waking each other up by drowning out their sounds.

Mind you, a lot of baby gear like bassinets and baby monitors come with “soothing sounds” which might just do the trick. If you’re buying a separate noise machine, consider if you want it to plug in or be battery operated, as well as if you want it to shut off automatically. 

This adorable baby shusher gives you the option to continuously play all night and it plugs in. (No annoying battery changes!) It also has  8 different sounds including the ultra-soothing heartbeat. 

12. Humidifier.

Your tiny babies just spent nine months in a nice, wet environment. Dry air isn’t exactly baby-friendly. A humidifier will help your twins breathe easier and avoid getting stuffed up at night. 

If you want a humidifier that’s small and cute, you’ll love this mist humidifier from HOPEME that doubles as a nightlight in 7 different colors. 

13. Breast pump and accessories (like breast pads)

A good breast pump will not only help you stimulate more milk production to keep up with your twins, it will also give you a stash to keep on hand for when you can’t nurse. 

While there are many breast pumps on the market – all of which have their list of pros and cons – we love the Medela. It’s hospital-grade and user-friendly. What more do you need? 

Also, don’t forget to load up on breast pads (either disposable or washable) while you’re getting adjusted to the double-demand. 

Other fun twins’ baby products you definitely need

14. Bottles and pacifiers

Even if you plan on breastfeeding exclusively, you’ll still want to have a few bottles on hand. You never know what life might throw your way. 

You also don’t know if your twins will be picky about what type of bottles and pacifiers they use. Our recommendation is to get a small set of bottles and pacifiers and expand or adjust as your twins grow. 

You can’t go wrong with this starter pack.

15. Bottle Sterilizer.

With your hands-full of twins, you definitely won’t have time to boil bottles to sterilize. That’s why we love the kind you can pop straight into the microwave! And don’t forget you’ll be using this for pump parts as well.

16. Swaddle blankets

Swaddled babies sleep better. And swaddled twin babies will let mom and dad get a few precious hours of shut-eye. 

Muslin swaddle blankets are great, because they’re extra soft, big, and have enough give to wrap your babies up nice and snug. They’re also super cute! 

But we super-recommend the Miracle Swaddle Wrap. It gently secures the baby’s arms so they don’t break out of the swaddle before mom and dad get a chance to rest. 

17. Sleep sacks

Once your twins graduate from swaddling, they’re onto sleep sacks. 

Sleep sacks are the safe way for babies to sleep since they’re not supposed to have blankets, pillows or any loose material inside their cribs. 

There are lots of great options from super-lightweight to fleecy to ones with sleeves and ones that swaddle. There are even “wearable blanket by Burt’s Bees is the perfect thickness for your baby and comes in tons of adorable patterns!

Make sure you have lots on hand in case of nighttime accidents. You don’t want to have to scramble to keep your baby warm in the middle of the night if you run out! 

18. Matching or coordinated outfits

Before you know it, your twin babies will have completely opposite tastes and interests. So take advantage of the infant months and give them cutesy matching outfits while you still can. (Or at least coordinated ones so that friends and family can still tell them apart.) 

We love these organic baby bodysuits and rompers from Project Nursery. They’re adorable, different, but still matchy. 

Twin babies’ products for 3 months onward

19. One jumbo baby gym.

Baby gyms are great for developing gross motor skills. Babies are highly stimulated and love reaching for toys above as well as practice flipping over to see what else is around. 

We love this jumbo baby gym from Fisher Price. It expands to up to 4 feet, meaning it’s big enough for both twins to play yet have their own space. 

20. Two activity centers

After a while, your babies will graduate from the baby gym and will want to do things upright. And good luck getting them to share one activity center! 

Activity centers (or exersaucers) continue to let babies develop gross motor skills as well as learn to stay upright. Your babies will be stimulated enough that you can actually take a few minutes to do your own thing while they’re in there, and they’ll likely tire themselves out enough for an extra-long nap time. 

So you might as well splurge on two! 

We love this jumper activity center from Skip Hop because it lets the babies bounce (super fun!) and it folds up flat! (A feature that’s surprisingly rare!) 

21. Two high chairs or feeding chairs

If you have twins, your home will be covered in babies’ products. So save yourself some floor space by getting two mountable feeding chairs from Mountain Buggy instead of high chairs. 

As long as you have the right type of table (not glass, not with leaves, and well-secured) these chairs will be perfect for feeding your twins. 

22. Two Cribs

When it comes to cribs for twins, might as well keep it simple. This Babyletto crib converts to a toddler bed as well as a daybed, meaning your twins’ room won’t have to undergo a makeover until preschool. It also has an under-crib drawer for storing extra bed sheets (or Spiderman toys) and has unimposing dimensions of 54x30x35 inches which will hopefully let you fit two in one room! 

23. One Playard

A playard is a great way to keep your twins in one place while you have to divert your attention. (Dinner’s a little hard to make while you have your hands-full of babies.) It’s also a must-have if you travel because it’s a great alternative to a crib. 

A word of warning, a lot of babies aren’t crazy about being put into a playard but a mom’s gotta do what a mom’s gotta do. 

We love the Twin Nursery Center from Babytrend because it doubles as a twin bassinet for the early months and has soothing sounds and lullabies. 

twin bassinet review baby-trend
Twin Nursery Center from Babytrend

24. Twin floater for pools

If you’ll be around water with your twins, put them onto one floater! This one from Poolmaster is awesome because it keeps the babies together in their own little pods, there’s a spot for mom or dad, and there’s even a spot for extra toys! It’s designed for babies 8-24 months which gives your family over a year of fun! 

Fun twin baby float

Bottom line – Twin babies’ products

Did we miss any twin baby essentials on this list? And which one of these was the unexpected must-have? Do let us know! 


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