The Ultimate Gifts for the fit mom (from a fit mom)

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How does she do it? Is there someone in your life who just seems to be on top of everything? She never misses a workout, she always has healthy food on hand, she’s a glowing ball of energy and excitement, oh, and she’s also a pretty awesome mom.

That someone must be a #fitmom and we have the perfect gift guide to show her that you appreciate her strength and grace.

The “Aah” gifts: a selfie massager, epsom salts, and a foam roller

You know how after a good workout your muscles need a little TLC? Well that’s about eight times as true when you’re a fit mom. Parenting is hard on your body.

For me, my neck and shoulders are constantly tense from picking up my toddler. My lower back is overtired from pushing new PR’s at the gym. And my spine always feels funny after a night when the little one crawls in the bed.

Once a week, after the baby is in bed, a massage and a hot bath are a must. It’s a reset for my body not to mention a little quiet time alone.

If you want to see the fit mom in your life breathe a sigh of relief, give her some epsom salts to relax her muscles in a hot bath, a selfie massager for her back and shoulders, and a foam roller for her lower back and legs.


Selfie massager – Amazon

Epsom salts – Amazon

Foam roller – Amazon

The “no cheat day” gifts: a hand blender and protein powder

Some of us eat well some days, some of us eat well most days. And then there are those fitness mutants who never ever ever skip out on the right nutrition.

Wherever your fit mom may be on the spectrum, she probably loves a delicious protein shake or a green smoothie.

A hand blender works just as well as the full-size version in most cases, but is way easier to clean. And every mom loves to hear ‘easier to clean!’

Hand blender – Amazon

Protein Powder – Amazon

The “Anything can be a workout” gifts: The Breezy Wrap and ankle weights

These are for the new mom who loves a walk but wants to kick it up a notch. Adding a little weight increases the resistance just enough to make the walk enjoyable but slightly more calorie-burning.

Wear some ankle weights for a solo walk, or even better, wear the baby!

The Breezy Wrap’s cotton-mesh will keep you and baby sweat-free, while the gentle sways and motions of babywearing will keep your baby calm and entertained. It’s a win-win-win!

The Breezy Wrap – Amazon

Ankle weights – Amazon

The “Stay Strong” gifts: handmade jewelry

If you want to be more classic, jewelry never fails. These handmade pieces will let her know that someone knows just how strong she is.

Handmade necklace – Etsy

Handmade bracelet – Etsy

And that’s that! Did we miss anything? Let us know on Instagram: @marsandstarsbaby

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