26 Unisex names that start with A

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There is a wide selection of unisex names that start with A for you to choose from, especially if you happen to have a liking for the first letter of the alphabet. You may be looking for something short, sweet and unique, or possibly one of the more modern gender neutral names. Either way, you’re bound to be spoilt for choice.

When it comes to finding just the right name for your little one, it can take quite some time. Chances are, you’re looking for a name that’s as unique and as special as your bundle of joy. Nowadays, gender neutral names seem to be on the rise for various reasons, which is probably why you yourself made your way to this page.

Below are just some of the most popular unisex names that start with A for you to consider. There are also some classic names that have stood the test of time and evolved over the years.


Shortened form of many other boy and girl names, such as Adelaide or Adam. Alternatively spelled Adi. Of Hebrew origin, this name can mean “noble sort” or “earth.”


Of Old English origin, this classic name means “child of Adam” and is suitable for either a boy or girl. Biblically, all are descendants of Adam, making this a gender neutral choice. 


Simply means “fire,” this name was initially popular as a boy name, but is now among unisex names. Suitable for a feisty little one with a zest for life!


This is one of the less common unisex names. Of Scottish origin, this name simply means “one’s own meadow.” This is suitable for an independent nature lover who enjoys the outdoors.


If you’re looking for something short and sweet, this is it! One of the more popular gender neutral names, this is the shortened form of names such as Allison or Albert. 


Although popularly known as a place name, this is also one of the unisex names you can consider if you have a little explorer in your life. This name means “great land towards the sea.”


This is one of the short and sweet unisex names, which also doubles as a surname. Notably, it has been popularized as a surname by actress, Jessica Alba. Simply means “sunrise.”


Short for Alexandra and Alexander, this is a popular choice when it comes to unisex names that start with A. It has several origins, including Swedish, Romanian, German, and even Greek.


This is one of those revered unisex names because of its association with a higher power. Suitable for a first-born child as it suggests the beginning of something great.


Simply means “a healer and protector of mankind.”


Alternatively spelled Andi, this English name means “brave.” It is derived from boy names such as Andrew and Andreas, as well as the girl name, Andrea.


Although previously popularized as a girl name, this is becoming one of the more popular gender neutral names. This name means “a supernatural being or heavenly messenger.”


One of the lesser-known unisex names that start with A, this name means “a region or scene of simple pleasure and quiet.” It is of Greek origin. 


In recent years, this name has been made famous by American musician, Ari Lennox. Of Hebrew, Finnish and ancient Scandinavian origin, it can mean “lion” or “eagle.”


Not to be mistaken for the luxury fashion brand, this unique name is modern and best suited for fashion lovers. Although it means “army man,” it is one of the trendier unisex names.


Of Hebrew origin, this is one of many unisex names with Biblical associations. Meaning “blessed” and “happy,” this is a great one for your cheerful baby girl or boy.


One of the more popular unisex names around the world, this is suitable for a nature lover. It simply means “Ash tree clearing,” and is often associated with plants and nature.


This Old English name simply means “Ash tree town” and is widely associated with nature and plantations.


You may be familiar with this word as a tree type, but it also makes for a great unisex name. Alternatively spelled Aspin or Aspyn, it’s a direct reference to the tree. This makes it a great choice for nature lovers.


If you’re considering unisex names that are popular across the globe, this may be it. This one is hard to forget, and means “elf power.” A cute name derived from mystical stories and fantasies.


This is one of the more popular color-inspired unisex names. If you have a red-haired baby girl or boy, then this just might be the name you’re looking for.


This is one of the classic unisex names of Old English origin. This one quite simply means “old friend,” but is still appropriate for your little new friend. 


This forms part of the long list of modern and trendy unisex names. As you might have guessed, this name is derived from the car company and is a short and unique one that will make your baby stand out from the crowd.


Meaning “revered” or “distinguished,” this name has been popularized by many celebrity kids, such as Garth Brooks’ daughter, August Anna Brooks. It has become a favourite in recent years. 


This short and cute name means “bird.” Of Latin origin, this is an adorable choice for your equally adorable little one.


Also the name of a beauty brand, this short and cute name means “river,” signifying life and health. This English name is a variation of the Welsh name, Afon. 

Summary – Unisex names that start with A

  1. Addie
  2. Addison
  3. Aiden
  4. Ainsley 
  5. Al
  6. Alaska
  7. Alba
  8. Alex
  9. Alpha
  10. Alyx
  11. Andy
  12. Angel
  13. Arcadia
  14. Ari
  15. Armani
  16. Asher
  17. Ashley
  18. Ashton
  19. Aspen
  20. Aubrey
  21. Auburn
  22. Auden
  23. Audi
  24. August
  25. Avis
  26. Avon


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