28 Unisex Names That Start With B

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When it comes to naming your baby, your first instinct may be to consider something as unique as they are. On the other hand, there’s something quite sentimental about classic unisex names that have been around for generations. This list of unisex names that start with B will give you the best of both worlds.

With gender neutral names becoming quite popular all over the world, there’s a wide selection of modern and traditional names to choose from. Whether you’re looking for something trendy or a name that has stood the test of time, you’re bound to find something that resonates with you.

Here are some of the most-loved unisex names that start with B and their meanings. 


Alternatively spelled Bailee or Baileigh, this is one of the more popular unisex names that start with B. It simply means “steward” or “bailiff,” making it suitable for a baby with leadership qualities.


If you’re on the hunt for more modern and unique unisex names, this is one of them. Derived from an actual headwrap, in Hindu religion, it is a name that means “worship” or “salute.”


Of Slavic and Hawaiian origin, this unconventional name means “glorious defender” or “long-awaited child.” It’s perfect to mark the arrival of your little miracle.


This unique English name quite literally means “sea inlet.” It can also mean “seventh.” This is one to consider if seven is your lucky number or if your baby is born in the seventh month, July. 


Of Scottish origin, this name simply means “tiny one.” A perfect choice for your little bundle of joy.


Although popularized as a surname, this is also on the list of French unisex names. Its meaning is “beautiful mountain.”


This can be the shortened form of many gender neutral names. Although it is associated with the insect, this short and cute name is great for a little nature lover.


When it comes to unisex names, nothing makes more sense than this neutral shade of tan. Inspired by the actual color, it signifies peace, calmness and subtlety.


One-syllable unisex names like this are cute and easy to remember. Of Hebrew and Latin origin, it simply means “sacred wood,” signifying just how special your little one is.


One of the more widely known unisex names, this English name means “resolute protector.”


A name made famous by entertainers such as Blake Lively and Blake Shelton, this simply means “dark.” It’s suitable for a dark-haired baby girl or boy.


Alternatively spelled Blakeley, this name simply means “dark forest.”


Of Scottish origin, this name simply means “someone who is slender.” It can also be reference to something yellow and is considered one of many color-inspired unisex names.


Another one of those gender neutral names that have gained popularity in Hollywood. This one simply means “field” and is of Scottish origin. Alternatively spelled Blaire or Blaer.


Considered one of the more modern unisex names, its meaning is derived from an actual covering. It’s a great choice to indicate protection and comfort.


Perfect for a feisty little one, this modern and trendy name simply means “fire” or “flame.”


A beautiful and unique name that is derived from the actual meaning of the word. It simply means “perfect joy” and is a great description of the happiness your little one brings.


When it comes to color-inspired gender neutral names, this is one of the more popular choices. Alternatively spelled Blu, this is a great choice for your blue-eyed wonder.


Forming part of the more modern and trendy unisex names, this is a cute choice that means “God’s gift” or “a fairy.”


Alternatively spelled Bobby or Bobbi, this can be the shortened form of names like Robert or Robin. Meaning “shining with fame,” it’s a good pick for a baby that will grow up to do great things.


Possibly one of the less common unisex names, this name simply means “bright town.”


This rather unconventional name means “noble and strong.” 


Derived from the meaning of the actual word, this name signifies something that sparkles. It’s a great choice for you bright and shining little miracle.


This is quite clearly a name that shows a sense of pride in your homeland. Meaning “land of the British,” it’s suitable for a boy or girl with British roots.


Although widely known as a girl name, it also works as a boy name too. Derived from the meaning of the actual word, it’s indicative of a source of life as it means “small stream of water.”


This is an American name made popular by acclaimed footballer, David Beckham’s son, Brooklyn Beckham. It simply means “one who lives near a brook or stream of water.”


A great choice if you’re looking for a color-inspired name. This is most suitable for a red or dark-haired baby girl or boy.


Alternatively spelled Bryn, Brin or Bryne, this name is suitable for nature lovers. It means “hill.”

Summary – Unisex names that start with B

  1. Bailey
  2. Bandana  
  3. Bane  
  4. Bay
  5. Beagan
  6. Beaumont  
  7. Bee
  8. Beige  
  9. Bel 
  10. Billy 
  11. Blake
  12. Blakley
  13. Blaine  
  14. Blair
  15. Blanket  
  16. Blaze  
  17. Bliss   
  18. Blue  
  19. Binx
  20. Bobbie 
  21. Brighton  
  22. Briley
  23. Brilliant  
  24. Britain  
  25. Brook
  26. Brooklyn
  27. Burgundy
  28. Brynn


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