23 Unisex Names That Start With C

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When it comes to unisex names that start with C, we’ve got a whole list for you to go through. These are just some of the most popular unisex names that are used all over the world. These are bound to put you on the right track and spark some inspiration too.

Perhaps one of the most important things you’ll do before – or shortly after – the arrival of your little one, is give them a name. I’m a big believer in kids growing up to live out their names, so you might want to give it some extra thought.

You may be in search of a name that is unique and will ensure that your baby girl or boy stands out, or perhaps a popular name that is a timeless classic. While gender neutral names have become more prominent lately, some of them are traditional unisex names that have evolved over time.


This is a really sweet and cute name that means “victory of the people” or “warrior.” If you’re looking to raise a brave little one, this may be just the name for you. Alternatively spelled Kai.


This is a Gaelic name which means “flowing water.” It’s a great choice to indicate life and celebrate the presence of your little one.


One of the more trendy and modern unisex names believed to be of Hebrew origin. It can be used to mean “God’s special child.”


Thanks to the likes of Cameron Diaz and Cameron Boyce, this seems to be one of the more popular unisex names in entertainment. Of Scottish origin, this name can be reference to a place.


This was originally a second name, as evidenced by model, Naomi Campbell, but it has since evolved to become one of the gender neutral names that are gaining traction in various parts of the world.


You’ve probably mostly thought of this name as a surname because of the likes of Mariah Carey or Drew Carey. However, it is also part of the list of unisex names that start with C that you can consider.


This name indicates great expectations of growth and good things only, widely used as a girl name but has become a unisex name over the years. Meaning “fertile land” or “vineyards of God.”


Simply means “one who transports goods by cart.” This name is suitable if you want to encourage an industrious spirit. It also doubles up as a pretty cool surname.


This is a popular name that has several variations. Of Irish origin, it simply means “vigilant” and is a great choice for an attentive baby girl or boy.


This Irish name simply means “one with curly hair.” I can’t think of a more perfect name if you have a curly wonder, or if curls are a common thing in your family.


This is one of the shortest and cutest unisex names for your little one. This is ideal for a brave heart and courageous bundle of joy. Simply means “warrior” or “victory of the people.”


This short and sweet name means “bringer of peace,” “proclamation of peace,” or signifies someone that is vigilant. This is a great name for a quiet and angelic baby girl or boy.


Inspired by a cedar tree, this unique name is most suitable for a nature lover.


As a boy name, this directly means “boy” or “son.” As a girl name, it means “exalted one” This is one of those unisex names that are not common, so your child will stand out from the crowd.


This is one of the more unconventional unisex names, making it a great choice if you want something that quite different. It simply means “the moon.”


For years, this was a name that was given to boys. Nowadays, it can also be used as a nickname or shortened form of Charlotte, making it one of the most commonly used unisex names.


At first glance, you might think this is a boy name. Although, when you think of it as the shortened form of names such as Christian, Christopher and Christine, it counts as one of the most popular unisex names.


This is just one of many unisex names that allude to being Christ-like and have Biblical connotations. Meaning “follower of Christ” or “anointed.”


Let’s face it, we all look at our babies and just think about how dreamy and out of this world they are, so this modern name makes sense. It is inspired by an actual cloud.


If your little one is showing signs of being an eager beaver and a keen contributor, this may just be the most perfect name. Of Irish and Gaelic origin, this name simply means “helper.”


One of the lesser-known and unique unisex names that start with C, this is suitable for your peaceful little one. Simply meaning “dove.”


This is one of those gender neutral names that have several variations. Alternatively spelled Conny or Connie, this name means “constant,” “steadfast,” or indicates bravery and strength.


Gender neutral names that are inspired by colors are becoming quite popular. This is a great choice if you’ve welcomed a green or blue-eyed wonder.

Summary – Unisex names that start with C

1. Cai

2. Callan

3. Camby

4. Cameron

5. Campbell

6. Carey

7. Carmen

8. Carter 

9. Casey

10.  Cassidy

11.  Cay

12.  Caz

13.  Cedar

14.  Chalin

15.  Chandra 

16.  Charlie 

17.  Chris 

18.  Christen 

19.  Cloud 

20.  Cody

21.  Columba

22.  Conni

23.  Cyan 


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