23 Unisex Names That Start With E

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With gender neutral names becoming ever so popular in recent years, here is a list of unisex names that start with E. You may be looking for something short and sweet, or perhaps something as quirky and unique as your little one. Whatever you may be leaning towards, below are just some of the many unisex names you can consider.

E – Gender Neutral Names That Start With E With Meanings

1. Ea.

Of Irish origin, this cute name can mean “life,” “independence” or “fire.” A suitable choice for a lively baby girl or boy who is full of joy.

2. Easton.

One of the more self-explanatory unisex names, this one simply means “east-facing place.” Depending on your child’s birth place, this could be just the right pick for you if you’re looking for something different. 

3. Edel.

This two-syllable option is worth considering if you’re exploring short gender neutral names. Of German and English origin, it means “noble.”

4. Eden.

Rooted in Christianity, this name is reference to The Garden of Eden. It is of Hebrew origin and signifies a paradise and abundance. A fitting choice for wishing nothing but good things for your little one.

5. Eli.

If you’re looking at shorter unisex names, this is a good pick. In its masculine form, it means “my God” or “ascension.” The feminine form means “beautiful” or “God is abundance.”

6. Elm.

A fitting choice if you are seeking one of the short, cute, and more memorable unisex names. This one simply means “strong” and “straight,” making it ideal for an obedient baby girl or boy.

7. Ember.

Simply means “low-burning fire” or “spark.”

8. Emerson.

Perhaps one of the more unique unisex names that start with E, this one simply means “son/daughter of the powerful.”

9. Emlen.

Of Latin origin, this name simply means “charming.”

10. Emmet.

This British, German and Hebrew name is growing in popularity. Meaning “universal” or “truth,” it can also be used to signify great power.

11. Engel.

Definitely the perfect name for your little one, this Dutch name is fitting for your angel. It means “heavenly messenger” or “angel.”

12. Enid.

A unique name popularized by children’s author, Enid Blyton, it means “life” or “spirit.” This Welsh name is also indicative of purity, and is a classic choice that has stood the test of time.

13. Enfys.

Undoubtedly one of the more uncommon unisex names that start with E, this name means “rainbow.” This Welsh name is rooted in art and creativity.

14. Ennis.

One of the more rare unisex names, this Celtic name means “one choice” or “from the island.”

15. Erin.

Often listed among popular unisex names, this is suitable for Irish people. It means “the one from Ireland.”

16. Esen.

This Turkish name simply means “the wind” or “breeze.”

17. Eureka.

Considered one of the more modern gender neutral names, this one quite literally means “I have found it!” This Greek name requires very little explanation in whichever part of the world you find yourself in.

18. Ever.

One of the unisex names that require very little explanation, this names means “always” and “ever in life.” Widely considered one of the more modern gender neutral names.

19. Everest.

This English name means “person living on the Eure river.” It is also associated with Mount Everest, and can therefore be indicative of abundance or greatness to come. 

20. Everley.

This is among the many unisex names with several variations. Alternatively spelled Everlee, Everleigh or Everly, it is a nature-inspired name that means “from the boar meadow.”

21. Evren.

Of Turkish origin, this is possibly one of the lesser-known unisex names. Meaning “universe” or “cosmos,” it can also be associated with names such as Evan and Eve.

22. Evrim.

One of the more uncommon unisex names, this Turkish name simply means “evolution.” This is one worth considering if you’re looking for a name to be passed down through generations.

23. Ezra.

This Hebrew name simply means “help,” making it a fitting choice if you happened to have an eager and helpful baby girl or boy.

Summary – Unisex Names That Start With E

  1. Ea
  2. Easton
  3. Edel
  4. Eden
  5. Eli
  6. Elm
  7. Ember
  8. Emerson
  9. Emlen
  10. Emmet
  11. Engel
  12. Enid
  13. Enfys
  14. Ennis
  15. Erin
  16. Esen
  17. Eureka
  18. Ever
  19. Everest
  20. Everley
  21. Evren
  22. Evrim
  23. Ezra

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