26 Unisex Names That Start With H

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One of the most exciting things about naming your little one, is the chance to pick a name as unique and special as they are. On the flip side, you could decide on one of the popular unisex names that have stood the test of time. While modern names tend to be one-of-a-kind, there’s a level of sentimentality that comes with classic and traditional names.

Whether you’re looking for unique or timeless gender neutral names, here are some unisex names that start with H to guide your thinking.

H – Gender Neutral Names With Meanings

1. Hadley.  

This is one of many gender neutral names that have several variations, such as Hadlee and Hadleigh. This English and German name means “little baby.”

2. Hal.  

Short and sweet unisex names are often top of mind. This classic German name means “home leader,” making it a fitting description of what your little one will grow up to be.

3. Halen.  

This unique name is a fitting choice for your little champion. It means “hero.”

4. Hali.  

If you’re exploring unconventional unisex names, this is a good pick. This Greek name means “the sea,” and is suitable for a water lover.

5. Halle.  

A name popularized by American actress, Halle Berry, it is of Norse origin. It is another one of those unisex names that are indicative of power. Simply means “army ruler.”

6. Halyn.  

Right up there among the unisex names that celebrate how special your baby is, this American name is reference to something “special and treasured.”

7. Happy.  

This name needs very little explanation. It quite simply means “joyful,” and is the shortened form of the name Happiness.

8. Harley.

9. Harlow.  

This is one of many unisex names that are inspired by nature. It is reference to a pile of stones and rocks, and can be indicative of steadfastness.

10. Harmony.  

Of Greek origin, this beautiful name means “unity” and “peace.” It’s a suitable way to describe the impact of your little one in your life.

11. Harper.  

If music runs in your family, then this is one of the gender neutral names you should consider. This English name means “harp player.”

12. Hartley.

13. Haven.  

A sweet and peaceful name that means “a safe place’ or “shelter.”

14. Hayden.  

Simply means “hedged valley.”

15. Hazael.  

A name that is closely associated with Christianity, this classic Hebrew option means “one who sees God.”

16. Hazen.  

This is one of the lesser-known unisex names that start with H. Of Dutch origin, is means “smooth” and “beautiful.” It’s a fitting choice for your sweet baby girl or boy.

17. Heath.  

Possibly one of the more uncommon unisex names, it rose to the fore in the early 2000s. Popularized by the late acclaimed actor, Heath Ledger. Reference to someone who lives on or near natural, uncultivated land.

18. Henley.  

Considered one of the more modern unisex names, this British name simply means “high meadow.”

19. Hero.  

This name is fitting for the warrior and brave little one that you’re raising. It is reference to a saviour or a brave soul.

20. Holliss.  

This British name simply means “the holly tree.”

21. Holliday.  

This is a rather unusual name of British origin. It is reference to “a holy day,” making it a fitting choice if it applies to your little one’s day of birth.

22. Honor.  

Although previously known as a girl name, this is one of those unisex names that have evolved to become more inclusive over time. Ideal for an honest baby girl or boy.

23. Hopeton.  

Undoubtedly among the more uncommon gender neutral names, this one quite simply means “town of hope.”

24. Horizon.  

Some unisex names require very little explanation, such as this one. Possibly one of the more modern gender neutral names, it means “where the land and sky meet.”

25. Hue.  

If you enjoy spending time in the garden, then this name may resonate with you. It’s a classic Vietnamese name that is fitting for someone with green fingers.

26. Hye.  

If you’re exploring unisex names that start with H and are short and sweet, then this Korean option is worth considering. It simply means “intelligent,” “knowledgeable” and “graceful.”

Summary – Unisex Names That Start With H

  1. Hadley
  2. Hal
  3. Halen
  4. Hali
  5. Halle
  6. Halyn
  7. Happy
  8. Harley.
  9. Harlow
  10. Hartley.
  11. Harmony
  12. Harper
  13. Haven
  14. Hayden
  15. Hazael
  16. Hazen
  17. Heath
  18. Henley
  19. Hero
  20. Holliss
  21. Holliday
  22. Honor
  23. Hopeton
  24. Horizon
  25. Hue
  26. Hye

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