31 Unisex Names That Start With J

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The use of unisex names has been on the rise in recent years, which explains why you’re probably not the only one browsing through this list right now. Many unisex names were inspired by place names or occupations, meaning that you have a wide selection to choose from.

If, for whatever reason, you’re particularly interested in a unisex name that starts with J, you’ll probably find what you’re looking for here. From modern and cute names that are gaining popularity, to meaningful ones with a rich history, have a look below. 


One of many unisex names of Hebrew origin, this short and sweet one means “the Lord is salvation.”


Although widely known as the shortened form of the female name, Jacqueline, this is one of the most popular gender neutral names. Simply means “may God protect.”


A name made famous by actress, Jada Pinkett-Smith. Of Hebrew origin, this name means “wise” or “He knows.” It has become one of the more recognized unisex names in recent years.


This cute and unique name is of Korean origin, and simply means “ability” or “talent.” It can also be used to indicate “extreme riches,” “wealth” or “good fortune.” Alternatively spelled Jay.


Alternatively spelled Jaedyn, this name means “a thankful person.” It has a religious connotation and refers to “one who will be judged by God.”


Meaning “resolute protector” and “child of good fortune,” this is one of the more popular gender neutral names with several variations.


One of the easiest unisex names that start with J. Of Dutch origin, this name means “God is gracious.” It can also be the shortened version of several other boy or girl names.


What better way to show how grateful you are for your little one than with a name that means just that? This is one of the less common gender neutral names; meaning “thankful.”


This unique name is of American origin, and means “healer” or “moon.” Suitable for a peaceful and calm baby girl or boy.


Simply means “the sweet smell of flowers.” This can also be the shortened form of the popular girl name, Jazmine. In some cases, this unique name is spelled as Jazz.


Often associated with the word “gem,” making it one of the well-loved unisex names of one syllable. This is a name generally given to nature lovers who marvel at the earth.


Not to be mistaken for an item of clothing, this is among the lesser-known unisex names. Inspired by the place, this English name simply means “grassy island.”


This is one of the more well-known gender neutral names; meaning “wealthy.” It is also a variation of Jessie or Jessi.


If you’re browsing for more modern and unique unisex names, this one may be it. Derived from the colour jet black, this name is of English origin. 


Meaning “God shall add another,” this is among the popular unisex names that start with J. It is also a variation of Jodie or Jodi, signifying great expectations.


A cute name for your little boy or girl which means “He will add” or “God is gracious.”


Short, sweet and easy to remember. Perfect if your little boy or girl is showing signs of being “courageous” or “determined.” This can also be the shortened form of several other names.


This two-syllably name is cute and sweet. Of Hebrew origin, it simply means “dove,” making it perfect for your peaceful little one.


Suitable for a nature-lover or brave heart. Alternatively spelled Jordin, this is one of the more well-known unisex names that start with J; meaning “flow down,” “earth” or “daring.”


Possibly one of the lesser-known unisex names, this one is great if you want your bundle of joy to truly stand out from the crowd. Of Hebrew origin, it means “flowing down.”


This name was made famous by songstress, Joss Stone, although it is suitable for boys too. Of Old German origin, it simply means “a member of the Germanic tribe.”


This is undoubtedly among the modern and unique unisex names, derived from the literal meaning of the word. Suitable for a little traveller or explorer.


Inspired by the planet Jupiter, this unique name of Latin origin simply means “father of the sky.” This is one to consider if you’re raising a little one who’s into astronomy. 


A name popularized by acclaimed actor, Jude Law. Of Hebrew origin, this name simply means “praised.” It is also the shortened form of Judah.


Of Latin and Greek roots, this name simply means “youthful.”


This English name quite literally means “one who is born in the month of July.” Suitable for your little one if they celebrate their arrival in the seventh month of the year.


One of the more unique, plant-inspired unisex names, this is indicative of growth and blooming. Of Latin origin, this name simply means “young” or “bearing Juniper berries.”


If you’re looking for a short and unique name for your little one, this may just be it. With Greek, Slavic and Japanese roots, this name can mean “farmer,” “earthworker” or “lily.”


This is one of the unisex names that need very little elaboration, it quite simply refers to “one who is fair and righteous.” Needless to say, this name carries a lot of weight and comes with high expectations.


The shortened form of two popular names – Justine and Justin. This neutral name is representative of both genders and is of English origin.


If you’re looking for something different and far from the ordinary, this may be it. This modern name was derived from the popular English name, Tyler.

Summary – Gender neutral names that start with J

  1. Jace
  2. Jackie
  3. Jada
  4. Jae
  5. Jaeden
  6. Jamie
  7. Jan
  8. Jaylen
  9. Jaycee
  10. Jaz
  11. Jem
  12. Jersey
  13. Jessy 
  14. Jett
  15. Jody
  16. Joey
  17. Jojo
  18. Jona
  19. Jordan
  20. Jori
  21. Joss
  22. Journey
  23. Jove
  24. Jude
  25. Julian
  26. July
  27. Juniper
  28. Juri
  29. Justice
  30. Justy  
  31. Jyler


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