25 Unisex Names That Start With K

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Whether you’re a new or experienced parent, the task of naming your child can still be somewhat daunting. With a wide selection of unisex names to choose from, you’re definitely spoilt for choice. Below are some pretty unique and classic unisex names that start with K for you to explore.

Gender neutral names are nothing new, although, they have certainly become more popular recent times. Some unisex names have been around for centuries, others have evolved over time from purely boy or girl names to gender neutral names. Others are more modern and inspired by everyday things.

Here are some of the best unisex names that start with K and their meanings.


This is one of the more popular unisex names that start with K, and it simply means “vigilant” or “watchful.” This is a great choice is you have an attentive baby girl or boy. Alternatively spelled Kasey.


Alternatively spelled Cayden, this name means “companion” or “friend.” It’s a good one to settle on for your new little bestie.


Considered one of the more modern and trendy unisex names, this is believed to be a combination of two popular names – Kay and Keagan.


This short and sweet Hawaiian name means “warrior” or ”victory of the people.” Alternatively spelled Cai, it’s a perfect one to settle on if you’re considering one-syllable gender neutral names.


Undoubtedly one of the more unique and unconventional gender neutral names, this one simply means “the sweetheart.” It’s a beautiful name for your little heartkeeper.


This simple English name means “from Wales.” It is one of the more unique unisex names.


This is a great joy for your little one if they are overflowing with joy and happiness. It simply means “river” or “stream,” and is an adorable choice for someone who loves nature.


Of Hebrew origin, this is reference to a Biblical place. It simply means “garden land,” making it one to consider if you’re looking through nature-inspired unisex names.


A more modern variation of the name Carter, which is an industrious name derived from a cart pusher. It’s one to consider if you are raising a hard worker. 


Another popular choice when it comes to unisex names, this can be the shortened form of many boy or girl names. It means “warrior” or “glory,” making it suitable for your little brave one.


Undoubtedly one of the less common unisex names, this unique Irish name means “slender and fair.” It’s an apt way to describe your little one’s physical features and attributes.


This is one of the most recognizable gender neutral names in entertainment. Popularized by the likes of Kelsey Grammer and Kelsey Asbille, this name is indicative of victory and triumph.


Inspired by the country in East Africa, this is great choice if you’re looking to pay homage to or celebrate the beautiful place. It’s very hard to forget this vibrant and short name.


One for the nature lovers or a child with green fingers, this name means “a seed of grain.” Of German origin, this is a short and cute choice that will make your little one easy to remember.


This is one of the more unconventional and unique unisex names. Of Irish origin, this is a great choice if you have a dark-haired child. It simply means “dusky” or “dark.”


Of Korean origin, this name can mean “arisen” or “victorious and strong.” This is yet another one of those unisex names that have been made famous by entertainers, in this case, British actress, Ki Griffin.


This cute and unique name is suitable if you’re looking for something that’s easy to remember. It can mean “season’s beginning” or “God is my strength.”


A cute and short name that simply means “ancient.” This is one to consider if your baby is an old soul or has features or characteristics of an elder from the family.


Of Kenyan origin, this beautiful name means “sailor” or “adventurer.” It’s a fitting on to settle on if you’re raising a little explorer that loves traveling. 


This sweet name is widely used as the gender neutral shortened form of Christopher and Katherine. If you’re looking for a one-syllable name that’s hard to remember, this may be it. 


Of Egyptian origin, this is one of the lesser-known unisex names. It means “the favourite” or “the greatly loved,” making it a great way to proclaim your adoration for your little one.


Most notably, this name has been popularized by reality TV star, Kris Jenner. It is of English, Flemish and Danish origin, and is reference to Jesus Christ. It can also mean “anointed one.”


There are several variations of this name, such as Kody or Codi. Simply meaning “helpful person,” it’s perfect if you are looking to raise a selfless and nurturing baby girl or boy.


Of Dutch origin, this name means “archer,” “narrow” or “slender.” It can be used as reference to your little one’s petite build. 


Forming part of the less common unisex names, this one simply means “Lord, have mercy.” It is a modern name that is easy to pronounce and remember. Of English origin.

Summary – Unisex names that start with K

  1. Kacey
  2. Kadin
  3. Kaegan
  4. Kai
  5. Kaipo
  6. Kamber
  7. Kallen
  8. Karmel
  9. Karter
  10. Kay
  11. Keelan
  12. Kelsey
  13. Kenya
  14. Kern
  15. Kerrigan
  16. Ki
  17. Kiah
  18. Kian
  19. Kimani
  20. Kit
  21. Kiya
  22. Kris
  23. Kodi
  24. Kyler
  25. Kyrie  


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