32 Unisex Names That Start With L

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Some of the more traditional names have evolved over time and become gender neutral names, making them a great choice for either a boy or girl. For whatever reason, you may be particularly interested in unisex names that start with L, which this list has in abundance.

Naming your precious baby girl or boy is definitely one of the most exciting, yet daunting things you’ll ever do. Whatever unique or classic name you decide on will pave the way for your child, and hopefully, they’ll live up to it. 

Personally, I think gender neutral names are good if you’ve decided not to do a gender reveal prior to the big arrival. So, to make the decision somewhat easier for you, here’s a list of some of the more popular unisex names that start with L for you to consider. 


This adorable name means “one who is from the lake.”


Of English and French origin, this name simply means “one who rules the land.”


This simple and beautiful name means “little fierce one.” I think it’s a good choice if you’re looking for unisex names that describe the brave spirit your little one has.


This unique name means “lion” or “lioness.” It’s suitable for a leader and courageous baby girl or boy.


Alternatively spelled Lane or Laine, this classic name originated in England. It is reference to “one who lives near a path or road.”


Among one of the shorter unisex names, this English name means “meadow” or “clearing.” Alternatively spelled Leigh.


Derived from the meaning of the word, this name simply means “an inheritance.” It’s a fitting choice for your little one who will carry your family name with pride.


This modern name is of British origin. It means “meadow settlement” and is popular among babies with bubbly or extremely friendly personalities.


One of the more classic options, this British name means “one who lives by unseeded land.”


This lovely fruit-inspired name is fun and quirky and simply means “beloved man” or “beloved woman.”


Of Irish origin, this name means “sweetheart” or “lover.”


Occasionally used as the shortened form of Lesley, this Polish name also means “someone who lives in a forest.”


Alternatively spelled Leslie, this name of Scottish and Gaelic origins means “holly garden.”


Considered one of the lesser-known unisex names, this Scottish name means “dear friend.” It’s a fitting one for the newest addition to the family.


This can be the shortened form of names such as Alexander or Alexis. It’s a good pick if you’re particularly interest in one-syllable unisex names. 


Alternatively spelled Lexus, it forms part of a long list of unisex names that are indicative of bravery. It means “one who defends,” making it suitable for your little fighter.


Meaning “independence” and “freedom,” it is one of many unisex names that are derived from actual words and their meanings.


This German name is quite popular and easy to remember. Meaning “made from linwood” or “lime tree,” it’s another cute fruit-inspired name.


This unconventional unisex name is of Vietnamese origin. It means “spirit” or “soul.”


This sweet and easy name means “light for me.” Although quite rare in modern times, it is of Hebrew origin and is a great way to express what your baby girl or boy is to you. 


This can also be a second name, as popularized by actress, Blake Lively. As a name, it means “full of life.” A good pick for your active and free-spirited bundle of joy.


One of many unisex names of Scottish origin, this one simply means “little hollow.”


This is one of many unisex names that are inspired by places. It’s suitable for a baby girl or boy that was born in the much-loved city.


This unique name simply means “compliment.”


Among the more memorable and short unisex names, this is a suitable choice if you’re raising a start in the making. It means “famed” or “well-known.”


If you’re considering one of the more unique gender neutral names, this is a great option. Meaning “one who brings light,” it’s a fitting name for your little ray of sunshine. Alternatively spelled Louka.


Said to be among the more popular unisex names in Sweden, this English name means “affection.” It’s a great way to express your adoration for your baby girl or boy.


Short unisex names will make sure that your little one is unforgettable. This cute name simply means “the famous warrior,” a fitting choice for your little fighter.


This is quite a popular choice because of its literal meaning, which is “fortunate.” It’s a good way to express your well wishes for your little one.


One-syllable gender neutral names are sweet and easy to remember, such as this one. It simply means “light.”


This unique Vietnamese name means “reason.” It’s a great choice to suggest that your little one gives you a reason to enjoy life that much more.


One of the more modern unisex names, this is a beautiful name derived from the meaning of the actual word, “songlike” or “melodic.”

Summary – Unisex names that start with L

  1. Laken
  2. Landry
  3. Larkin
  4. Lavi
  5. Layne
  6. Lee
  7. Legacy
  8. Leighton
  9. Leland
  10. Lemon
  11. Lennon
  12. Les
  13. Lesley
  14. Leven
  15. Lex
  16. Lexis
  17. Liberty
  18. Linden
  19. Linh
  20. Lior
  21. Lively
  22. Logan
  23. London
  24. Loren
  25. Lou
  26. Louca
  27. Love
  28. Lu
  29. Lucky
  30. Lux
  31. Ly
  32. Lyric


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