25 Unisex Names That Start With N

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These days, it is not uncommon for parents to come up with unique and modern names for their children. Others prefer classic and traditional names that may have evolved to become gender neutral names over the years. Given the growing popularity of unisex names, below is a list of unisex names that start with N.

You may be looking for something short and sweet, or perhaps deep-rooted in history. Whatever the case, you’re bound to come across gender neutral names worth considering on this list.

N – Gender Neutral Names With Meanings

1. Nasha.  

This unique Persian name means “judge.” According to its Arabic origin, it can also mean “born amid the rainy season.”

2. Nat.  

Many short unisex names are derived from longer names, such as this one. This can be the shortened form of names such as Nathan or Natalie.

3. Nature.  

This name requires very little explanation. This modern option is quite literally reference to “the most basic state of being.”

4. Nay.  

One-syllable gender neutral names are easy to remember, and will make your little one unforgettable. This is a great choice that means “highness and grace.”

5. Neelix.  

Undoubtedly one of the more modern gender neutral names, this is a unique option inspired by a character from Star Trek: Voyager.

6. Neo.  

This is one of many unisex names with several origins. Most popularly, it is derived from the Greek word that means “young.”

7. Nesta.  

Of Welsh origin, this name simply means “pure.”

8. Nevada.  

This is one of several place-inspired unisex names. However, its Mexican roots suggest that it means “snow,” which is indicative of purity and cleanliness.

9. Nike.  

When it comes to modern and trendy unisex names that start with N, this is a good pick for your little one. Of Greek origin, it means “victorious.” It is also widely known as an athleisure brand.

10. Nikita.

This gender-neutral name means “unconquered.” Nikita is a popular boys’ name in Russia and a girls’ name in Greek cultures.

11. Nikki.  

Often the shortened form of names such as Nicholas or Nicolene, this name simply means “of the victorious people.” Alternatively spelled Nicky or Nicki.

12. Nil.  

This Gaelic name means “champion.”

13. Nimai.  

If you’re exploring cute unisex names, this is one of them. Of Indian origin, this name means “inner light” and is the perfect choice for your little ray of sunshine.

14. Ning.  

This is a classic Chinese name that means “peaceful,” “calm” and “serene.” It is perfect for your baby boy or girl who is quiet and pleasant.

15. Noam.  

This unconventional name is of Hebrew origin and means “pleasantness.” It is most popular as a boy name, but is gaining traction among baby girls too.

16. Noe.  

Of French origin, this is one of the shortest and sweetest unisex names that start with N. It simply means “comfort.”

17. Noelle.  

Possibly one of the most fitting unisex names for your little one on their day of birth, this beautiful name means “birthday.” Previously, it was popularized as the feminine form of Noel, but it has evolved.

18. Nonnie.  

Of Latin origin, this name means “sun ray” or “like the creator of the world.” It is one of the unisex names worth considering for the little one who has brightened up your world.

19. Nori.  

This Japanese name means “belief” and “faith.”

20. North.  

One of the more modern and trendy unisex names, it has been made famous by Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s first-born, North West.

21. Nowell.  

Of French origin, this is a suitable choice if your little one was born on the 25th of December. It quite simply means “Christmas,” and has Christian associations.

22. Nova.  

Simply means “new.” It is of Latin origin, and is alternatively spelled Novah.

23. Nowles.  

This is among the many nature-inspired unisex names, it means “dweller at the hilltop.” It also doubles as a surname that means “from the grassy slope.”

24. Nox.  

Short unisex names like this one are hard to forget, and so will your little one. Of Latin origin, it is reference to the night. It is closely associated with the Greek name, Nyx, which has a similar meaning.

25. Nuru.  

This Swahili name simply means “light,” and is closely associated with the name, Nuri.

Summary – Unisex Names That Start With N

  1. Nasha
  2. Nat
  3. Nature
  4. Nay
  5. Neelix
  6. Neo
  7. Nesta
  8. Nevada
  9. Nike
  10. Nikita.
  11. Nikki
  12. Nil
  13. Nimai
  14. Ning
  15. Noam
  16. Noe
  17. Noelle
  18. Nonnie
  19. Nori
  20. North
  21. Nowell
  22. Nova
  23. Nowles
  24. Nox
  25. Nuru

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