23 Unisex Names That Start With P

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Choosing just the right name for your little one can be both daunting and exciting. Fortunately, you’re spoilt for choice if you’re particularly interested in unisex names. Gender neutral names are growing in popularity, which is probably why you’ve taken the time to go through this list. 

Below is a list of some of the most unique and popular unisex names that start with P.

P – Gender Neutral Names With Meanings

1. Page.  

Simply means “young helper” or “a young child.” It’s quite a suitable choice and way of describing your baby boy or girl.

2. Palmer.  

This is one of many unisex names that also double as a surname. It can mean “a servant,” “an attendant,” or “a youth who is apprenticed to a knight.”

3. Paris.  

A name made famous by media personality, Paris Hilton, this is one of the more popular place-inspired gender neutral names. It is derived from the capital city of France.

4. Parker.  

A name popular among nature lovers, it quite simply means “keeper of the park.”

5. Pasha.  

As unique as your little one, this is a good choice if you’re looking for short unisex names that start with P. It simply means “small” or “humble,” making it suitable for a baby that’s small in stature or build.

6. Pat.  

Short unisex names such as this one can also be the shortened form of other popular names. This is a popular alternative for names such as Patrick or Patricia.

7. Patty.  

This sweet name means “noble.” It is considered one of the popular unisex names.

8. Paxton.  

This name simply means “peace town.”

9. Pays.  

Perhaps one of the more unconventional gender neutral names, it is derived from the Netherlands’ Pays Bas. Unisex names that are inspired by locations are becoming quite popular.

10. Payton.  

Alternatively spelled Peyton, this name can mean “outlying village.” If your baby boy or girl was birthed in a relatively unique or unknown area, then this is a name worth considering.

11. Paz.  

Of Spanish origin, this short and cute name simply means “peace,” and is ideal if you’re raising a little peacemaker.

12. Peace.  

This is one of many gender neutral names that require very little explanation. This name signifies tranquillity. It means “harmony” or “calmness.”

13. Penha.  

Of Swahili origin, this isn’t among the unisex names that you’ll come across very often. It means “beloved,” making it the perfect showcase of love for your baby girl or boy.

14. Petit.  

This is one of the unisex names you can turn to if you have a relatively petite baby. This name is as cute and sweet as your little one, and is of French origin.

15. Phoenix.  

Inspired by the mythological bird, this name references an immortal being. Alternatively, it is a great pick to indicate well wishes of a long and victorious life for your little one.

16. Piccolo.  

Of Italian origin, this name simply means “tiny.”

17. Ping.  

Of Chinese origin, this sweet name means “level-headed” or “peaceful.”

18. Pisces.  

Although popularized as a star sign, this is one of the most fitting unisex names for a sea or animal lover. It is of Latin origin and means “fish.”

19. Pita.  

Undoubtedly one of the more modern unisex names, it is of Greek origin and means “flat bread.” In its Latin form, it means “wolf,” indicating a fierce and brave spirit.

20. Pluto.  

Short and sweet, this name is inspired by the Roman god of wealth and riches. Apart from also being the name of a planet, it also has Latin and Greek roots.

21. Promise.  

Meaning “unique” or “gifted,” this name is gaining prominence in various parts of the world.

22. Psalm.  

This is one of the less common unisex names that start with P. It means “a religious song.” Making it fitting for a family that loves music.

23, Puma.  

Perhaps one of the more modern and trendy unisex names, it is of Latin origin and means “mountain lion.” The imagery created by this name is closely associated with athleisure brand, Puma. 

Summary – Unisex Names That Start With P

  1. Page
  2. Palmer
  3. Paris
  4. Parker
  5. Pasha
  6. Pat
  7. Patty
  8. Paxton
  9. Pays
  10. Payton
  11. Paz
  12. Peace
  13. Penha
  14. Petit
  15. Phoenix
  16. Piccolo
  17. Ping
  18. Pisces
  19. Pita
  20. Pluto
  21. Promise
  22. Psalm
  23. Puma


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