23 Unisex Names That Start With R

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Whatever your reason for considering unisex names that start with R, this list is bound to come in handy. Gender neutral names can be unique or traditional, depending on whether you want something modern and trendy, or classic and timeless. Have a look at the unisex names below for some inspiration.

R – Gender Neutral Names With Meanings

1. Rae.  

If you’re particularly interested in one-syllable unisex names, this may be it. This name simply means “a wise protector.”

2. Rain.  

This is one of many cute and modern unisex names, and simply signifies “abundance” and “blessings from above.”

3. Randy.  

When it comes to popular unisex names around the world, this is one of them. It means “beautiful” or “admirable,” and can also be indicative of courage and bravery.

4. Raven.  

If you’re considering nature or bird-inspired gender neutral names, this is a good pick. It is reference to the bird and is fitting if you happen to be raising a little explorer. Alternatively spelled Ravyn. 

5. Rebel.  

Although it may have negative connotations at first glance, this is one of the more powerful gender neutral names that are indicative of authority and steadfastness. Made famous by Australian actress, Rebel Wilson.

6. Red.  

One of the more unique and color-inspired unisex names that start with R, this one requires very little explanation. It is a fitting choice for a red-haired baby girl or boy.

7. Reed.  

Alternatively spelled Reid, this sweet name is inspired by nature and can also be used as a last name. Derived from the Old English word “read,” you can also use it to suggest a dedicated scholar.

8. Reese.  

This is among the many unisex names that are quite popular in Hollywood. Of Welsh and English origin, this name simply means “enthusiasm.”

9. Regan.  

There are several unisex names associated with royalty, and this is one of them. It means “little ruler” or “born into royalty.”

10. Reign.  

Just as the word itself suggests, this is a name that means “to rule.” 

11. Remedy.  

This name requires very little explanation, it is a modern name that is inspired by the literal meaning of the word. It quite simply means “cure” or “healing.”

12. Remy.  

Of French origin, this sweet and cute name is derived from the word “remigius.” Therefore, it is widely considered to be the shortened form of Remedy and is also indicative of a cure.

13. Ren.  

Of Japanese origin, this name means “lotus flower” or “love.” It’s short and memorable, which means your little one will be hard to forget.

14. Rey.  

Another name that alludes to power and authority, this Spanish name means “regal.”

15. Rhodes.  

This name means “where roses grow” or “a clearing in the woods.” Of English and Greek origin, it is suitable for your little one who provides direction and adds beauty to your life.

16. Rida.  

This Arabic name is widely associated with gratitude.

17. Rilie.  

This unique name means “a courageous and brave individual,” which is why it is a suitable option for your little fighter.

18. Rio.  

Another one of the popular place-inspired unisex names that start with R, this is most fitting if your baby’s birthplace was Rio de Janeiro.

19. Robin.  

Alternatively spelled Robyn or Robbin, this is among the well-known unisex names. It is reference to the bird, making it suitable for a nature lover.

20. Rome.  

It is not unusual for cities to inspire gender neutral names, such as this one. Suitable if your little one was birthed in this renowned Italian city.

21. Ronin.  

One of the lesser-known unisex names, this one simply means “little seal.” This is a cute and memorable name that’ll make your bundle of joy stand out from the crowd.

22. Rory.  

If you’re exploring unisex names for a red-haired baby girl or boy, this is one worth considering. This short and cute name is easy to remember and far from difficult to pronounce.

23. Ruby.  

Precious stones have inspired many unisex names over the years, and this is one of them. This classic name is widely given to girls, but is suitable for your red-haired baby boy too.

Summary – Unisex Names That Start With R

  1. Rae
  2. Rain
  3. Randy
  4. Raven
  5. Rebel
  6. Red
  7. Reed
  8. Reese
  9. Regan
  10. Reign
  11. Remedy
  12. Remy
  13. Ren
  14. Rey
  15. Rhodes
  16. Rida
  17. Rilie
  18. Rio
  19. Robin
  20. Rome
  21. Ronin
  22. Rory
  23. Ruby

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