“Until we meet again” interview with Children’s author

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Wouldn’t the world be a wonderful place if we all learned to process our feelings? Joy, sadness, and everything in between. 

We caught up with children’s author Melissa Lyons who gently touches on tender topics to teach kids (and kids at heart) that it’s okay to feel with Until we meet again.

She also offered a reading of her book to her fans. Here’s what else she shared with us: 

Tell us a little bit about your book:

Written from the perspective of a pet who has left our physical world, Until We Meet Again, From Grief to Hope After Losing a Pet is a book that shares messages and lessons from our departed companions.

It is a book that provides comfort, encourages forgiveness and offers permission to live with joy and love, especially during times of sadness after the death of our pets.

This book changes lives for children and adults alike. 

Book is available on Amazon

What led you to become an author?

An unexpected channeling experience brought the words of my first book, I Will Always Love You, A Journey from Grief and Loss to Hope and Love, to life. This story too changes lives and gives people the permission they need to heal and find love and joy again after facing loss. This book illuminated my path as an author and connected me to my life purpose, which is helping people connect to their own light and find their own paths.

Who were you before becoming an author?

Before the experience of channeling my own book, I was many things as I searched for more meaning and purpose in my life. I was a corporate employee, then an entrepreneur and now I am one who helps others find their own paths too. 

What inspired you to write this book?

Looking back, my inspiration came from trying to heal my own wounds and find peace in my troubled heart. I believe that my work is meant to touch people of all ages, with its simple delivery and gentle rhyming nature, it provides pathways to greater insight and healing in all of us.

Author Melissa Lyons

What was your favorite part of writing?

My favourite part of writing is experiencing the power of the words as they unfold uniquely for each reader, especially me. It is witnessing the impact that the messages in my books have for those who need them most. 

My favourite part is definitely the impact and opportunity that the stories offer their readers.

What do you think kids and parents will love about it?

Families love the conversations that unfold after reading Until We Meet Again. Sometimes difficult conversations are missed and/or ignored as parents and kids alike try to ‘be strong’. This book helps families embrace fresh perspectives and keep the best memories alive. It also provides an opportunity to answer and address questions, fears and emotions that might otherwise be left overlooked.

What do you hope will be the main takeaway for kids and parents?

I hope that families focus on the messages that mean the most to them. We all have our own healing and lessons to learn. 

My own favourite takeaway lessons from my reading include:

  • I want you to know that it’s ok to cry, take the time that you need and look to the sky.
  • Throughout my life you taught me tricks and much more. Now it’s my turn to nudge you to soar.
  • I taught you things as you watched me live, unconditional love and to always forgive.
  • Allow your mind time to unwind and be free. Be as kind to yourself as you were to me.

Is there a part in the book that everyone seems to love?

They love seeing the hearts on all of the different animals and they love imagining their own pets talking to them and comforting them.

is there a part in the book that your own kids love?

My own kids love the reminder that we feel best when we focus on things that make us feel good. They taught me that they want to have their sadness recognized and understood and I have helped them move from that point towards a point of feeling better. We learned this together.

What kind of reactions have you received?

Heartwarming reactions from readers are abundant. They express their gratitude for the assistance and support they feel as they read the story. Kids and adults alike share similar sentiments.

Is there a message you want all kids to know?

I will reiterate the learning I had as a parent. Allow time to grieve and cry and then consciously choose to feel better by shifting your memory to good thoughts and experiences you shared together.

Healing is so important and all of the emotions need some safe space to be heard before shifting into feeling better.

Is there a message or a movement you want to send out into the world?

YES. Take time to cry and be sad and then choose to remember to be happy and live with joy.

What’s next for you?

My next book in this line is called You Are A Gift (current title). It is focused on bringing new life into the world.

Teaser: “Inside a mommy’s tummy a baby once grew and that incredible gift turned out to be you!

Lastly, Melissa adds:

I would like people to know that there is a book that is dedicated to hope and love for humans too. I Will Always Love You.

Thank you!!!!

Thank you, Melissa Lyons for giving young readers the permission to feel their feelings.

Until we meet again is Available on Amazon.  

And you can watch a reading by Melissa here.


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