79 Vietnamese Boy Names Organized By Meaning

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Vietnamese boy names are wonderful because each one carries a special meaning. Whether you’re inspired by nature, faith, or want your little one to hold onto family values like honor and respect, there’s a perfect name right on this list. 

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Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Nature

  • Diep. Love for nature
  • Ha. Ocean
  • Le. Pearl
  • Nghia. Forever
  • Nguyet. Moon
  • Nhat. Sun
  • Phong. Wind
  • Quang. Clear
  • Son. Mountain
  • Suong. Fog
  • Thanh. Sunny
  • Trieu. Wave
  • Tu. Tree
  • Van. Cloud 
  • Xuan. Spring

Vietnamese Boy Inspired by Faith

  • Gian. God’s gift
  • Han. Faithful
  • Phuc. Blessings
  • Pin. Faithful
  • Tuyen. Angel

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Strength and Glory

  • Anh Dung. Brave hero
  • Chien. Warrior
  • Duong. Virile
  • Hao. Brave
  • Hung. Brave
  • Huy. Glorious
  • Lan. Orchid
  • Khanh. Prince
  • Kim. Gold
  • Quan. Soldier
  • Quoc. Nation
  • Sang. Noble
  • Thang. Victorious
  • Trang. Honorable 

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Prosperity 

  • Danh. Famous
  • Dang. Prestigious
  • Hoang. Golden
  • Phuoc. Good
  • Quy. Precious
  • Tai. Prosperous
  • Thinh. Prosperous
  • Sanh. Noble
  • Vuong. Prosperous

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Peace and Protection

  • An. Peace and Safety
  • Bao. Protection
  • Binh. Peaceful
  • Cais. Peaceful
  • Hien. Gentle
  • Hy. Hopeful
  • Lanh. Gentle
  • Mai. Tomorrow 
  • Ngu, Nguyen. Sleep
  • Toan. Secure
  • Yen. Serene

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Family and Values

  • Bao. Seventh son
  • Buu. Guide
  • Ca. The eldest
  • Chinh. Righteous
  • Dai. Great
  • Duc. Good
  • Duyen. Graceful
  • Gia. Family
  • Hieu. Respectful
  • Hoc. Studious
  • Huyng. Older Brother
  • Minh. Clever
  • Si. Genteleman 
  • Teo. Twin
  • Thao. Courteous
  • Tin. Thinker
  • Tung. Serious

Vietnamese Boy Names – FAQ

What is a common Vietnamese boy name?

The most common Vietnamese boy name would be;
Binh, (meaning peaceful)
An, (meaning peace and safety)
Dang (meaning prestigious)

What are common Vietnamese names?

Some of the most common Vietnamese names are

What is the most common first name in Vietnam?

One of the most common first names in Vietnam is An or Anh meaning peace and safety.

Is Moon an Vietnamese name?

The name Moon is not Vietnamese, but if you want the Vietnamese name for moon it is Nguyet.

Vietnamese names are utterly wonderful because they carry unique meanings. If we missed your perfect name, be sure to let us know!


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