70+ Vietnamese boy names organized by meaning

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Vietnamese boy names are wonderful because each one carries a special meaning. Whether you’re inspired by nature, faith, or want your little one to hold onto family values like honor and respect, there’s a perfect name right on this list. 

Jump ahead to names inspired by:

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Nature

Diep. Love for nature

Ha. Ocean

Le. Pearl

Nghia. Forever

Nguyet. Moon

Nhat. Sun

Phong. Wind

Quang. Clear

Son. Mountain

Suong. Fog

Thanh. Sunny

Trieu. Wave

Tu. Tree

Van. Cloud 

Xuan. Spring

Vietnamese Boy Inspired by Faith

Gian. God’s gift

Han. Faithful

Phuc. Blessings

Pin. Faithful

Tuyen. Angel

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Strength and Glory

Anh Dung. Brave hero

Chien. Warrior

Duong. Virile

Hao. Brave

Hung. Brave

Huy. Glorious

Lan. Orchid

Khanh. Prince

Kim. Gold

Quan. Soldier

Quoc. Nation

Sang. Noble

Thang. Victorious

Trang. Honorable 

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Prosperity 

Danh. Famous

Dang. Prestigious

Hoang. Golden

Phuoc. Good

Quy. Precious

Tai. Prosperous

Thinh. Prosperous

Sanh. Noble

Vuong. Prosperous

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Peace and Protection

An. Peace and Safety

Bao. Protection

Binh. Peaceful

Cais. Peaceful

Hien. Gentle

Hy. Hopeful

Lanh. Gentle

Mai. Tomorrow 

Ngu, Nguyen. Sleep

Toan. Secure

Yen. Serene

Vietnamese Boy Names Inspired by Family and Values

Bao. Seventh son

Buu. Guide

Ca. The eldest

Chinh. Righteous

Dai. Great

Duc. Good

Duyen. Graceful

Gia. Family

Hieu. Respectful

Hoc. Studious

Huyng. Older Brother

Minh. Clever

Si. Genteleman 

Teo. Twin

Thao. Courteous

Tin. Thinker

Tung. Serious

Vietnamese Boy Names

Vietnamese names are utterly wonderful because they carry unique meanings. If we missed your perfect name, be sure to let us know!


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