What Size Comes After 5T, Quick Sizing Charts, And Helpful Kid Size FAQ.

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If you’ve found yourself asking what size comes after 5T, you’re probably in that transition phase between toddler and big kid. Get all your sizing questions answered for clothing and shoes from toddlers to kids!

We also have sizing printables and pinnables! Just scroll to the bottom.

What size comes after 5T

After 5T you’ll be buying size 6. If the brand stops using numbered sizing, you’ll be moving on to size small (S) because size 5T usually represents extra-small (XS). 

Here’s a quick guide (although it will vary by brand.) 

Kids’ clothing size chart:

Height (in)42-4545-4949-5353-5555-5757-6060-62
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Toddler clothing size chart:

Size 2T 3T4T5T 
Height (in)33-3636-3939-4242-45
Weight (lbs) 27-3232-3636-4040-46
What size comes after 5T? Size 6, of course!
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What’s that T for anyway?

Up until now, you’ve been buying clothes that say 2T, 3T, 4T, and even 5T. That T stands for toddler. Even though your kid is not so little anymore, the transition from those sweet toddler clothes is just starting. 

This adorable dress comes in size 6!

Is there a difference between 5T and regular 5?

You’ve caught on! Not all brands even have 5T, some stop the T’s as early as size 4. There’s not much of a difference between size 5T and regular 5. (Although some may argue that the regular one is slightly bigger.)  

The main difference is if the clothes will be grouped with toddler clothes or kid clothes as well as the brand’s preference. So the 5T size may be found with the toddler stuff, and the regular 5 won’t. 

What comes after size 6?

After size 6 you have size 7, although some brands will offer 6/7 – something in between.  (Oh, and girls’ clothing has size 6X!)

Also, size 6 is equivalent to size small for most brands, so once size small is too snug for your little one, it’s time to move on to medium

This adorable shirt comes in size 6!

Toddler and kid shoe size guide.

If you think you have the sizes figured out, now you have to learn about the shoes. Some brands go up to 12, some go up to 13, and then they start over at size 1! Who can keep up?

On top of that, you might be looking at a European brand where everything’s different. So if you want to know:

What comes after shoe size 12?

Usually it’s size 13, but with some brands it’s size 1. 

And what comes after shoe size 13?

Size 1. Kids’ shoe sizes start again and then venture to adult sizes. 

Waterproof and Insulated kid boots in any color? Yes please!

Here’s another quick guide for shoe sizing: 

Kids’ shoe size chart:

Length (in)6.757.17.57.758.18.58.759.1 9.5
Euro size283031323334363738
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Toddler shoe size chart:

Size 678910
Typical age18-24m24-30m30-36m3T4T
Length (in)
Euro size2223242526
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Printable and Pinnable Kid and Toddler Size Charts

What size comes after 5T?

To recap – size 6! 

what size comes after 5T
What size comes after 5T?

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